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August 1st, 2010

Why followers of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib have not governed Pakistan?

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

People who have studied HMGA (Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) the Mujaddid of 14th Islamic century, know very well that by the time his earthly life ended, all the prominent, influential Muslim families in today’s Pakistan’s Punjab had accepted him and done ba’it. On his death there were great numbers of mourners assembled on every train stop from Lahore to Batala, India. The number prominent people among the Muslims joining Ahmadiyya Movement of HMGA kept on increasing during tenure of Maulana Noor Ud Din. Being an Ahmadi was considered as embodiment of virtue. It was considered an honor to be an Ahmadi. Infect many members of Ahmadiyya Movement use to write suffix ‘Ahmadi’ with their names.

Unfortunately, after the split in movement in 1914 and during the Qadiani Khalifatship of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad in Qadian until the independence in 1947 prominent Muslims who had previously joined Ahmadiyya Movement of HMGA constantly kept on leaving it.

Despite all the attrition, there were still many prominent intellectuals and personalities in Pakistan that remained Ahmadis (both belonging to Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement and Qadiani Jamaat).

At the time of independence of Pakistan followers of HMGA were occupying prominent positions in Politics, Civil bureaucracy, and Military establishment. The simple fact that Qadiani Khalifa 2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad was invited to address Pakistan Military officers and men in their garrisons and cantonments, tells this. Qadianis were able to get a town of ‘Rabwah’ for themselves from civilian administration points to their influence. Politicians belonging to Ahmadi families were elected to assemblies.

Now question is how come hardly anyone knows that Generals Tikka Khan, and Zia ul Haq were from Ahmadi families; Prime Ministers Moein Qurashi and Shaukat Aziz were from Ahmadi families; current politicians like Chaudhry Sujjat of Gujrat, Manzoor Watto of Okara, Malik Jaffar Khan from Attock, minister in Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto government etc Kasuris of Kasur belonged to Ahmadi families; prominent scientists in Pakistan like Munir Ahmad and many other belonged to Ahmadi families; intellectuals J. Salik and Iqbal had done ba’its of HMGA etc

How come numbers of HMGA followers who have done ba’it have decreased instead of increasing since 1914? How come today’s number of Ahmadis who are born in Ahmadi families of those who did ba’it of HMGA don’t count themselves who believe in truthfulness of HMGA?

Today number of HMGA followers is only a small fraction of what it should have been if their elders, who joined Ahmadiyya Movement so enthusiastically, had not left it.

Unfortunately, because of hatemongering and divisive beliefs, speeches, statements, and books written by Qadiani Khalifa 2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, his brother and their followers spread so much hate in Pakistani society that, in retaliation Muslims adopted same attitude towards followers of HMGA, and his followers that to protect themselves and excel in their lives they gradually stopped being associated to Ahmadiyya Movement.

Although, majority of followers of HMGA who left him belong to Qadiani Jamaat, but because of bad reputation associated with being ‘Ahmadi’ in Pakistan in particular and world in general, even children of member of Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement gradually started to disassociate themselves e.g. Tariq Aziz (right hand man of General Musharraf), Wasim Sajjad (former Chairman of Pakistan Senate).

I am very sure if it was not because of Qadiani Khalifa 2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, split caused by him in 1914 and his subsequent beliefs, claims, policies; today the numbers of Ahmadis occupying important positions in Pakistan’s politics, military, civil bureaucracy, education, health etc would have been many times more than at time of creation of Pakistan. I’m sure Ahmadis would have formed governments and defined Pakistan’s future, strategies, foreign and domestic policies. Just imagine if followers of HMGA, who believe in peace and respect of every religion and sect were at the helm of Pakistan’s affairs. Pakistan would have been a prosperous and peaceful country helping its neighbors, all Muslim countries in the world and even extending to the non-Muslim countries. Pakistan would be solving its conflicts from Kashmir to any issue with negotiations and peace. The world would have a peaceful place.

What an opportunity lost….

21 Responses to “Why followers of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib have not governed Pakistan?”

  1. August 1st, 2010 at 6:13 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    In the biography of Maulana Muhammad Ali (Mujahid-i Kabir) it is stated:

    “The great works which began in the times of Maulana Nur-ud-Din have been mentioned above. Apart from these, from the year 1911 Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din started a series of lectures in the major cities of India. Due to his lectures and the journal the Review of Religions, the Ahmadiyya Movement acquired great fame and renown throughout the country. The Movement was becoming so popular that it seemed as if the whole of India would be won over to it. The educated sections of the population and important and leading figures became its admirers.”

    What I have placed in bold is the impression conveyed by many people who saw the times of Hazrat Maulana Nur-ud-Din. People who had this impression include the most realistic, down-to-earth persons, not given to dreaming or exaggerating.

  2. August 2nd, 2010 at 4:24 pm
    From Mohammed Iqbal:

    J. Salik, the former federal minister for Minority Affairs.- Was he an Ahmadi? I thought he was a Christian.

  3. Sincerly. The true Jamaat of HMGA is the Jamaat continued by Hazrat Mirza Bashir Mahmud Ahmed. It is wrong to say that Mirza Mahmud Ahmad did not lead the name and works of HMGA to great success. Today his Ahmadiyya Jamaat is spread in over 200 countries and just last year constructed 115 new mosques. Where as the Lahori Jamaat can not even match 1/4 of that number. This is a blessing of Allah and can not be attributed to any man.
    The Jamaat of Allah rules the spiritual world. Ruling Pakistan is not an objective, ruling hearts and mind are!
    But in addition, I would like to point out that it is recorded history that it was efforts of Hazrat Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, the son of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, that lead to the foundations of the Kashmir Committee and the creation of Pakistan, with other religious leaders like Prince Agha Khan and Surwadhi.
    It is evident that you have not read any single work of his, otherwise you would not underestimate such a great personality.
    I challenge that in comparison any leader of that century will fall short in works.
    This is a brotherly advice to you, to please read his works.

    Please allow the above comment to be seen.
    Also I have just one thought for you brothers to ponder over.
    About the truth of Promised Messiah’s claims … the truth about any man is best known to his family … and not one of them is any other Jamaat than the Jamaat of Khalifa Hazrat Masroor Ahmad

  4. @Mohammad Iqbal:
    Thanks for pointing out. I guess this happens when post is written in real hurry. Anyways, i meant M. Salik (Abdul Majeed Salik).

  5. @Essa:
    Dear you Qadiani friends can not greet someone by Asalam Alikum, without risking  jail time, in Pakistan. Christians and Hindus can use the Islamic greeting but not you Qadianis. You consider it a success of your Qadiani Khalifa 2?
    As far as your missions in 2 hundred countries and 200 million population is concerned, just lets not discuss it. We are bored of exposing the same false statements of Qadiani Khalifa 4. Just go and watch you tube videos of a former ‘Moosi’ and staunch follower of Mirza Tahir Ahmad. In those videos he exposes the false statements of QK4. His name is Mushtaq Malik and he left your jamaat due to lies:

  6. Essa – FYI
    Prince Agha Khan named his son Sadr-ud-din Agha Khan after late Maulana Sadar-ud-din, the Ameer of AAIIL. [see footnote on page 81 of the book – Bikharemotie]

  7. Essa makes a very good point that the family of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad all seem to be members of the quadiani jamaat. Another interesting fact is that Omar Mannan, who represented the Lahore Ahmadis before the Pakistani senate, (not sure of the year) only left the quadiani jamaat in his late 30s. (I am not certain of this, I stand to be corrected.) So for the most productive years of his life he must have spent his time arguing that mirza ghulam ahmad was a prophet and ghair ahmadis were kaffir.(in addition to praying to Allah that he be made a prophet plus other quirks of the quadiani jamaat beliefs which are too numerous to list )

    So it raises the question, just how far removed are the Lahore jammat from the quadiani one in terms of belief if they could appoint this person as their representive?

    Are the lahoris just a half way house between main stream muslims and quadianis with watered down beliefs of the latter that are palatable to the masses?

    a far more interesting question is what if the masses had been consulted and what if they had sided with mirza mahmood ahmad. thus they would have confirmed their belief in the prophethood of mirza ghulam ahmad. how would the lahoris have reacted in these circumstances.

