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June 13th, 2007

Muslim decline is due to misdeeds. How can they wage jihad?

Badr, 6th June 1907, reports Hazrat Mirza sahib as referring to the following verse within his poem about the impermissibility of war-like jihad:

“Now all your life is entirely sinful. Believer you are not, as you walk in unbelief.”

Commenting on this, Hazrat Mirza sahib said:

Look how all kinds of sinful and evil behaviour is rampant today and Muslims are not like they were in the early days. This is why rule in the land was snatched away from them, because they forsook God the Most High. God is not like someone’s relative that He should continue helping the relation even if the latter goes astray.

As Muslims have a resemblance to the Jews, it was necessary that they too, like the Israelites, be punished severely twice. Once the punishment came when Halaku Khan invaded and destroyed Baghdad, killing 600,000 Muslims in Baghdad alone. The condition of the Muslims of the time is shown by this incident. People went to see a holy man and asked him to pray to God to save them. He said: “You wretches, because of you all of us are caught up in this punishment. I have seen angels saying: O unbelievers, kill the wicked people.”

The same condition has again arisen now. The rule of the British, who are unbelievers in terms of our religion, has been established in India just because Muslims themselves have become evil-doers and are not worthy of the mercy of God. This verse of my poem means just this, that as your own condition has not remained such as to deserve the help of God, how can you wage a jihad (of war)?

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