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January 23rd, 2010

Dialogue with History

Submitted by Rashid

HMGA has been accused as agent of British rulers of India. His father has been accused of helping British rulers during the 1857 riots [known as the Indian Mutiny or War of Independence].

Pakistan’s private TV channel Dunya, program Hasb-e-Haal hosted by Aftab Iqbal is comedy-cum-educational program. In its show on January 22, 2010 the host has tried to teach his viewers truth about 1857 riots. According to him huge number of Muslims sided with British rulers and many prominent Muslims openly supported them. In this regard according to him ‘Mohammedan Association of Bengal’ was first Muslim organization that openly supported British. They were first to give Fatwa that it is Kufr to fight against the British rulers, and obedience and subservience to them is permitted in Islam. He also named Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, poet Mirza Asad Ullah Khan Ghalib and other prominent Muslim poets in India, among supporters of British rulers.

Please watch from 14mins onwards

9 Responses to “Dialogue with History”

  1. These should be well known facts but, due to distorted history being taught to Muslims especially in Pakistan, they come as a surprise to most people.

    An important book in this regard is Hunter’s The Indian Musalmans. As it was first published in 1872, it shows the generally-prevailing views of Muslims towards British rule of India just before the time that Hazrat Mirza sahib began his mission. He expressed the same standpoint that they had already largely concurred upon.

    By ‘Mohammedan Association of Bengal’  might be meant ‘The Calcutta Muhammadan Society’. We quoted from this book in the Ahmadiyya Case. Please see this link and scroll down to “7. Hunter’s The Indian Musalmans”.

    At this link you can access Hunter’s book.

  2. Also an earlier post on this blog mentioned that at a  recent seminar on terrorism in Islamabad, some panelists pointed out that the negative Muslims reaction to British rule contributed to the rise in Islamic extremism; the fruit of which we are reaping today.

  3. Following the London bombings of 7th July 2005, a gathering of leading Ulama at the Central London Mosque in Regents Park issued a statement denouncing such acts. It appeared on their website and I saved a local copy of it. See this link.

    I quote from it below (emphasis is mine):

    “We extend our sympathy to the entire British public, a nation to which we all belong by the Grace of God.”

    “It is incumbent upon all of us, Muslims and non-Muslims – to help the authorities with any information that may lead to the planners of last week’s atrocity being brought to justice.”

    “We reiterate our resolve and commitment to work towards nurturing an identity that is true to its faith and its rights and responsibilities of British citizenship.”

  4. Had Muslim opponents not created so much hindrance for HMGA and his approach to take message of Islam to British rulers and ultimately to citizens of UK; today this country could have been a Muslim majority country. Perhaps famous English philosopher Bernard Shaw had the same opinion that is why he predicted Europe would become Muslim before end of 20th century. On the contrary, we see Muslims who questioned HMGA for his statements of loyalty to British rulers, and advocated approach opposite to his are getting banned. A recent example is of ‘Islam4UK’.

  5. The head of this banned organisation (Anjem Choudary) was interviewed on BBC radio a couple of weeks ago. I listened to the interview. He was asked a question along the lines whether he would act on Islamic law instead of British law. He replied that he follows the principle “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and render unto God that which is God’s”.

    This is in fact the reply given by Jesus in Matthew 22:21, when the Jewush priests asked him a question to trap him. It means, fulfil your obligations to the state in matters concerning the state and fulfil your obligations to God in matters of religion.

    This was also the teaching of Hazrat Mirza sahib to Muslims. In fact, in this connection I have quoted this very proverb in my booklet A Survey of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement on page 16.

    So even one of the most extreme Muslims in the UK has had to say the same thing about obeying British law as what Hazrat Mirza sahib said! Of course, Hazrat Mirza sahib actually meant it, while we don’t know if Mr Choudary merely said it out of expediency.

  6. “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and render unto God that which is God’s”

    Anjem Choudary repeats the above quote in audio clip:

  7. @ Dr. Zahid Aziz
    “So even one of the most extreme Muslims in the UK has had to say the same thing about obeying British law as what Hazrat Mirza sahib said! Of course, Hazrat Mirza sahib actually meant it, while we don’t know if Mr Choudary merely said it out of expediency.”
    Today Muslims in Western Europe and North America face similar situation that HMGA faced in his life. Christian rulers ruled India, and their intelligence/ law enforcement agencies were keeping an eye on Islamic religious/ political organizations, including Ahmadiyya Movement of HMGA. Similar is the case today, with Islamic religious/ political organizations in Western Europe and North America.
    I think the best way for law enforcement agencies in Western Europe and North America, to find out if people like Anjem Choudary really mean when they profess their loyalty to Christian governments or are merely saying it out of expediency is to ask them: Do you agree with statements of extreme loyalty publicly made by HMGA?
    As people like Anjem Choudary are opponents of HMGA, so truth will come out.

    I hope the agencies they pick up this suggestion.

  8. Muslim soldiers in service of British Rulers.
    Critics of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib to this day accuse him of being subservient and agent of British Rulers. They are under delusion that if he had not publically showed his allegiance to rulers of India, who provided safety, peace, and freedom of religion to its inhabitants, Muslims would have freed them sooner than 1947.
    But when we look at the history, it becomes clear that it was Muslim soldiers who by sacrificing their lives and comfort made it possible for British rulers to rule Muslim lands in a stable environment.
    National Trust
    November 7, 2009
    Times On Line
    “History teaches another lesson. Muslims have proved brave and loyal soldiers in the British Army in its many deployments across its former Empire. They served with distinction in the Indian Army. Many were part of the poorly acknowledged Indian contingent serving in the trenches of the First World War. The police who did an effective job in containing the communist insurgency in Malaya were Muslims. The Palestine Police did an honourable job in difficult Mandate days. “

  9. June 5th, 2010 at 5:37 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    The land upon which the Central London Mosque stands, in Regents Park, was given to Muslims as a gift from the British government, approved by the Churchill war cabinet in 1940, due to Muslim support for the British in the Second World War. Who says this? The website of the Central London Mosque, as well as The Times newspaper of 1940. For details please see this link.

    According to the standards that are applied to Hazrat Mirza sahib by his critics, all Muslims in the U.K. today become British agents.

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