  8. Few years back i had an argument with a memeber of rabwa jammmat. He was telling me about some prophecy that Muslims would divide in 72 sects and one of them would be right one. I asked which one – he said – rabwa jammat

    I told him that this prophecy is right but your answer is wrong – they are those whose actions are good.

  9. August 3rd, 2010 at 6:07 pm
    From Zahid Aziz:

    1. While saying that Qadiani Jamaat beliefs have “quirks”, Mr Ali happily accepts the principles on which those quirks are based. He accepts the “family” argument presented the Qadiani Jamaat, that the family understands best what the founder taught. This principle is completely baseless according to the Quran.

    The Jews and Christians say to Muslims: ‘We are the “family” of the prophets of the Bible, we know their real teachings, who are you to tell us we are wrong?’

    It is you and people like you, Mr Ali, who are the gateway to Qadiani beliefs because you accept all their principles! Most of your blog comments tell us how right the Qadiani arguments are!

    As to what the family believed nearer the time of the Founder, you may read some statement at this link.

    2. Mr Mannan was not the only person representing LAM at the Pakistan NA. There were also Hazrat Ameer Maulana Sadr-ud-Din and the General-Secretary Mirza Masud Baig. Hazrat Ameer, due to very advanced age, allowed Mr Mannan to represent him. In any case, a full document of the beliefs of the Jamaat was presented to the Assembly before the hearings. You can read it at this link: National Assembly Pakistan kee Special Committee ka Roobaroo Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-e-Islam Lahore ka Wazahati Bayan by Maulana Sadr-ud-Din.

    But you will never mention the Munir Commission (1954) or the South Africa case (1985). Was Hafiz Sher Muhammad sahib also a former Qadiani? Am I also a former Qadiani?

    3. Before answering your “far more interesting question”, I must openly pray for our LAM elders who made it so easy for us to answer the questions of those who think they are very clever. Cleverness doesn’t count with Allah at all, only truth does.

    It’s not how would the Lahoris have reacted, it’s how they did react! They were willing to accept Mirza Mahmud Ahmad as head, but as a head who works under the directions of Al-Wasiyya. The following is one of their decisions taken on 22nd March 1914:

    “If Mirza Mahmud Ahmad accepts the decisions of the Anjuman as being final and binding, and does not consider it obligatory for existing Ahmadis to renew their bai‘at at his hand, then he should be accepted as the President of the Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya and Head of the entire community (jama‘at).”

    You appear not to understand that if a person is elected to an office by the rules of a constitution, his powers in office are as defined in that constitution. And the constitution in this case, being a person’s will, cannot be amended afterwards.

    No doubt, Mr Ali is under the Pakistani leader type of thinking, that if someone is elected it means people have accepted him as God.

  10. @Ali
    “Essa makes a very good point that the family of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad all seem to be members of the quadiani jamaat.”
    By Ali standards the best person to understand claim and teachings of Prophet Noah AS, it would be his son and wife.
    “ Another interesting fact is that Omar Mannan, who represented the Lahore Ahmadis before the Pakistani senate, (not sure of the year) only left the quadiani jamaat in his late 30s. …”

    Abdul Mannan Omar sahib was 46 years old when he left Rabwah (Qadiani Jamaat headquarters in Pakistan) and moved to Lahore. 
    The most productive years of his life he spent reading/ studying books on Islam in his, i.e. he and his siblings inherited their father library, (and contrary to Qadiani propaganda they never sold it) Noor Library (considered to be best private Islamic library in the entire world), and worked on Musnad Ahmad bin Hamal, and worked on publications of HMGA books in Qadian and led the project of Holy Quran (translation by his father in-law Maulvi Sher Ali sahib) publication in multiple languages.

    BTW: Abdul Mannan Omar sahib entire life was very productive. He proofread his publication, few days before his death, on his sick bed. He has written over 80 books. Allah made him leave Rabwah so that he could work on over 500 scholarly articles published in Encyclopedia of Islam, Holy Quran translation, Holy Quran dictionary, 3 Holy Quran Tafaseer(in Urdu, English and Arabic), Life of Holy Prophet Muhammad pbuh, Manual of Hadith, Many books on Islam, Biography of his father, …….. Qaida to learn to recite Holy Quran (in English)…..
    Ali, either you don’t know or you are not being honest. Many Sahaba (companions) of Rasul Allah SAWS worked under Yazeed (called Yazeed-e-Paleed [Yazeed the profane one] by HMGA). Does it mean those all Sahaba accepted the beliefs of Yazeed, and supported his policies?

  11. HMGA mission was to bring peace to this world. Even his last book was very aptly titled ‘Paigham-e-Sulah’ (Message of Peace). Unfortunately, 100 years later the world is in turmoil. The fight is between Muslims and non-Muslims. And today HMGA followers are not in position to contribute towards peace. Muslims in general and Pakistanis in particular have no regard for message of HMGA. This is all due to Qadiani Khaliaf 2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad.

  12. The persons and families that Rashid have identified above can be grouped into either the compeers of HMGA and Nooruddin or the first generation descendants of those compeers. The successful momentum that the Jamaat achieved in India and Pakistan was direct result of HMGA and Nooruddin influencing these two generations. Thereafter the inertia fizzled out because of self-serving, self-preserving and divisive policies, practices and assumed beliefs of the Khalifas-II onwards. In order to nurture their façade, Rabwah Khalifas naturally had to surround themselves with cronies that were non critical of the absolute powers of the “Khilafat” even at secular administrative levels. In doing so, such myopic vision of Khalifas-II onward added nothing substantive to the cause of HMGA either in literature or influence. Many a times the Qadiani friends make references to the mosques they have build. Building of mosques is no more than a tradition of any Muslim community. Instead of making Ahmadiyyat for Islam, the Khalifas have driven a wedge within Islam for Ahmadiyyat. This is their fundamental failure, whether in Pakistan or outside Pakistan.

  13. August 4th, 2010 at 8:56 am
    From Mohammed Iqbal:

    Not all family members of HMGA were QJ members. As far as I know his son Mirza Fazl Ahmed never performed Baiat.

  14. August 4th, 2010 at 11:31 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    Mirza Aziz Ahmad, son of Mirza Sultan Ahmad (the elder son), had taken the bai`at during the life of Hazrat Mirza sahib. While at Aligarh college, he took part in a student boycott of the teachers, against Hazrat Mirza sahib’s instructions who had told Ahmadis student not to boycott teachers. Hazrat Mirza sahib announced: I don’t care if he is my grandson, he has acted wrongly. He was about to expel him from the Jamaat when he apologised. Hazrat sahib accepted the apology.

    Mirza Sultan Ahmad, the elder son, had very good relation with LAM. He entered into the bai`at of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad around 1930. Mirza Sultan Ahmad apologised to LAM elders on the day of the election of Khalifa 2, saying I am sorry for the treatment my brother has meted out to the old friends of Hazrat Mirza sahib.

    Just before this, in February 1914, an article by him appeared in the Urdu edition of the Review of Religions reviewing the biography of Hazrat Maulana Nur-ud-Din (Miraqat-ul-Yaqin). He wrote that if you read the beliefs of HMN in this book, it shows that they are no more different from mainstream Muslims than the differences between various mainstream Muslim sects.

    Mirza Sultan Ahmad accompanied Hazrat Maulana Sadr-ud-Din sahib to England in the summer of 1914 when the Maulana went to relieve Hazrat Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din. He then returned back to India with Khwaja sahib, and both of them together performed Hajj in October 1914, and returned to India after visiting Damascus. Paigham Sulh wrote: This visit to Damascus fulfils a prophecy mentioned by HMGA in Hamamat-ul-Bushra that the Promised Messiah “or a khalifa of his” shall visit Damascus (since the Khwaja sahib was one of the khalifas of the Promised Messiah in the sense of being chosen by 40 members to take the bai`at).

