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August 25th, 2010

Pakistani Hajj pilgrims cursing of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

In last two decades international travel has more come with in reach of average Pakistani citizen. In last two decades Pakistan’s population has also increased. In last two decades more Pakistanis have made Hajj pilgrimage than previous decades. Now percentage wise relatively younger Pakistani pilgrims are in majority in Hajj season.

As more Pakistanis are and have been performing Hajj, and also more Pakistanis are traveling abroad, the more Pakistanis fill Pakistan Passport forms, and by their signatures in order to declare themselves Muslims, they curse Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib (as an imposter).

In last two and half decades we have witnessed Pakistani society is over all decaying. It’s getting worse, socially, economically, educationally, politically, ethically, morally, infrastructure wise, geopolitical stability wise.

In my opinion, the decaying of Pakistani society is direct consequence of increasing number of Pakistanis who by their signatures and written statements curse HMGA.

As long as the statement on Pakistani Passport form is there, in my opinion, condition of Pakistan and its society will only get worse.

17 Responses to “Pakistani Hajj pilgrims cursing of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad”

  1. August 25th, 2010 at 1:00 pm
    From Zahid Aziz:

    It is in Sahih Bukhari:

    Volume 8, Book 76, Number 509:

    Narrated Abu Huraira:

    Allah’s Apostle said, “Allah said, ‘I will declare war against him who shows hostility to a pious worshipper of Mine.

    The word translated here as “pious worshipper” is in fact wali. The Arabic reads:

    Man `ada li wali-an, fa-qad azantu-hu bil harb

  2. Evolving moral state of Pakistan since its creation and its parallels in Quran from Ahmadi point of view:

    Quran repeatedly admonished the early Muslims of their potential individual and societal decay in the manner of Bani-Israel and Ummat of Jesus who were about two thousand years and six hundred years old respectively, in the days of Muhammad PBUH.

    Now Islam itself is almost fifteen hundred years old. The moral decay of Bani Israel and Christians at the time of early Islam is now reflected in Islam itself. With this background when reading the following verses momentarily replace Scripture/Torah/Evengel with Quran and Jews with Muslims and their Mullahs. See for yourselves how the laws of moral decay and its consequences for Pakistan unfold in front you, especially from  perspective of someone who recgonizes HMGA as a Mujaddid/Revivalist:

    5:57. O you who believe! do not make those who take your religion lightly and consider it worthless, from among those who were given the Scripture before you and the other infidels, your allies. And keep your duty to Allâh if you are (true) believers.

    5:58. And when you call (the people) to Prayer, they take it lightly and consider it worthless. They do so because they are a people who do not understand.

    5:59. Say, `O People of the Scripture! do you find fault with us only because we believe in Allâh and in that which has been revealed to us, and in that which was revealed before (us)? Whereas most of you are disobedient (to God).’

    5:60. Say, `Shall I inform you of those who shall receive from Allâh a recompense worse than that of those (who try to find fault with Us)? They are those whom Allâh has deprived of His blessings and upon whom He brought His displeasure and indignation and of whom He has made (as) apes and swine and who serve the transgressor (- the devil). It is these who are indeed worse-placed and farther astray from the right path.’

    5:61. And when they come to you they say, `We believe,’ while, infact, they enter without faith and go out without it. And Allâh knows best all they conceal.

    5:62. And you will find many of them vying one with another in committing sin and transgression and being too much given to eat things forbidden. How evil is that which they practise!

    5:63. Why do not the teachers of divine knowledge and those learned in the Law prohibit them from their blasphemic talk and deeds and their being too much given to eating things forbidden? Evil indeed is their machination.

    5:64. And the Jews said, `Allâh’s hand is fettered (from assisting the helpless Muslims).’ Fettered are their own hands (from assisting the enemies of Islam), and they are deprived of blessings of Allâh for what they said. Nay, (the truth of the matter is that) both His hands are wide open (and free). He spends as He pleases. And that which has been revealed to you from your Lord will most surely increase many of them in inordinate rebellion and in disbelief. And We have kindled enmity and hatred among them till the Day of Resurrection. Every time they kindle a fire for war, Allâh puts it out, but they strive to create disorder in the land, whereas Allâh does not like the creators of disorder.

