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January 13th, 2010

Muhammad Yusuf Ali

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

While surfing Pak Tea House blog I was intrigued by name of Muhammad Yusuf Ali.
Wikipedia entry says:

“Mr. Ali testified during the trial that according to Islamic beliefs all human beings are representative of God Almighty and all Muslims should also strive to be a representative of Prophet Muhammad. He advocated that to gain human excellence all human-beings should respect each other and live life according to examples set by their great leaders such as Prophet Muhammad, Prophet Jesus, Prophet Moses, Mahatama Buddha, etc. Mr. Ali admitted that he himself lives life according to teachings, examples and guidance of the Prophet Muhammad, strives to fulfill his mission, and considers himself his humble and true representative.”

I never heard of this gentleman, and will appreciate if anyone can share information. To me his message sounds like LAM message.

About 4 or 5 years ago, during conversation with (late) Abdul Manan Omar sahib on propagation of HMGA message, he said HMGA message would be spread by those who may not be related to either of the two branches of Ahmadis. In this regard he gave example of Muslims, whose mosque is near our jamaat headquarters in Lahore. I never heard of that group of Muslims, neither before nor after that. I’m curious if anyone knows about them. And whether Muhammad Yusuf Ali was connected to them?

Link to Wikipedia entry

23 Responses to “Muhammad Yusuf Ali”

  1. He is known as Yousuf Kazzab by the Pakistani media. Zaid Zaman Hamid, aka Zaid Hamid is also linked to him. He was accused of blasphemy and claiming to be a prophet and was murdered in custody by a zealot.

    Listening to one of his speeches that i found on the internet, he comes accross as a Sufi type gone a but too far. The revivalist zeal was apparent, with ideas of grandeur but no substance or logic was to be found in his words.

  2. @Lutf:
    Thanks for sharing information.
    “He was accused of blasphemy and claiming to be a prophet…”
    Would you please tell us what your Qadiani Jamaat thought of him?
    Did your Qadiani Jamaat endorse him?
    After all Qadiani Jamaat holds belief that prophets can come after Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS.
    “Listening to one of his speeches that i found on the internet, …but no substance or logic was to be found in his words.”
    Brother, please don’t mind, people say same about your Qadiani Jamaat Khalifa 5 Mirza Masroor Ahmad.

  3. Rashid, Your anti-khilafat opinions are better shared amongst your lahori friends.

    As for Yousuf,  he is nothing new in Muslim society and Jamaat does not need to take note of all deluded individuals who claim to be “destined” to revive the faith.

  4. Elsewhere and above, Rashid brought up the argument that if prophets can come after Muhammad PBUH, then there is no stopping such claims, including in recent times, of Baha Ullah.

    As a consequence, the energies of Umma are wasted in proving or disproving such claims, dissension is sowed and in the process boundaries of human decency are broached and persecution follows. If in Iran it is/was Bahais then in Pakistan it is the Qadianis.

    In this scenario, the Qadianis carry the double burden, firstly to prove that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was a prophet (in what ever sense of the meaning) and then to disprove all others claimants to prophethood. This is obvious in the comments by Luft – “As for Yousuf,  he is nothing new in Muslim society and Jamaat does not need to take note of all deluded individuals who claim to be “destined” to revive the faith.” In all fairness Qadianis cannot escape this quandary because their logic is bound to have double standards, similar to what Quran refers to:

    83:2. When they receive measure from other people they receive in full (not allowing the least shortage and loss),
    83:3. But when they give by measure to others or weigh to them they give them less (than what is due).

    For Qadianis, there will be ever mounting intellectual burden to carry with each new Khalifa of theirs.  If not already, then soon they will be following an ancestral belief rather than logic of Quran. This is quite clear when Lutf instead of speaking about their Khalifa, states – “Rashid, Your anti-khilafat opinions are better shared amongst your lahori friends.”

    Quran foretold such human behavior, even for Muslims:

    5:104. …They say, `Sufficient for us is that (tradition) whereon we have found our forefathers.’ What! (would they follow them blindly) even though their forefathers had no knowledge whatsoever and had no guidance?