  15.  @Rashid Jahangiri writes: “to protect themselves and excel in their lives they gradually stopped being associated to Ahmadiyya Movement.” Well, this pretty much explains their level of spirituality in the first place.
    Secondly, there were many, for example, who separated or fell by the wayside in Arabia after the demise of Holy Prophet Mohammad and during the reign of Abu Bakar and Umar. However, millions joined elsewhere leaving the smaller groups in amazement as the only proof for truth is progress.

    Those few who left or formed their own factions in the first century of Islam can be almost heard saying at that time “What an opportunity lost….”

    Lastly, the point of @Rashid Jahangiri’s above post in totality is laced with, for the lack of better applicable word here, inferiority complex. Let’s not forget that Ahmadis did not fall from the skies. They came from Muslim families of India – and – thus the logic that Tikka Khan, Zia, or any ‘minister’ in Bhutto’s government or elsewhere – or any another names for that matter, were from Ahmadi Families – a reverse connection – is a complex of the highest degree. And, frankly I don’t see any credible underlying point in this diatribe.
    Is Jahangiri feeling deprived of possible links with generals, ministers, or any other crooks from the entire lot? I don’t.

  16. @Dr. Zahid Aziz
    “He [Mirza Sultan Ahmad] entered into the bai`at of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad around 1930.”

    There is no public statement by Mirza Sultan Ahmad regarding his ba’it of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, only a statement by Mirza Mahmud Ahmad. Knowing about Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, i’m confident it’s concoction that Mirza Sultan Ahmad did ba’it.

  17. @Imran J
    “Well, this pretty much explains their level of spirituality in the first place.”

    Ahmadiyya Movement of HMGA was NOT a new religion. There were/are two reason for people to stop their association. Firstly, The image created, by Qadiani Khalifa 2 and Qadiani elders among the minds of critics of HMGA about his life, beliefs, claims, mission, movement was/ is so abhorring that is stupidity to publicly profess association with HMGA, in Pakistan. Secondly, there is so much persecution against people who believe in HMGA, again created due to hatred in retaliation of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad and his followers. As far as spirituality is concerned it is up to individual person. A Hindu (e.g. Lakh Ram), Jew (e.g. Rober Spencer, Geert Wilders), or Christian (e.g. Abdullah Atham) were/are not justified to blame Holy Quran, Rasul Allah SAWS and Islam for all the wrongs they do in their lives.

    “However, millions joined elsewhere leaving the smaller groups in amazement as the only proof for truth is progress.”

    For worldly organization/ movements the physical numbers are important. For religious organization their mission is important. If people follow the mission even with out counting themselves among the members of that organization, it means they endorse that organization by their actions. Same is the case of HMGA organization. In fact there are MILLIONS of HMGA followers by their actions. I’m confident EVEN YOU’RE A FOLLOWER OF HMGA, if you hold following beliefs:
    All reciters of Kalima-Shahada are Muslim. Nothing is abrogated in Holy Quran. Allah is a living God. Rasul Allah was the last prophet. Propagate Islam in a peaceful manner with arguments. Jesus is dead.

    ““What an opportunity lost….”
    With this statement I meant, an opportunity to bring peace in the world, prosperity and advancement in Muslim countries in general and in Pakistan in particular, was lost.

    By my mention of few names, I wanted to support my point that prominent families in Punjab, in particular were among those who did ba’it of HMGA. Had image of HMGA not tarnished by Mirza Mahmud Ahmad and his followers, the number of people who would have associated themselves with his teachings would have multiplied many folds. Muslims and Pakistani-Muslims would still have paid attention to HMGA mission and took advantage of literature produced by him and his followers who formed LAM.

    I’m confident if literature of HMGA was allowed in Pakistan and publicly available majority of Pakistanis would be a virtuous people. As HMGA literature revives qualities of earlier Muslims. Pakistanis would be honest, caring, peace loving, hard working, having fear of Allah in their hearts, believing in reward only in return of their efforts etc.
    We would not be witnessing the animal instincts displayed by Pakistani Muslims towards their fellow Muslims on daily basis.

