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January 31st, 2010

Evil spell…

Submitted by Ikram.

“Perhaps the only thing worse than being an Ahmedi in modern-day Islamic Pakistan is to be a bakra, particularly the black variety. If a report emanating from Islamabad is to be believed, they are having the devil’s own luck – no not the Ahmedis; their goose is as good as cooked – but the four-legged black goats.…” (read full article)

The opening sentence of the article above caught my eye. This one sentence speaks of many things in Pakistani society. Firstly, the author seems to reflect the collective guilt of the society towards Ahmedis and is using humor, which is a mature psychological defense mechanism to reduce his anxiety. Secondly he is using sublimation, which is another mature defense mechanism by writing a satire to undo the remorse underlying the injustices meted out to the Ahmedis. Thirdly, his article brings outs the paradoxes of a Muslim society, where reason and human conscious clashes with dogmas and bias, which is a source of anxiety for the masses.

I understand the well-intended satire of the author above, but I have to take a pause and recognize the fact that such kind of moral and intellectual degeneration that author is pointing out is a natural outcome of mullah infestation of a society, where Islamic ideology has taken a turn for the worst, almost to a level of idolatry.

For some societies the rot starts at the top and they blame the bottom, whereas in others it’s vice versa. In the land of the pure the candle is melting away to extinction by burning from both ends on the axis of morality, economics, intellect and sociology.

One Response to “Evil spell…”

  1. The above mentioned  article also caught my eye for obvious reasons (for those unfamiliar with the Pakistani culture the black bakra or goat is a popular sacrificial animal).

    The author stressed on the  problem of Muslims following rituals of religion and ignoring the spirit.  It is interesting that the Ahmadis got mentioned in the opening lines (albeit for a different reason), beause to my understanding this is one of the precise problems which the teachings of HMGA intended to reform.

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