    43:22.  Nay, but they say, “Behold, We found our forefathers agreed on what to believe – and, verily, it is in their footsteps that we find our guidance!”

    [The Holy Quran – Allamah Nooruddin]

  5. Dear Ikram, my short reply to Rashid’s disrepectful comment about Khalifatul Masih does not mean that we can not have a logical discussion about Khilafat or any other Ahmadiyya beliefs. One needs to show respect first, if they want a discussion. If they want to slip snide remarks then they can do so among their like minded friends.

    As for your other point about Prophethood and “difficulty” for Ahmadis to defend this belief, rest assured that all prophets were called impostors by their contemporary societies. False claimants were also present in many cases. It is said that when Jesus (as) claimed to be the Messiah, there were already a number of claimants in the land. Same happened after the demise of Holy Prophet (saw) and continued in the Muslim Ummah. The hadith of 30 dajjals is another testament that false prophets will keep appearing. But there will be one true prophet as well, and this prophet will succeed as opposed to all the others who failed.

    Ikram sahib, success is the best criteria to judge truthfulness of prophets.

  6. @Lutf:
    Few years ago I read a list of Qadiani Jamaat friends who claimed prophethood, in line with their Khalifa 2 and Qadiani jamaat beliefs. Unfortunately, due to double standards practiced in Qadiani jamaat, they were admonished, threatened and even punished etc. As a result they faded away.
    Lutf when you say, “rest assured that all prophets were called impostors by their contemporary societies”. Do you include your jamaat among those ‘contemporary societies’?
    Lutf how you can say, “But there will be one true prophet as well, and this prophet will succeed as opposed to all the others who failed.” How can a “one true prophet” flourish, if your Qadiani Jamaat Khalifas keep on feeling threatened by any such “true prophet”, and they are nipped in the nascency of their claims?
    Lutf, I don’t have to go to the level of prophethood to prove double standards prevailing in your jamaat. Even people who claimed to be “Musleh Mahud” after your Qadiani Jamaat Khalifa 2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad are thrown out of the jamaat, without your Khalifa giving them a chance to present their cases. Despite their repeated efforts they had no success, and now they are using Internet to launch their complaints against your Khalifas.

    1)      Abdul Ghaffar Janba
    2)      Zafrullah Domun
    Lutf how you find it fair to say, “success is the best criteria to judge truthfulness of prophets”; when people like you keep supporting organization that keeps “nipping evils in the bud”. Don’t you think people like you keep depriving yourselves of the “teachings and blessings (barakat)” of these “NEW prophets”?
    Last but not the least, Lutf  I don’t think you are justified in saying “Rashid’s disrepectful comment about Khalifatul Masih”, I used the same words that you used for a person who was respected by his friends.

  7. @ Ikram

    Ikram has explained in his post that Qadianis have double burden of proof. Perhaps, it is because of this double burden of proof that some Qadiani people including some very learned people converted to Baha’i Religion.

    A learned member of our jamaat (who has not passed away) said that a Qadiani Jamaat scholar converted to Baha’i Religion after having long discussions with a Baha’i scholar. He told me that the Baha’i scholar argued on the basis of a Quranic verse. The Qadiani scholar had no answer because he had already lost his belief in the finality of prophethood and he was not able to argue on the basis of such verses of Quran which prove that Muhammmad (SAW) was the last prophet.

  8. In regard to the statement: “Ikram sahib, success is the best criteria to judge truthfulness of prophets.”

    This is quite a strong statement with significant and far reaching implications.  How do you define “success” for a prophet?

  9. May I say that it is best not to disrespect any personality.  Even if the disrespect is not intended it is better to err on side of caution and avoid any statments that could be construed as such.  Otherwise a needless debate, with no possible useful outcome, is generated.  

    I am sure it is possbile to engage by focusing purely on issues.

    HMGA also maintained that no disrespect should be shown to revered personalities of other religions.   

    This is just my opinion.

  10. @Usman
    “This is just my opinion.”

    Your opinion is correct. And i agree with you.

  11. I find it very interesting that no person in the LAM has claimed muhadassiyyat as of yet. In 1891, HMGA claimed to be a muhaddas based on the order of Allah.