    5:65. And if the people of the Scripture had only believed and guarded against evil, We would surely have absolved them of their sins and We would surely make them enter Gardens of bliss.

    5:66. If they had only observed the Torah and the Evangel and that which has been revealed to them (now) from their Lord, they would surely have eaten (of good things) from above them and from under their feet, (thus would have enjoyed the boons of the heaven and the earth). Though there is amongst them a community who is moderate (and of balanced mind), yet a large number of them are such that evil are their deeds.

    Do the calamities of wars, dismemberment, dissention, insurgency, poverty, earthquakes, civil war, Noah’s like flood and that too in dry parched lands, materialistic and dictatorial leadership ring a bell in the land of the pure where it is virtuous to curse HMGA on state documents?

    Isn’t it the same and even worse fate of Afghanistan, where it is/was considered a religious duty to kill followers of HMGA?

    Contrast this with prosperity of India, China and Iran in the same neighborhood. Ask yourself why?

    Words of Quran come out true. I seek mercy for everyone, myself included.

  3. Are natural disasters wrath of Allah?

    I have a rabwa jammat contact on Face Book – she posted there


    it was followed by an interesting comment.

    >>Are we really to believe the floods were caused by God as punishment for the abuse of Ahmadiyya Muslims? If so God is clumsy, killing innocent children as well as the guilty.

    Also, it must mean that God REALLY loves Irish people 😉 We have n…o earthquakes, volcanoes, snakes, scorpions, poison spiders, dangerous predators… Hurricanes are rare and tend to be fairly weak, tornadoes even rarer. Haven’t gone to war since the 1920s – it’s really safe here!

    So I don’t think God uses natural disasters to punish people. Pakistan has this problem now for two reasons: first the fluke of climate that happened to cause lots of rain this year, second the relatively low level of economic development. Ireland had fairly big floods in 2009 but hardly anyone died, partly because it had the resources to help people out.>>

    i know quran says
    2:155And We shall certainly try you with something of fear and hunger and loss of property and lives and fruits. And give good news to the patient,

    i think natural disasters are trials,

    someone replied above comment by saying “For instance, Jews, Christians and Muslims all believe that God destroyed the people of Noah by a flood; obviously, innocent children must have died during that flood. In fact, any person who believes in an Omnipotent God must believe that fundamentally God has created a system of diseases, climate, etc which results in deaths and suffering of many innocent people. If we were to accept ur argument, then this would finally end in challenging belief in God, no?”

    what is our jammat’s point of view  about punishments mentioned in Quran for disbelievers?

  4. Sometimes one is disappointed by the way events turn out.  In our lifetime, we either encounter or witness or learn through indirect means of a tragedy that makes no sense.  When struck with grief it is convenient for the human mind to blame an unjust god.  The conflict between the stereotypical “kind” god and the perceived unkind acts of god, may create cognitive dissonance and disillusionment.  This cognitive dissonance is reinforced in our daily experiences when a loving god is not found in the news where everyday one witnesses misery, deprivation, disease and death.  It is interesting to note that we take daily goodness, bliss and abundance for granted and hardly give it recognition.  It is only the sensationalism of negativity around us that gets our attention.

    The intelligent but disillusioned mind is not willing to accept a seemingly non-sensical tragedy and it transfers feelings of anger and disappointment to a cruel god, whereas Quran gives a different perspective:

    4:40. Verily, Allâh does not do injustice not (even) so much as the weight of an atom; and if there be a single good deed He multiplies it and gives from Himself a great reward.

    57:22. No disaster befalls either on the earth or in your ownselves but it forms part of the divine Law before We bring it into being. Indeed, it is easy for Allâh (to make such a law).

    57:23. (Allâh has apprised you of this) that you may neither grieve over that (good) which is lost to you, nor exult because of that which He has granted you. Allâh has no love for all those who are haughty and boastful.

    35:45. If Allâh were to take people to task for (every little of) their evil doings He would not leave on the surface of this (earth) a single living creature. But He (out of His all embracing mercy) grants them respite till a stated term. And when their appointed time comes (they come to realise that) Allâh has His servants well under (His) eyes (He deals with them according to the nature of their deeds).

    We try to guess the mind of God and expect God and his system to work as we desire it; as if man designed it all i.e. man tries to create Him in his own image rather than vice versa. This is a paradox in the human thought, which Quran addresses:

    23:71. And had the Eternal Truth (true God) followed their vain and low desires, the heavens and the earth and all those who are (living) in them would have surely gone to ruin. But We have brought them that which will raise them to eminence, yet they are turning aside from their own means of (raising them to) eminence.

    Many a time, it is lack of knowledge that forces one to blame pre-ordination or pre-destiny for an affliction or a disaster. The example of black plagues in history is one such case, which were then more of a curse than an infection whose cure was unknown. In modern times, the societies which either do not have the knowledge or the means, are the ones to suffer most from natural disasters of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and the like.

    One of the laws of divine retribution to masses e.g. of Noah, Ad, Thamud, Lot etc. is that when a forest catches fire, the greens also get burnt along with the dry tinder.

    As far as Ireland is concerned just read this link, where one million died and many millions emigrated becasue of a simple infliction of patato blight. It is the same potato that most people avoid to avoid getting fat. Different times, different retributions. Let God be the Judge and the Protector.

    [The Holy Quran – Nooruddin]

  5. Sister Amna:
    I know a Pakistani American father whose newborn was hospitalized after birth for few day. Infant received the best care any hospital could provide in USA. Just to give you an idea, his hospital bill was over 0.5 million US$s. Now this new born had no part to deserve such a top medical care, other than that he was born in a country whose citizens stand for fairness, justice, and freedom of religion of their fellow citizens.
    My point is, Allah blesses and punishes nations and countries depending on acts of majority in that society and especially of those in authority.

  6. August 28th, 2010 at 4:33 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    Mankind faces destruction on a far greater scale by its own hands than through any natural disaster. Consider nuclear weapons. Man invented them, and then continued to develop more and more destructive versions, all this due to desire to fight other nations. A nuclear war, leaving aside the use of chemical and biological weapons, would cause destruction far greater and longer lasting than any earthquake or flood. The vast majority who suffer will be the innocent.

    Were not the people of Pakistan, including mostly innocent people, already suffering death daily at the hands of those pursuing a wrong ideology, before the floods? So who is causing more destruction, man or God?

    Regarding Ireland, the north of Ireland (Ulster, part of the UK) suffered from a conflict for 30 years till the late 1990s in which innocents were killed every week.

    Earlier, the republic of Ireland suffered from armed conflict terribly in order to gain independence.

  7. When one is struck by tragedy, is it not possible that he/she instead of blaming, derecognises Him. If there were God, being benevolent, not cruel, he would not have caused the tragedy?

  8. Thanks

    I have studied Maulana Muhammad Ali’s translation of Quran. he explained sunnah of Allah and wrote that Allah has never punished any nation or individual without first providing them clear knowledge about the consequences of their actions i.e raising a prophet among them, giving them ample time to change their course.

    By raising a prophet He actually intervenes to save them from the disastrous course they have chosen. If they reject then who can help them then? because the consequences r pre ordained by Him.

    I should have posted few other comments from there. The actual point of discussion was that destruction can be prevented by taking remedial steps like other countries for example Japan.

    Pakistani government has done nothing. They do not use God given faculties properly to prevent damage from natural calamities.

    I feel that example of flood of Noah’s time was in appropriate because his people demanded for a sign. Believers were given ample time to prepare against it by building ship and disbelievers made fiun of them (from memory).

    Allah gave them a demonstration because there are certain human actions which are more devastating than flood or earthquakes. eg traitors who brought down the muslim govt in Spain and India. what they sowed was reaped by many generartions. we still no have such strong political representation until today.

    I think a Human is flood or earthquake if his animal is in control andthat is more devastating than the physical one.

    it was also suggested that God sent flood as punishment for shamelessness and corruption of society – pakistansi have rejected Mirza shaib – for taking bribes etc – i do not think flood can fix it – He should have raised another reformer for that according to His sunnah.

