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Archive for July, 2010

Al-Fazal Archives and Qadianis Escape Hatch

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

Al-Fazal Archives:

Qadianis are making their Urdu Language organ Al-Fazal available online on their official website They are going backwards. So far until January 2003 issues are made available. I really appreciate Qadianis, this effort. I request Qadianis to please make ALL the issues of AlFazal available on line. All the way to the first issue of this major newspaper. I will also request them to make available Badar and Al-Hakam issues at least until 1914, when the the Ahmadiyya Jamaat of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib split.

I look forward to Al-Fazal archives as it has ALWAYS published every Friday sermon of Qadiani Jamaat Khalifa 2,3,4, and now 5. In addition to it Al-Fazal has also published Khalifas annual speeches on occasion of annual jalsa (conference). In life of Khalifa 4 Mirza Tahir Ahmad sahib it even published Q&A sessions with Khalifa 4. Some of his Friday sermons, annual jalas speeches, and Q&A sessions have pearl of wisdom and gems. I have references to them, I just want to read the whole speeches and also want to share them with my Qadiani friends, so that they can also appreciate those gems and pearls.

1- I’m looking forward to those Friday sermons, annual jalsa speeches and Q&A sessions of Khalifa 4 Mirza Tahir Ahmad, in which he announced prophecies that EVERY YEAR number of converts to his jamaat will DOUBLE till the time whole world has accepted message of his jamaat.

2- I’m also looking forward to Khalifa 4 Friday sermons, annual jalsa speeches and Q&A sessions, in which he announced millions of conversions. The last figures announced by his holiness, as I remember and as it use to be posted on Qadianis official website was 80 Millions in India alone and 200 Millions in the world altogether. Unfortunately, later on some Qadiani did DISSERVICE to Khalifa 4 and changed it to only TENS OF MILLIONS. Now some wretched one has absolutely removed the figures announced by his holiness Khalifa 4. I don’t know if it is some sort of conspiracy to make Khalifa 4 not look good in presence of Khalifa 5. Now it is so sad to read emails and hear from my Qadiani friends when they tell only half the number of their jamaat population compared to what his holiness Khalifa 4 announced few months before he left this earthy life. I don’t know why they do this to Khalifa 4. I would like to show them the Al-Fazal quotes to prove that their world population is double than what they think.

3- I would also like to read the complete text of Friday sermons of his holiness Khalifa 2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad published in Al-Fazal. Especially those sermons which were quoted in murder trail of Fakhar-ud-Din Multani. The English Judge of Lahore High Court quoted many those sermons of his holiness Khalifa 2, in his decision.

4- There was a “personality” in Lahore who visited his holiness Khalifa 2 in Qadian. It was reported in Zamindar Newspaper, published from Lahore under the editorship of Maulana Zafar Ali Khan who also composed a poem in honor of that famous personality of Lahore visit to Qadian and especially as guest of his holiness Khalifa 2. His holiness Khalifa 2 acknowledged visit of that personality, duration of stay and purpose of visit, in a Friday sermons to his jamaat members, who were too nosey and wanted to know about the visit of a special guest especially after reading about it in Zamindar newspaper. I have the reference to that Friday sermon. I am curious to read the whole sermons and receive the blessing that come with reading the holy words uttered by his holiness Khalifa 2. I would also like to share it with my Qadiani Jamaat friends who disagree with me about the holy explanation given by Khalifa 2.

I pray all Al-Fazal archives become available online soon. Given the financial strength, geniuses of computer gurus and manpower in Qadiani Jamaat the whole process should be complete before the end of current year. InshAllah. Ameen.
Link to Al-Fazal archives:

Qadianis Escape Hatch:

I do NOT understand why Qadianis incharge of achieving online Al-Fazal issues have WRITTEN DISCLAIMER IN YELLOW HIGH LIGHTER MARK: ‘khutba juma ka yeh matan idara al-fazal apni zimadari per shahya kar ra ha hey’ (Text of Friday Sermon is published by Al-Fazal office on its own responsibility). I don’t know if the Al-Fazal office is scared of transcribing words of Khalifas. It was NOT the case before. Actually Qadiani jamaat has very proudly collected and published the general and casual conversation of HMGA published in 2nd, 3rd person persons or just a hearsay by newspapers like Al-Hakim. The disjoint newspapers quotes they have collectively published, according to Qadianis, have “STOPPED” Qadianis from praying behind a non-Qadiani imams. And Qadianis very proudly follow any such instruction. So, it is mind boggling to see Al-Fazal’s such attitude. May be there is a conspiracy. May be there is some hidden hand. May be by such techniques the hidden hand can later on, may be few years, few decades or few centuries down the road can convince that such and such statement of his holiness Khalifa 2,3,4,5…was not in actuality as it is believed by Qadianis in future. For example some one can say 20 years from today that his holiness khalifa 4 did not announce 200 million conversions, rather he announced only 2 million, or 200 thousand or 20 thousand or only 200!! You never know there are always people who want to defame the great accomplishments of those who have passed and are no longer there to speak for themselves. Just the it is so sad that today’s Qadianis fail to appreciate his holiness khalifa 2 purpose to invite a “special” guest from Lahore to Qadian. My fear is may be in future Qadianis refuse to accept the 200 million conversions announced by Khalifa 4.
Please check the unfortunate Qadianis Escape Hatch: