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April 4th, 2010

What a debate should be about.

At present we have a nationwide election campaign in the U.K. When the rival candidates debate, although each one attacks the opposite one’s policies, yet each one presents what he or she believes is the best programme for the country. There is no candidate who does nothing but attack another.

Likewise, there can really be only one debate between us and our anti-Ahmadiyya opponents. That would be on the topic of “My (or Our) Programme for the future of Islam”. As far as we are concerned, our programme is to present the Holy Quran and the life of the Holy Prophet to the whole world in a way that refutes the widely prevailing misconceptions about Islam. Our “vision” (as they say these days) is to see non-Muslims appreciating and respecting Islam and the Holy Prophet, if they can’t yet bring themselves to accept this faith. We wish to achieve this by peaceful and polite persuasion, and not in a haughty way by claiming to be the chosen ones of God.

So let the other side put forward their programme for the future of Islam, and we can debate which is more in line with the teachings of Islam and the needs of the times.

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