  18. @Imran J
    Imagine if from the beginning followers (I mean those with LAM beliefs, practices and policies) of HMGA were at helm of Pakistan and books such as Holy Quran commentary, Religion of Islam, Muhammad the Prophet etc were part of school and college texts and TV/ Radio were broadcasting lectures on Islam where scholars were consulting HMGA and LAM literature….we would not be dealing with terrorists produced from Maddrassa, there would be justice in society, respect of law and individual’s beliefs, fair opportunities for everyone to excel in his/her life, tolerance in society, political office holders working as servants of their citizens…. Pakistan would have become a real Utopia with perfect socio-politico-legal system. A perfect society.
    There is Ilahm of HMGA (in my words): “Those who insult me will be destroyed.”
    It is very unfortunate to see Pakistan is fulfilling the Ilham.
    It is interesting to see and hear unlike anytime in the past, educated Pakistanis blaming today’s condition of Pakistan on Maulana Maududdi and political ulema like him. I have never heard so much strong words and curses for Mauddudi sahib from mouths of educated Pakistanis ever before. 
    I guess Ilham of HMGA is fulfilling on individuals and nation together.

  19. “There is Ilahm of HMGA (in my words): “Those who insult me will be destroyed.”
    Christians from virtually domination (i.e. from Methodist, Baptist to Catholic to name but a few have used some of the gauling and foul language to describe the prophet Muhammed pbuh for innumerable centuries. (a milenia at least)
    Yet they continue to excel in virtually field you care to name.
    However accusing Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of being either a liar or imposter prophet will lead you to be “destroyed”.
    It is interesting to note that the UK monarchy is the head of the Church of England that itself was engaged in some of the most grotesque examples of insulting language that was used in conjunction with the Holy Prophet. What was Mirza Sahibs reaction to those who rebelled against the Queen? You don’t have to look far to find abusive terminology that he applied to them. 
    Insult Mirza sahib on the other hand……

  20. August 6th, 2010 at 12:21 pm
    From Zahid Aziz:

    In answer to Mr Ali’s question about insults to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (as compared to insults to Hazrat Mirza sahib), first note that the entire mission of Hazrat Mirza sahib from beginning to end was to fight against insults to the Holy Prophet. When he claimed to be Promised Messiah he wrote in Fath-i Islam about Christian preachers as follows:

    “They are abusing and reviling that Perfect Man [the Holy Prophet Muhammad] who is the pride of all the holy ones, the crown of all the chosen ones, and the chief of all the prophets. … Fabricated calumnies are spread, sparing no degree of villainy in dishonouring Islam and the Holy Prophet. … All the intricate fabrications and the devious methods employed by the Christians to hinder the purifying influence of Islam, and the efforts made to spread them by the utmost exertion …

    …to destroy this magical influence [of the opponents], God the Most High has shown the true Muslims of this age the miracle of raising this servant of His to fight the opponents,…”

    But Muslims like Mr Ali retorted: You are a kafir.

    Just before dying in May 1908 he asked Hindus to stop insulting the Holy Prophet and respect him, and wrote:

    “Every man must have his feelings stirred when he hears his prophet or founder insulted. Particularly Muslims are a people who, without calling their Holy Prophet as God or son of God, believe him to be greater than all righteous men that were ever born of woman. So it is not at all possible to make peace with a true Muslim, unless the Holy Prophet is always spoken of in respectful terms.

    I say truly that it is possible for us to make peace with the snakes of the desert and the wolves of the wilds, but it is impossible for us to be at peace with those who make vile attacks on our Holy Prophet, on him whom we hold dearer than our parents, and our ownselves.”

    But Muslims like Mr Ali retorted: Mirza died in the toilet.

    Then throughout this period, 1891-1908, he debated with opponents of Islam who had abused the Holy Prophet and wrote several books. When he wrote about the picture of Jesus as portrayed in the Gospels, in order to defend the Holy Prophet, Muslims like Mr Ali retorted: Mirza has insulted Jesus.

    In his capacity as one sent by Allah, he told some individuals who exceeded all limits in abusing the Holy Prophet Muhammad that Allah would punish them if they did not restrain their language. It happened as he prophesied. But Muslims like Mr Ali retorted: Mirza’s prophecies against revilers of the Holy Prophet turned out to be false.

