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October 4th, 2009

Compilation of Fatawa of Takfir

Submitted by Rashid.

Fatawa Ka Bazar
(Compilation of Fatawa of Takfir)

Note by Zahid Aziz: This really is a very unpleasant spectacle, of so-called ulama vehemently spouting hatred against fellow-Muslims at the tops of their voices in a most undignified way. They obviously have no realisation that their role should be that of moral leaders in society.

7 Responses to “Compilation of Fatawa of Takfir”

  1. We find striking similarities between the sectarian mud-slinging of Muslims and that of pre-Islamic religions:

    2:113. The Jews say, `The Christians have no valid ground whatsoever (for their belief),’ while the Christians assert, `The Jews have no valid ground (at all for their belief),’ while they both read the same Scripture. Exactly such (ill-founded) things say those who have no knowledge. But Allâh shall judge between them on the Day of Resurrection with regard to all that about which they had been disagreeing.

    2:114. And who can be more unjust than those who prohibit the name of Allâh from being extolled in (any of His) houses of worship and strive to ruin them. It was not proper for such, ever to enter these (places) except in fear and awe. For them is disgrace in this world, and there awaits them a severe punishment in the Hereafter. [Houses of worship refer to any place of worship including churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and others]-[Nooruddin]

    And the sectarian vitriol uttered in the name of half-truths is addressed as:

    24:15. When you welcome slander on your tongues and utter with your mouths something of which you have no knowledge, thinking it is a light matter, know that in the Sight of Allah it is an awful thing. [Nooruddin]

    Contrary to the belief of any sect, the salvation is only in righteousness:

    6:158. Do they await only that the angels should come to them (with wars), or that (complete destruction from) your Lord should come (upon them), or that some of the signs of your Lord should visit them (with earthly calamities). The day when some of the signs of your Lord shall come, no soul, that did not believe earlier or accomplished some good deeds through (his) belief, will ever benefit by his faith. Say, `Wait, we too are waiting.’ [Nooruddin]

    The moral law governing ignorance begetting ignorance in both pre-Islamic and the current Muslim societies, manifests itself as:

    36:8. Surely, We have put shackles (of customs and prejudices) round their necks and they are (reaching right) up to their chins, so that they have become stiff-necked (due to their pride and false notions of superiority).

    36:9. And We have placed barriers (of their stubbornness rendering them unable to look forward to the bright future of Islam and rise to eminence by accepting it) in front of them, and barriers (of their prejudices) behind them (thus rendering them unable to look back at the doom of those who rejected the truth in the past). Thus We have kept them behind the veil so that they cannot see (so have become totally devoid of spiritual light).

    36:10. And it is all the same to them whether you warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe (for they have deliberately shut their eyes and ears to the truth). [Nooruddin]


  2. The british are to blame for the plight of the muslims in Pakistan.

    The british split up the muslims and hindus, instead of encouraging religious communication, the british wanted to seperate these two groups, thus influencing hatred on a larger scale.

    If muslims and hindus would have worked out their differences, I seriously believe that pakistan/india would be a peaceful place.

    The british divide and conquer.

  3. The Maulvi at the end is cursing and abusing at the end of the compilation, and also lays claim to being the custodian of the Quran and Hadith in the same breath! Interesting how they accuse HMGAQ of having used abusive language!

  4. This is from one of the eyewitnesses to the terrorist attack on the police training academy in Lahore yesterday:

    “I saw one terrorist with a thin beard giving directions to another three men, saying ‘our mission is to kill all of them. They are infidels’.”

  5. Blair speech on terror – On London Bombings

    Senseless though any such horrible murder is, it was not without sense for its organisers. It had a purpose. It was done according to a plan. It was meant.

    What we are confronting here is an evil ideology.

    It is not a clash of civilisations – all civilised people, Muslim or other, feel revulsion at it. But it is a global struggle and it is a battle of ideas, hearts and minds, both within Islam and outside it.

    This is the battle that must be won, a battle not just about the terrorist methods but their views. Not just their barbaric acts, but their barbaric ideas. Not only what they do but what they think and the thinking they would impose on others.

  6. In recent past, Sufi Muhammad of Tehrik-e-Taliban, Pakistan called members of Pakistan National Assembly a Kafir. The same PPP and National Assembly that called Kalima-Shahada reciters Kafir in 1974.

  7. The fatwas of various Muslim groups against each other often describe their opponents as being kafirs whose kufr is worse than that of Qadianis!

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