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November 25th, 2009

Muslim extremism as reaction to British imperialism in India

Submitted by Usman.

I would like to refer to the following news story appearing in The Daily Times News Paper (25 Nov 2009) in Pakistan titled “Roundtable conference on extremism in Pakistan: Extremism in S Asia rooted in British imperialism”

Attention is drawn to the title and the following excerpt (my emphasis):

“Noted historian Prof Dr Naeem Qureshi chaired the roundtable, which was attended by Dr Tahir Amin, Dr Tariq Rahman, Dr Ayesha Siddiqa, Dr Nazir Hussain, Simbal Khan and Shabana Fayyaz, Dr Razia Sultana of the QAU’s History Department and Zafarullah Khan of the CCE as panelists …

… Dr Qureshi traced the roots of extremism in South Asia to the advent of British imperial rule and the Muslims’ reaction to foreign rule; some sought to accommodate modernity, while others repudiated it…”

It appears that some experts are now admitting that the Muslim reaction of the time in India to British Rule is the root cause of the current extremism causing havoc in the region. We also know that at that time the two most prominent critics of the Muslim reaction were Sir Syed (embracing modernity) and HMGA (invalidating an armed Jihad against the British). Of these gentlemen I believe HMGA was the one who based his arguments on the Quran itself.

In any case both of them were branded heretics for saying what they said. HMGA is still accused of being a “British” agent for speaking contrary to the Muslim reaction to British rule. Although the quoted article mentions “embracing modernity”; in the context of religious extremism, it is not difficult to see that it is the Jihad factor which has played a key role as far as being the root cause of extremism is concerned. Readers are referred to “English Govt. and Jihad” by HMGA for an eye opening and prophetical (disclaimer: prophetical in the linguistic sense of foretelling a future event) expose of the subject. Unfortunately the Muslims of subcontinent rejected his words then, and are now being forced to admit the veracity of those very words by current events.

I think HMGA said (perhaps Dr. ZA can give a reference) where Allah revealed that he will show HMGA’a truthfulness with “forceful aggression” (“zour avar humlon saiy”).

Note by Zahid Aziz:
Usman is referring to a revelation of the Promised Messiah: “A warner came into the world, but the world did not accept him. But Allah will accept him and will show his truth zor avar humlon say (lit. very strong attacks)”. The “attacks” could be of any kind. They may even be not in support of him as such, but general violence in the world. For example, the jihadist attacks of today have shown his truth by making even his opponent Muslim Ulama declare the same concept of jihad as he presented. After attacks in U.K., the anti-Ahmadiyya Ulama in U.K. declared the loyalty of British Muslims to the British government (something they condemned HMGA for).

One Response to “Muslim extremism as reaction to British imperialism in India”

  1. Couple of months ago my relatives were visiting from Saudi Arabia. Topic of Saudi Ulama fatwa against religious extremism came up.  My relatives were of opinion that Saudi Ulama issued fatwa under pressure from their government and United States etc. I said that whatever the reason may be under which they are forced to issue such fatwa. HMGA ilham is literally coming true. Muslim Ulama around the world are witnessing “zor avar humlay” (firepower of Dajjal i.e. West). My relatives agreed.

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