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February 10th, 2008

Qadiani Jamaat Press Release

There is also a Press Release on the Qadiani Jama`at website dated 9th February, which near the end refers to the Indonesia events and says:

“Following the aforementioned newspaper article certain non Ahmadi Muslims and members of the Lahori sect celebrated what they perceived to be a change in the beliefs of the Community. However the content of the article was immediately rejected by the Jama’at and to its credit the said newspaper printed a statement clarifying the issue on 23 January 2008.”

I don’t think we celebrated. That 12-point statement was either based on ignorance of the beliefs of their own Jama`at or it was just a ploy to fool the Indonesian authorities. We would only celebrate if there was a true change of belief based on recognition of the past beliefs being wrong.

The Qadiani Jama`at should publish a copy of the newspaper’s statement of 23rd January which, they say, clarified the issue.

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