    When he died, one Muslim wrote in his newspaper:

    “The services of the deceased, which he rendered to Islam in confrontation with the Christians and the Arya Samajists, deserve the highest praise. He completely changed the flow of the debate, and laid the foundations of a new literature in India. We admit … that the top most Arya Samaj leader or Christian missionary could not dare open his mouth to confront the late Mirza sahib. The incomparable books which he wrote in refutation of the Arya Samaj and Christian creeds, and the shattering replies he gave to the opponents of Islam, we have not seen any rational refutation of these except that the Aryas have been hurling abuse at the Founder and the teachings of Islam in an uncouth manner, without being able to give a sensible reply.”

    Queen Victoria is known to have been sympathetic towards Muslims and brought two munshis from India to teach her Urdu. When her diamond jubilee was celebrated by all Muslim associations in India in 1895, in the gathering in Qadian Hazrat Mirza sahib had a prayer read out which was then published and sent to the Queen, which explicitly said that we pray she is delivered from Christian beliefs and becomes a Muslim.

    Prince Charles has made several speeches in support of Islam.

    Mr Ali writes: “What was Mirza Sahibs reaction to those who rebelled against the Queen?”

    You tell us which of the opponents of Hazrat Mirza sahib “rebelled against the Queen”?

    Maulvi Muhammad Husain Batalvi wrote:

    “The Muslims who took part in the 1857 rebellion were serious sinners, and according to the Quran and Hadith they were rebels, mischief makers and wicked. Most of the ordinary people among them were like beasts. Those known as the prominent and the Ulama were unacquainted with true faith, or lacking in understanding.”

    Finally, I must point out that the promise of Allah to Hazrat Mirza sahib is not as quoted above but it is: “I will disgrace him who intends to humiliate you”.

    But the question for Mr Ali to ponder is, regardless of anything Hazrat Mirza sahib wrote, even regardless of whether he had ever existed or not, Allah does promise in the Quran that He will send punishment on the opponents of the Holy Prophet. Now Mr Ali says that they haven’t been punished! So that is something for him to explain, isn’t it?

    Maybe Mr Ali believes that Allah was indeed going to punish the enemies of Islam, such as the British rulers of India, but Mirza Ghulam Ahmad stopped Allah from doing it!

  21. In an effort to create doubts, beside other speculations, Ali writes:

    “a far more interesting question is what if the masses had been consulted and what if they had sided with mirza mahmood ahmad. thus they would have confirmed their belief in the prophethood of mirza ghulam ahmad. how would the lahoris have reacted in these circumstances.”

    Firstly, please try to gauge Mirza Mahmood Ahmad (Khalifa-II), who was no more than a high school drop out.  Read the discussion about narration of the Sir Zafarullah Khan and judge for yourself as to what happened at the time of death of Nooruddin and who “elected” the Khalifa-II. It was obligatory on Khalifa-II to consult Ahmadi masses, which were spread all over India and had started to emerge in Europe. Why did he not consult? Because such a consultation would inevitably had let to debates. Let me speculate that Khalifa-II would had dare not hold debates with other schools of thought in the movement. Which is obvious by his refusal to accept such challenges from Muhammad Ali later even when he was a full grown and entrenched Khalifa. He would not have stood a chance spiritually, morally or intellectually. Non-response of Khalifa-II and any of his followers never responded to open ended challenges offered over years by Muhammad Ali [see pages 325-342 of Mighty Striving ]

    Secondly, what Ali fails to understand about LAM is that it is a movement of ideas and is not tied to personalities like Rabwah. Theoretically speaking, even if majority of the members of the movement were consulted at death of Nooruddin, and they had sided on the side of prophethood dogma of Khalifa-II, then let me speculate further, that Muhammad Ali, Kamaluddin, Basharat Ahmad, Saddaruddin and others i.e. seventy signatories [see pages 137-138 of Mighty Striving ]would had still formed LAM, if nothing else, only and only for the sake of finality of Prophethood of Muhammad PBUH.

    I am sorry to state that the “millions” in minds of Qadianis are factually millions of dollars and not millions of followers.  Khalifa-II for sure was not only able to twist the faith but also the fate of the movement and the message of HMGA from a global vision to a tunnel vision.

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