    I think ZA has answered this question in the past, I think he wrote that a muhaddas doesnt have to claim his position…

  12. A muhaddas is not necessarily appointed to a mission by Allah, so that he is required to make a claim, but is one who receives revelation in the way in which Mary, or Moses’ mother, or persons like Hazrat Umar had experiences of revelation.

    There have been people in the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement about whom it was well-known that they received revelation. There  are even non-Ahmadis who can testify that certain LAM elders received revelation. I personally knew one or two such elders. However, they did not try to impress people with it. What was most remarkable and impressive about them was their noble character.

  13. Rashid,

    You can go back to the lifetime of promised Messiah (as) to start the list of public claimants of revelation. Unless they are not cause of discord among the community, they are treated as mistaken individuals. Besides, the possibility of prophethood remains closed in the presence of Khilafat.

  14. @Lutf:
    “You can go back to the lifetime of promised Messiah (as) to start the list of public claimants of revelation. Unless they are not cause of discord among the community, they are treated as mistaken individuals.”
    I don’t know, whom you are talking about. But on the other hand, both Abdul Ghaffar Janba sahib and Zafarullah Domun sahib are very much alive and present on internet. Both gentlemen are voicing their claims and offering their personal character for scrutiny.
    They are also complaining that your Qadiani Jamaat Khalifas 4 and now 5 are not giving them chance to present their cases. It is obvious Qadiani Jamaat Khalifas do not want some one else taking claim of “Musleh Mauood” from Qadiani Jamaat Khalifa 2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, even though these new claimant of “Musleh Mauood” are offering their character for public scrutiny. Do you still consider Qadiani Jamaat stance justified?
    “Besides, the possibility of prophethood remains closed in the presence of Khilafat.”
    Your statement is based on Qadiani Jamaat Khalifa 4 Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s statement. My friend you are forgetting QK2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad published statements where in order to establish his “Khilafat of Prophet” he asserted his belief that prophets will keep coming until the judgment day (Qiyamat). Now when “Khilafat” has been established in family of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, you are people are moving away from your jamaat’s earlier stance. Don’t forget QK2 was your “Musleh Mahud” a step higher than your QK4. Do you find your jamaat’s new strategy logical and justified?
    Please remember this prohibition on others to become prophet or Musleh Mauood is affecting only your jamaat people, not other Muslims (including LAM).

  15. @ Lutf: “Besides, the possibility of prophethood remains closed in the presence of Khilafat.”

    Now that’s a biggie. Under what authority this claim is made? In this claim, firstly, the possibility of prophethood (after Muhammad PBUH) is preserved. Secondly, the “khilafat” is even elevated to a level above such a hypothetical prophethood.

    The way this family lineage of four consecutive khilafas is going, it seems eternal. Do Qadianis have a terminating clause for this limitless permutations within the blood relations of the khalifas. What is the terminating condition?

    Clearly, in light of this Qadiani dogma, such a perceived hypothetical prophet will never come for the obvious conflict of interest of the khilafat household. This stranglehold of a family on an institution is unbelievable. What’s the difference between this multi-generational khilafat and that of any pir’s family in South Asia. Ever heard of “gaddie-nashin” who enjoy the perks and privileges just for being “pidram sultan bood” i.e. my my dad was king, and for no other comparative merit.

    Such degree of self interest goes in face of any moral or ethical tradition of Muhammad PBUH, Mirza Sahib or even a common citizen.

    Besides, what do these khalifas have to show, other than constant effort to outwit the critics, and subdue the intellect of their followers.

