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June 1st, 2009

Khatm-e nubuwwat conference calls for boycott of Ahmadi businesses

Submitted by Usman.

A Khatm-e-Nubuwwat conference was held in Rawalpindi on 31st May 2009. As a support to the issue of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat, the organisers and workers have stepped up their activity of asking Muslims to do a business boycott of Ahmadis. Brochures are being widely circulated in the market, asking the retailers not to stock and sell any product made by an Ahmadi company. Certain products made by companies partly or wholly owned by both Lahori and Rabwah Jama`at members have been mentioned by name. Obviously the objective is to drive the companies into bankruptcy by not allowing them to sell their products.

Here is the irony. The products made by the “Ahmadi” companies (as if now companies also have a religion) are known for their quality and most importantly correct weight, while may “Muslim” companies are known for giving short weight! Of course the Khatm-e-Nubuwaat people also do not seem to be concerned about the fact that thousands of Muslim families depend upon these companies for their livelihood. So while the rest of the world is trying hard to kick start economies by encouraging investment and creating employment, the anti-Ahmadiyya groups are working in the opposite direction; making people unemployed and depressing local economies. In the process also ensuring that quality products make way for sub-standard products. A service to Islam indeed !

2 Responses to “Khatm-e nubuwwat conference calls for boycott of Ahmadi businesses”

  1. Also please recall the boycott of Muhammad PBUH by Makkans – Shib Abi Talib: “that no one should marry their women nor give women for them to marry; and that no one should either buy from them or sell to them, and when they agreed on that they wrote it in a deed.”[ Francis E. Peters, Mecca: A Literary History of the Muslim Holy Land, Princeton University Press, 1994, ISBN 069103267X, p.54]

    See the parallels of history:

    2:217. … But to bar (people) from Allâh’s cause and disbelief in Him and (to hinder people from) the Holy Mosque and to turn out its people therefrom is still grave in the sight of Allâh, and persecution is all the more grave an offence than killing.’ And they will not cease to fight you until they turn you back from your faith if they can. …

    The solution and the Decree:

    2:218. Verily, as to those who believe and those who emigrate and struggle hard in the cause of Allâh, it is they who do (rightly) hope for Allâh’s mercy. And Allâh is Great Protector, Ever Merciful.

    4:97. Surely, the angels will ask those whom they cause to die while they were acting unjustly towards themselves (by prolonging their stay in the land of the disbelievers and thus transgressing against their own souls), `What circumstances were you in (that you did not avow Islâm openly)?’ They will reply, `We were treated as weak in the country (to express our belief).’ They (- the angels) will say, `Was not Allâh’s earth spacious enough for you to have emigrated therein?’ It is these whose abode shall be Gehenna and an evil destination it is!
    4:98. Different however is the case of those (actually) weak – men, women and children, who can find no device, nor means (to emigrate).
    4:99. As to these Allâh may pardon them (for their helplessness), for Allâh is the Effacer of sins, Most Forgiving.
    4:100. And whoso emigrates in the cause of Allâh will find in the earth an abundant place of refuge and plenty of resources. And whoso sets forth from his home, emigrating in the cause of Allâh and His Messenger, then death overtakes him, he shall have his reward with Allâh for sure. Allâh is Great Protector, Ever Merciful.

    Lets not forget the precedence of the first migration of believers in the Last Prophet was to a Christian country. Migration was a necessity then as is now as under the circumstances, it gives a believer his full potential that a life has to offer.

    [The Holy Quran – Translation by Allamah Nooruddin]

  2. I dont blame them for their concerns.  If i was them I would be equally concerned.  Ahmadiyyat is trying to wipe out Sunni and Shiite Islam from the face fo the earth and replace with a much more modern version of Islam. 

    Although I disagree with their methods, I do agree with their concerns. 

    Ahmadis must understand that muslims want the type of Islam that existed during the time of Bukhari, muslims dont want any other type of Islam.  The 3rd century of Islamic thought is what muslims cling to.  They dont want to accept the new ideas of HMGA. 

    Thats their position, although they have never presented it as such.  Muslims need intelligent young men who can help their cause.  Not the warriors that they are grooming. 

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