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April 5th, 2008

Return of the Pleezing One

Last weekend I watched the western film “The Magnificent Seven” on a TV channel. This weekend the same channel is showing “The Return of the Magnificent Seven”, which isn’t so good.

I am reminded of this since, you may like to know, we have the “Return of the Pleezing One”, and he has repeated his objections to the statements by the Promised Messiah that he would fulfill the prophecy of carrying out his mission for forty years. I told him earlier that in fact he did carry out his mission for forty years, although in Nishan-i Asmani he did not correctly identify the starting point of his mission. In his obituary which appeared upon his death in the Review of Religions in its issue for June 1908 it is written:

“The period of his revelations thus extended fully over forty years and this may be said to be the period of his ministry.”

But as I told the Pleezing One earlier, we need to finish our discussion on the debate that he chose to start when he objected to the Promised Messiah’s language in Arya Dharm. The point we had reached in the discussion, at which the Pleezing One disappeared, was when I referred him to the Masnavi of Rumi and some of its sexually explicit language.

Please see this link.

(I took the trouble of going to a library to borrow the book by Afzal Iqbal that I have quoted in the above link.)

After the Pleezing One’s departure at this point, I provided further evidence of the high repute of Rumi among Muslims. Please see this link.

Thus he cannot easily dismiss Rumi, as he did, by saying that Rumi is no authority that he is bound by.

He should therefore continue that discussion, and let us know whether he now admits that his allegations against the Promised Messiah relating to the book Arya Dharm  were baseless and should be withdrawn.

I also have another suggestion. The next issue of U.K. edition of The Light will contain an article by me on how the mission and teachings of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the service of Islam are as relevant now, if not more so, than they were when he died 100 years ago. (In fact, I am interrupting my writing of that article to post this.) I suggest that the Pleezing One studies that article, to be published in 3 or 4 weeks time, and lets us know where I am wrong in considering the Promised Messiah to have done great service for Islam.

If the Promised Messiah did not do any service for Islam, then even if 100% of his prophecies turned out to be exactly fulfilled, there would be no point in accepting him on that basis.

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