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November 19th, 2009

Islamic (?) Republic of Pakistan

Submitted by Ikram.

“MQM backs ANP proposal to change Pakistan name” from Islamic Republic
to People’s Republic.

I am for the change for the mere fact that for over sixty years, the
literal implementation of “Islamic Republic …” has been anything but

3 Responses to “Islamic (?) Republic of Pakistan”

  1. It appears that in the first constitution of Pakistan in 1956, the country was named the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In the original 1962 constitution under Ayub Khan, he dropped the word “Islamic”. I have read somewhere that he told his advisors that Mullahs will use the term ‘Islamic’ to try to impose their own outlook over the country. However, after the constitution came into effect, there was a demand in the National Assembly to restore it, and this was done by the first amendment later that year.

    The Bhutto constitution of 1973 retained the same name and went further to declare Islam as the state religion of Pakistan.

  2. Muslims need to seperate Mosque and State issues. This is contrary to Islam. THATS THE PROBLEM.

    In Islamic law(koran) the state is based on religion and vice versa. I dont blame muslims for trying capture their long lost glory.

    But they need to seperate to survive in an industrial climate. In the climate where 90% of people were farmers(and barbarians), YES, the Koran will work perfectly.

    These are just my personal opinions….

  3. Pakistan has always had a confused identity problem….starting with the objectives resolution..any way I don’t think the 2 major political parties will dare to go down this road….

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