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February 14th, 2010

Failure of Wahabbi doctrine in British India

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

February 13, 2010 New York Times article:

Wahabbi Fanatics Reported on the Afghan Frontier Today, February 13, …1872

An image is published: A sequel to the “Note of Warning”
At the end, image says: Insisting with dogged pertinacity upon the dogma of the Prophet, that it is sinful to vield obedience to infidels, the Wahabee fanatics made considerable impression even on the most docile of Indian Mohammedans.

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib’s belief was in contrast to Wahabbi ideology. He was criticized for his allegiance to British rulers, both in his life and after him, even to this day. History is witness there was no militant revolt after 1857 mutiny/ war of independence, until Pakistan and India got freedom in 1947.

This leaves me with two conclusions.
1- Muslims of British India without acknowledging became followers of appointee of Allah, i.e. Mujaddid of 14th Islamic Century.

2- Unseen Divine forces that accompany the appointees of Allah did not let Muslims take militant approach.

Wahabbi Fanatics Reported on the Afghan Frontier Today, February 13, …1872

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  1. Very interesting.  Wonder if it is possible to get the full text of the article of 1870.  Also would be intresting to compare the date on which English Gvt. and Jihad was published.  I think in that pamphlet, HMGA mentions similar propoganda by a priest.

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