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November 6th, 2008

Apostasy and Barack Obama?

Rashid Jahangiri has submitted the following.

Barack Hussain Obama.

Is he a ‘Murtad’?
Is he guilty of apostasy?
How Muslims, especially the Mulla Mafia deals with him?
Can Pakistani and Afghani Mullas can deliver a verdict about him?

It is very UNLIKELY that he will visit Pakistan now as US president or after he leaves White House and as former US President. But suppose some time in future he visits Pakistan. The question will arise that will Pakistani and Afghani Mullas will hold the same standard that they held for Sahibzada Abdul Latif Shaheed (follower of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib) and other cases, including couple of Muslims converts to Christianity in last few years?

Other questions come to my mind.

Muslims hold belief that every child born at birth is a Muslim and it is the society that makes him/ her Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist etc. so,
Are all non-Muslim people, nations of the world are ‘Murtad’ and are guilty of committing apostasy?
If they are ‘murtad’ then what Mulla-Mafia the “righteous” Muslims could do about it?

Answer to all the above questions is very simple for those who have read the literature produced by Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement. For Mulla-Mafia the so-called “righteous” Muslims it is very difficult. I hope one day they (the Mulla-Mafia) realizes that their ‘Jazba-e-Imani’ (spirit of faith) was only against the physically weak and minority in numbers i.e. The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement. Here I would add, Qadiani Khalifa 2 and his followers’ were/are no different than Mulla-Mafia of Pakistan when it comes to Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement.

2 Responses to “Apostasy and Barack Obama?”

  1. In a talk given about a year ago, I discussed this hadith about the religion of a child at birth. Please see this link, and read on page 2 in column 2 under “Islam of a child at birth”, where I say at the end:

    According to Islamic law a child born to non-Muslim parents, however newly born it may be, is not a Muslim in terms of the practical law of Islam but belongs to its parents’ religious community. Thus if it dies in infancy, Muslims do not hold the Islamic funeral service for it. And if it grows up and follows its parents’ religion, it is not regarded as an apostate from its Islam of birth.

    This hadith has been turned into a gimmick by present-day Muslims and they use it to refer to people who embrace Islam from other religions as being “reverts” and talk about “reverting” to Islam. This fashion only started in the last 15 or 20 years. As I have shown there, there is no justification in Islam for this concept of “reverting”. The Quran and Hadith, and stories of the companions accepting Islam, nowhere at all mention “reverting” to Islam.

    A child at birth is a “Muslim” only in the same way as anything in nature without a will of its own to choose is a “Muslim”, i.e. obedient to the laws that God has made for it.

  2. Concept of Murtad (heretic) that Mulla-Muslims hold is ABSOLUTELY WRONG.
    In Islam: Everyone is FREE to choose his or her religion whenever they want. Everyone is FREE to change religion.
    Problem  is with Mulla-Muslims. They think that person who is fathered by a Muslim is a Muslim and that person is not allowed to change his religion.
    Mulla-Muslim are so wrong that they even consider a person who is fathered by some one who was “formerly” a muslim and has converted to “non-Muslim”, as Murtad.
    I only mean to expose the ignorance and bigotry of Mullas.

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