  9. August 30th, 2010 at 8:46 pm
    From Zahid Aziz:

    In the times of the prophets, Allah gave plenty of chances to their deniers to reform to avoid punishment. The Pharaoh was given several chances with lesser forms of punishment, but he went back on his repentance each time. Allah gave so many chances to the deniers of prophets that the prophets themselves began to wonder why help from Allah was not coming.

    Allah’s mercy towards deniers was so great that his prophets, for example Jonah, even suffered embarrassment due to the warnings of punishment not coming true. Strange as it may sound, this is God’s way. The same happened occasionally in case of Hazrat Mirza sahib (hence the opponents’ objection that so-and-so didn’t die according to his prophecy).

    In the June 1905 issue of the Urdu Review of Religions, uploaded yesterday on, Hazrat Mirza sahib has published a prophecy of an earthquake. But he writes that he has published it so that people may take appropriate measures (such as moving out of multi-storey buildings) to save themselves, as well as try to reform themselves. He says categorically (p. 248) that by reform he does not mean that non-Muslims should become Muslims or people should become his followers. If a person follows a religion of error in a decent manner, no punishment is sent upon him in this world, writes Hazrat Mirza sahib. It is blatant misdeeds which incur punishment in this world.

  10. Some excerpts from the discussion

    “Japan, on the other hand, is very prone to earthquakes. But what Japan does have is money and technology, so when earthquakes happen there the architecture is often constructed with such advanced materials that there is not much damage. So I think money and preparedness is the key here. Haiti suffered because it was already poor and the architecture badly constructed.

    We still get potato blights in Ireland but they don’t matter for the same reason: we have the technology to kill much of the blight and the economy is less reliant on potato so it doesn’t matter if we lose a few.

    So if Pakistan wants to avoid such a disaster again it should grow economically, build dams and canals to control water and develop sensible disaster plans. I’ve read that democracies tend to be better at this than dictatorships because there is pressure from the electorate to prepare, so Pakistan could also try to develop and improve its democracy. A side-effect of that could be competent policing and recognition of Ahmadis.

    Apart from that discussion of course I hope the persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan ends anyway!” – Shane

    the reply 

    “3. “So if Pakistan wants to avoid such a disaster again it should grow economically, build dams and canals to control water and develop sensible disaster plans.” Yes, this would help with a specific flood disaster, but this doesn’t prove that God didn’t create this disaster as a punishment. I could easily argue that God knew Pakistan’s flood defences were very lax, therefore He used a flood to punish Pakistan. I could also argue that if Pakistan had a strong flood defence, then God could easily create some other disaster, or a nuclear strike on Pakistan from India, or any other of a multitude of mechanisms to punish Pakistan.

    Fundamentally, my view differs from yours because I believe in a God Who is Living and acts today in the same way as He acted in the time of the old prophets, and that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian was one of His prophets and God acts in his support in the same way that He acted in support of the old prophets. Obviously, from that perspective, if a nation suffers a disaster very soon after condoning an atrocity committed against the community of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, then naturally the possibility comes to mind that this may be a punishment from God. If you don’t share my beliefs regarding a God Who acts in support of His servants and if you don’t believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was one of His servants, then of course you wouldn’t countenance the idea that this disaster may be a punishment from God. But the basis of our difference isn’t that your proposal is any more rational than my proposal, its simply that we have different belief systems.” – Moosa 

    I have no idea how it can be assumed that whole nation was responsible for attacks on their mosques. Pakistani society has itseld sustained numerous such acts against them in last years.

    My reply was that it is just a trial. 

    2:155 And We shall certainly try you with something of fear and hunger and loss of property and lives and fruits. And give good news to the patient,

    the reply was

    If a person reads the verses around “And give good news to the patient”, he becomes aware that these verses refer to the “saabireen” and the “muhtadoon”, which are states of very elevated spiritual exaltation. It is strange that a person should apply these verses to the population of Pakistan, wherein corruption and shamelessness of all types is currently endemic. Moosa

    i replied

    it is quite stupid that a person should think that among 10 million + none was “sabir”. it is more stupid to suggest that ordinary ppl, who r affected, cos the corrupt wanted to save their lands – r corrupt and shamless – who r suffering this feudal system for generations.

