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August 10th, 2007

Dr Basharat Ahmad reads Haqiqat-ul-Wahy

As the Promised Messiah’s book Haqiqat-ul-Wahy was published in May 1907, mention of it is found in the Ahmadiyya newspapers around that date. In Badr, 8 August 1907, a letter by Dr Basharat Ahmad to Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is printed under the title Haqiqat-ul-Wahy. The letters runs as follows:

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu-hu!

This servant has been busy in reading Haqiqat-ul-Wahy in recent days and finished it in 15 to 20 days, reading it very carefully by the grace of God. I read the most wonderful secrets of knowledge and my faith was refreshed by ever newer signs. You, sir, have conclusively proved the arguments to the opponents to the highest degree. If they don’t accept them even now, then they are like the bat which does not see the sun on a bright day. You, sir, have made the sun of clear evidences and irrefutable arguments to rise. Now the opponent Maulvis have nothing left but obduracy and prejudice. Signs are pouring down like rain. If a man has the least spiritual taste and faith, he will find an ocean of Divine signs flowing by your hand, sir. But the fact is that the inner nature of these opponent Maulvis has become distorted due to their vehemence, prejudice and ignorance. Otherwise, for men of spiritual taste and faith there are more than enough signs.”

5 Responses to “Dr Basharat Ahmad reads Haqiqat-ul-Wahy”

  1. Amazing what he have hidden in our religious archive.

  2. i have gone thru a number of your websites, initially you try to convince gullible people that you believe Phophet Mohammad (saws) is the last prohphet. but slowly you introduce your bullship ideology of projecting mirza ghulam as nabi. whom do you think u are fooling.

    asnwer me one question? if you are true ahmadiyaa. WHERE DID YOUR MIRZA DIED? is this the place where Allah most high will allow a person to die? answer me if you have guts

  3. We do have the guts to answer you but it is you people who don’t want to listen, which is why you prohibit us from speaking in Muslim countries and societies.

    If you have really seen our websites you will know that we don’t believe in any prophet after the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

    Are we fooling anyone, or is it you who are fooling the world by saying on the one hand that Islam is a religion of peace and on the other daily murdering both non-Muslims and Muslims all over the world?

    Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad died while writing his book “The Message of Peace”, in which he asked Hindus to acknowledge that the Holy Prophet Muhammad was a true prophet of God and to respect him.

    Why does Allah allow each and every human being to be conceived and born by the use of organs that are also used for urinating and toilet?

  4. August 16th, 2007 at 3:28 pm
    From Abdul Momin:

    In the western world there are many people who question whether the historical Jesus ever existed. This is because apart from the New Testament, very little material exists about his life. Since the Gospels themselves have different accounts of Jesus life, some people believe that Jesus was a fictional character created out of earlier myths.

    But one has to read about HMGA’s life and see the close parallels between his and Jesus life to be convinced that a person with similar qualities to that of HMGA must have existed before, some two thousand years ago.

    Brother Zahid Aziz’s slide presentation on the similarities between the lives of the two Messiahs is recommended viewing.

    I would like to add one more similarity between the two:

    Just as the opponents of the the first Jesus took great pains to prove that Jesus was an accursed of God and put him on the Cross, similarly the opponents of HMGA have invented a fable to prove that he too was an accursed of God. The Jews at least had a tradition from the Old Testament that he who hangs from a tree is an accursed of God. In the case of HMGA, the modern day cousins of the Jews had to INVENT a tradition of HMGA somehow meeting an accursed death.

  5. Dear Basir,

    ‘Basir’ means ‘someone endowed with insight’. Maybe, the following link will help enlighten the darkened parts:

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