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Reviews of The Religion of Islam when published in 1936

Marmaduke Pickthall, translator of the Quran into English:

“Probably no man living has done longer or more valu­able service for the cause of Islamic revival than Maulana Muhammad Ali of Lahore. His literary works, with those of the late Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din, have given fame and distinction to the Ahmadiyya Movement. In our opinion the present volume is his finest work. … It is a descrip­tion of Al-Islam by one well-versed in the Sunna who has on his mind the shame of the Muslim decadence of the past five centuries and in his heart the hope of the revival, of which signs can now be seen on every side.

Such a book is greatly needed at the present day when in many Muslim countries we see persons eager for the re­formation and revival of Islam making mistakes through lack of just this knowledge. …

We do not always agree with Maulana Muhammad Ali’s conclusions upon minor points — sometimes they appear to us eccentric — but his premises are always sound, we are always conscious of his deep sincerity; and his rever­ence for the holy Quran is sufficient in itself to guarantee his work in all essentials. There are some, no doubt, who will disagree with his general findings, but they will not be those from whom Al-Islam has anything to hope in the future.”
(Islamic Culture, quarterly review published from Hyder­abad Deccan, India, October 1936, pp. 659–660)

Sir Shahab-ud-Din, Speaker, Punjab Legislative Assembly:

“The ‘Religion of Islam’ is the latest masterpiece from the pen of Maulana Muhammad Ali. … It is a mine of very useful information on the principles, doctrines and laws of the Muslim religion. It is a monumental collection of exceptional merit. It contains very full, detailed and reliable information on all questions dealt with in it.”

Dr Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal:

“I have glanced through parts of it, and find it an extremely useful work almost indispensable to the stu­dents of Islam. You have already written a number of books; one cannot but admire your energy and power of sustained work.”

Chief Justice S.M. Suleman, High Court, Allahabad:

“…a great and comprehensive work, embodying Islamic philosophy and jurisprudence and embracing Muslim theo­logy as well as the cardinal points of Muslim Law. This exhaustive work contains a vast store of information as to the Islamic tenets and doctrines, much of which is not available in English. It is the product of great learn­ing, deep scholarship and enormous labour.”

Sir Shafaat Ahmad Khan, Indian Muslim leader:

“This book has been written in a highly scholarly manner and is proof of the learned author’s high ability and in­gen­uity. In it the learned author has thrown sufficient light on the important Islamic issues and in explaining them has displayed the highest capability. I hope this will prove to be an authentic and unequalled book on Islam.”

Mr Justice Abdur Rashid:

“It reveals great learning, deep research and a thorough mastery of the subject. … The conclusions of the learned author are amply supported by authority, and every controversial doctrine has been critically examined.”

Nawab Bahadur Yar Jang, Hyderabad, Deccan:

“No one can be unaware of the service rendered to Islam and the Holy Quran by the Head of the Lahore Jama‘at Maulana Muhammad Ali. Most of all I have been impressed by his English book The Religion of Islam. Its greatest merit is that it is written keeping in view modern trends and ways of thinking. I consider this book as the Maulana’s best gift to the Islamic world and a highly effective message for those who are ignorant of the religion of Islam.”

Eastern Times, Lahore, 28 February 1936:

“For a long time a need has been felt for an authentic book on Islam which could properly explain its meanings and its mission. Such a book was needed all the more because the literature produced by missionaries of other religions about Islam usually portrayed a distorted picture. Realising this need Maulana Muhammad Ali has written this book after years of experience and study. From beginning to end the author has taken extraordinary pains to include references from the Holy Quran, Hadith and other authoritative books and in this way this book is like an encyclopaedia of Islam.”