    the verse is simple – anyone who can withstand the trials its only cos of their patience and they’ll be able to see beyond the loss. 

    and i was told 

    Nobody said that “none” was “sabir”. My statement was “It is strange that a person should apply these… verses to the population of Pakistan, wherein corruption and shamelessness of all types is currently endemic.”. I stand by my statement that corruption and shamelessness of all types is endemic in Pakistan. The common people are swallowed by this corruption also. The common people pay bribes, steal, do not pay taxes, stand by silently while young boys are murdered, sign passport applications declaring that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a liar and a disbeliever. One million british common people marched against the war in Iraq, how many pakistani common people marched against the murder of people in the Ahmadi mosques?

    so i had to ask

    I don’t think that …the ‘remedy’ for shamelessness or corruption is death penalty (drowning ppl in flood along with kids, animals and complete destruction of their livelihood). Else u can explain how can flood fix shamelessness and corruption in society and what is the exact % of them in society? or why do u think that those who take bribes or insult a saint should deserve death?

    This is the same attitude which we witnessed in the case of two boys, who were either accused of theft + murder or guilty of theft + murder, were killed in Sialkot. Even if they were guilty then they should have been given a fair chance to reconsider their habits or proper counseling because they were minors.

    In fact the verse does not apply for u or the leader of ur community who on facing loss of life could not remain patient. Patience requires that one should assess the situation, develop public awareness and take appropriate measures against the ‘guilty’ only. The cure for blind opposition\ persecution is not ‘death penalty’ and a coming of flood can’t fix it. 

    Ironically it is against the teachings of the 14th century Reformers – the remedy for beastly attitude is in hand of those who has subdued their animal and it should not be responded with the like of it – A man of God would seek God’s refuge for others and him on facing calamities but supposedly that person who is elected to carry on his legacy should term it punishment or Allah’s revenge. But if the sole merit to appoint someone a leader is due to his blood relation with someone then I can expect all nonsense and anyone who dares to challenge it will suffer “wrath of God”.

    What surprised me the most is his attitude that he assumes that God is in their side – i told him

    He (mirza shaib) was sent to raise ppl’s understanding about religion which majority has taken for rituals like jews of jesus’ time. they r already suffering from ignorance and if they reject his guidance then they will keep suffering. it is indeed strange that you suggest that they will suffer only cos they have rejected him yet he is sent for their “help” not “punishment”. What about those followers of him who have altered his teaching and became a cult? any ‘punishment’ for those? 

    I told him my understanding is

    natural disasters have nothing to do with ‘punishment’. Loss of life – loss of property – loss of health – they are trial\hardships only. death is not a punsihment and anyone who dies during any natural distaster is not ‘punsihed’ – it is only that their life term ended.

    indeed it was quite stupid to suggest that the “shameless and corrupt Pakistani population” should be “punished” by flood for its “moral reform”. it is like i suggest to my relatives, from rabwa Jammat, whose son beats his wife, daughter, parents occasionaly that cure for his alcohol addiction is – prayers or God will take revenge or God will send some “natural disaster” for his “shameless and corrupt” behaviour instead of sending him to some rehabilitation centre for alcohol addiction.

    It is absolutely wrong to assume that God punished opponents of earlier prophets by natural disasters because of their evil deeds or they rejected them. They suffered the “consequences” of their course but Allah intervened and warned them about the pre ordained “consequences” of their actions.

    Ignorant do not follow way of Allah – if they do then intsead of talking about “punishment” they should be educating ppl about taking “preventive and remedial measures” against what threats their n others ‘ physical or spiritual existence.

    I really do not understand why Allah should take ‘revenge” for the atrocities commited against ahmadiya community – revenge means to commit the same acts which He stops us from commiting. Why ahamdiya community is not proud of these sacrifices for the cause of Allah instead they want Allah to get even with their opponents?

  11. August 31st, 2010 at 2:32 pm
    From Zahid Aziz:

    It is undeniable that people’s misdeeds have resulted in the damage done by the floods to be worse that it need have been. Why isn’t Pakistan like Japan in this respect? Because of greed and corruption. Secondly, the same misdeeds, and in addition religious extremism, are resulting in outsiders being reluctant to send help.