  16. @Lutf:

    Brother, i would like to get your comments on TWO more jamaats made by Qadiani Jamaat freinds:
    1) Munir Ahmad Azim

    2) Anwar-Ul Islam Movement of Nigeria

  17. Another NEW jamaat made by Qadiani Jamaat people:

    Green Ahmadiyyat
    Mirza Rafi Ahmad

  18. May 21st, 2010 at 7:09 am
    From ibn-e-mansoor:

    can u people clarify one thing to me plz…?? do u believe on spiritual transmission of any prophet in mirza sab’s body,m confused abt how he claimed to b a propeht..? means was there any spiritual transmission in mirza’s sab…?from  ibn-e-mansoor

  19. May 21st, 2010 at 6:39 pm
    From Zahid Aziz:

    What Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has written in this respect is as follows:

    “Of all the leaders of Tasawwuf that there have been till the present day, not even one has disagreed with the point that in this religion the path to become the likes of prophets is open, as the Holy Prophet Muhammad has given the glad tidings for spiritual and godly learned persons that ‘the Ulama of my nation are like the Israelite Prophets’. The words of Abu Yazid Bustami given below, which are recorded in Tazkirat al-Auliya by Farid-ud-Din Attar, and are also found in other reliable works, are on this basis, as he says: ‘I am Adam, I am Seth, I am Noah, I am Abraham, I am Moses, I am Jesus, I am Muhammad, peace be upon him and upon all these brothers of his’.” (Izala Auham, pp. 258 – 259)

    “God always employs metaphors and gives one person’s name to another on account of nature, qualities, and abilities. He whose heart is like that of Abraham is Abraham in the sight of God, and he who has the heart of Umar is Umar in His sight.” (Fath-i Islam, p. 16)

    “Sometimes the coming of a soul into this world, which resembles the soul of some righteous person of the past, and not only has a connection with that soul but derives benefit from it as well, is considered as the coming of the original soul itself. In the terminology of the Sufis this is known as burooz.” (Sat Bachan, p. 49)

    “The Sufis believe that the nature, disposition and moral qualities of a person from the past come again in another. In their terminology, they say that so and so is in the footsteps of Adam, or the footsteps of Noah. Some also call this as burooz.” (Malfuzat, vol. i, p. 239)

    “The whole Muslim nation is agreed that a non-prophet takes the place of a prophet as a burooz. This is the meaning of the hadith: Ulama ummati ka-anbiya Bani Israil [‘The godly learned ones of my community are like the prophets of Israel’].” (Ayyam as-Sulh, p. 163)

    “Here it is worth remembering that the spirituality of our Holy Prophet has always manifested itself at times when the internal crises of Islam became overwhelming, and the ‘essence of Muhammad’ has always made its appearance through some perfect follower. If those statements in Hadith are authentic which say: The Mahdi will arise, and he shall bear my name, and he shall have my morals, then it is a reference to precisely this descent of spirituality. But this descent is not confined to any particular sect. There have been hundreds of persons in whom the ‘essence of Muhammad’ was established, and with God they had the names ‘Muhammad’ and ‘Ahmad’ by way of reflection (zill).” (Ainah Kamalat Islam, February 1893, p. 346)

  20. November 20th, 2011 at 9:05 pm
    From Lover of Mohammed:

    Muhemmed Yusuf Ali was mis-understood and mis-representated. He was a great Muslim of our time. He never claimed prophethood. He always said truth, and people who couldn’t understand the truth called it kazib. I am grateful to many people who are against him to promote his speeches. He is understood logicaly and clearly by people who want to understand and who have love of Habibana Syyadina Murshadina Muhemmed bin Andullah, Rasool Allah sal Allaho Alihay wa Salam. If you have any question in this regard, and you have iman and open mind to understand, than you can ask me any question about him.

  21. December 16th, 2011 at 8:42 pm
    From Lover of Mohammed (Saaw):

    apologies…. for spelling mistake. Habibana Syyadina Murshadina Muhemmed bin Abdullah, Rasool Allah sal Allaho Alihay wa Salam

  22. June 23rd, 2015 at 4:22 am
    From Hi Majesty:

    Why qadiyani prophet died in bathroom and doing pooping?

    Why was mirza gholam qadyanis illegitimate sons living in Canada. It seems they are born and bread on foreign money.

    Note by Admin (Zahid Aziz): I have published the above comments to show the level of debate and language that our opponents indulge in. The comment appears to have been posted from Lahore. (By the way, it should be "born and bred", not "born and bread".)

  23. The answer to His Majesty is simply: "Assalamu-Alaikum"

    "And the servants of the Beneficent are they who walk on the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, they

    say, Peace!" 

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