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February 20th, 2010

Dr. Aafia Siddiqi

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

Recently, US educated Pakistani Neuroscientist Dr. Aafia Siddiqi was convicted by a US court in New York City. There were protests all over Pakistan. Pakistani electronic and print media gave it a huge coverage. Many legal, political and religious commentators voiced their opinions. On the Internet many Pakistanis and other Muslims wrote articles against her conviction.

Without going into the merits and demerits of Dr. Aafia Siddiqi’s conviction, I would like the Muslim Ummah particularly of Pakistan, to reflect on their last 125 years behavior. When Pakistanis disagree with some individual or group of people’s OPINION they go to every extent to get that individual and group punished. Pakistani Ummah and their predecessors Indian Muslim Ummah have been doing this by forging frivolous and false cases. After creation of Pakistan this Muslim Ummah of Pakistan considers it justified enacting laws “in service of Islam” to punish those with whom they do not agree; without any regard to justice and fairness. It is unbelievable to see how Pakistani Ummah is at pains when one of their Ummah member is convicted by a non-Muslim Judge. Between 102 and 125 years ago ancestors of today’s Pakistani Ummah tried many times to get one of their Ummah member convicted by a non-Muslim Judge. Just, because they couldn’t defeat him in arguments.

With my little education/training in Forensic Psychiatry, I’m NOT sure if Dr. Aafia Siddiqi is innocent.

Dr. Aafia Siddiqi is lucky she is convicted in a country where, unlike Pakistani Muslim Ummah country i.e. Pakistan, there is a right to appeal and judges do give decisions irrespective of their Ummah political and street pressure.

Let’s hope justice prevails.

P.S. In case some one is wondering whom I’m talking about in the era between 102 and 125 years ago: The person is Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, the Mujaddid of 14th Islamic century.

6 Responses to “Dr. Aafia Siddiqi”

  1. laanat hay tere pare qadiani ki nasal…. Mirza ghulam ahmed qadiani par laanat hu Allah ki karooron dafa.ameen

  2. I have allowed the “comment” above just for the record.

  3. Duyna TV, political analysis program ‘Dunya Today’ February 15, 2010.
    Air Marshal (retired) Asghar Khan has repeatedly said, “If Pakistan survives….”.
    God forbid if Air Marshal Asghar Khan’s prediction comes true, and Pakistan does NOT survive, then I suppose there won’t be any 1973 Pakistani Constitution, and no more 2nd constitutional amendment that declares Kalima-Shahada reciters  as Kafir (non-Muslim). (Which in turn has encouraged Pakistani Muslims to use profanities for Mamur-min-Allah HMGA). What a punishment for people of Pakistan. I guess Allah SWT is not relative of Pakistani majority.


  4. @ Fahad – In reply to your ignorant address, we will not wrangle but observe a peaceful attitude:

    25:63. Those alone are the true servants of the Most Gracious (God) who walk upon the earth in all humility, (but in a dignified manner), and when the ignorant address them, they (do not wrangle but) observe a peaceful attitude.

    @Fahad – to your vain verbosity, we do not indulge in it, but pass on with dignity:

    25:72. And those who do not give false evidence and when they pass by something vain they (do not indulge in it, but) pass on with dignity.

    [The Holy Quran – Allamah Nooruddin]

  5. I suspect Dr. Zahid Aziz has chosen (and rightly so) a mild example from among the comments that he receives.

  6. Incidentally…. an anti-ahmadi site has accused HMGA for cursing an opponent 1000 times, and used this fact to attack him.  Ofcourse, the anti-ahmadi camp itself does not think twice before cursing HMGA “karooron dafa”.  The only differance is HMGA was cursing persons who were openly abusive towards the Quran, and the anti-ahmadi ppl are cursing a person who openly professed his undying love for the Quran.

    Note by Zahid Aziz: In that “1000 curses” extract, Hazrat Mirza sahib addresses certain Christians (e.g. Imad-ud-Din) who claimed that they had sufficient expertise in Arabic to be able to prove that the Quran was not at all eloquent, and even contained linguistic errors. Hazrat Mirza sahib issued a challenge to them to compete with him in writing Arabic, and said that if they refused the invitation and still continued misleading the ordinary people by their allegations, then those curses would be upon them. He asks all Muslims to join in sending the curses.

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