    Read at this link the article “Corruption, cricket and a stricken country that’s its own worst enemy” in the British Daily Mail by the distinguished historian Sir Max Hastings.

    Taking the cricket scandal, the punishment of “shame” is not only falling upon the culprits but also upon the nationals of Pakistan everywhere, who are of course innocent but suffering the consequences of the bad actions of their peer group.

  12. Balkanization of Pakistan
    Author of ‘Monsoon’, Robert Kaplan has talked about Balkanization of Pakistan on CNN program GPS hosted by Fareed Zakaria. He has also written it in his article published in ‘Foreign Affairs’. He writes: If Pakistan is the Balkans of Asia, at risk of being dismembered…
    If Balkanization of Pakistan does become a reality, then it will be a very heavy price for Pakistani people to pay for their hostilities to Wali of Allah i.e. HMGA.
    Link to article
    Link to GPSD program. Please watch at 7mins and 50 seconds:


  13. Although I’m absolutely convinced that Qadiani Jamaat Khalifa 2 and his followers are reason for hatred towards them from Pakistani public, but still it is sad to read that in such dire conditions created by floods in Pakistan, Pakistani people continue to show their hatred towards Qadiani jamaat people. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reported on this:

    HRCP condemns denial of relief to Ahmedis 
    The HRCP is shocked by reports that government officials and local clerics have refused to provide shelter to around 500 flood-affected Ahmedi families from Dera Ghazi Khan, Muzaffargarh and Rajanpur districts 
    Lahore, August 20: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed serious concern over the murder of two Ahmedis in the last three days and over reports of denial of shelter to members of the Ahmedi community displaced by massive floods in South Punjab, and has called upon the government to take urgent measures to ensure there is no discrimination on the basis of belief and that assistance and protection are not denied to a community that faces specific threats.
    The Commission has noted with extreme concern reports of lack of provision of relief goods to the flood-affected Ahmedi families, expulsion of displaced Ahmedis from a government school in Dera Ghazi Khan and from rented lodgings elsewhere in South Punjab following clerics’ pressure as well as the issuance of edicts by clerics that the affected Ahmedis must not be provided help.

  14. Pakistan has been warning the powers that be of an imminent threat from India who will use water as a weapon to deprive Pakistan or flood Pakistan for quite sometime.

    it was ignored by pakistani govts.

    Indian hand in Pakistan Floods

    Indian water wars: Delhi inundates villages through Sutlej

    India used Sarobi Dam on the River Kabul to flood Pakistan

    Three weeks of monsoon rains have triggered Pakistan’s worst flooding, with an estimated 1,600 people killed and 20 million affected in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Sindh provinces. On Monday, authorities said a new wave of flooding was likely along the Indus River in Punjab and Sindh. The Daily Mail finds that the death and destruction following a natural disaster of unprecedented torrential rains has man-made imprints on it. The sudden swelling of the rivers continues even after the rains have stopped or their intensity has reduced. The surge of water is not due to the melting of glaciers alone.
    It has been brought about that the Sarobi Dam on the River Kabul close to the Pak-Afghan border, is being maintained by India. The sudden flow of water in the River Kabul could have only occurred if Afghanistan had been hit by the same level of torrential rains as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. However, meteorological data indicates that neither was there unprecedented rainfall in Afghanistan this summer, nor any glacial melting contributing to the flooding in River Kabul. That leaves only one option available, that the flood gates of Sarobi Dam were deliberately opened to cause extreme flooding in River Kabul bringing devastation in the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but none in Afghanistan. Simultaneously, carefully synchronizing the Kabul River’s flooding, the over a dozen dams built by India in Indian occupied Kashmir, release their water, flooding Chenab and Indus, causing maximum damage in Punjab and Sindh. This sinister plan is one regarding which The Daily Mail has been warning since ages, but the Indus Water Commission and concerned authorities have paid no heed. The Indian manipulation of Kabul River along with Chenab and Indus has done its damage, although as the UN warns, the worst is not over, while more floods are expected, the onslaught of epidemic and waterborne diseases is going to wreak greater havoc. For India, it is a dream come true. On the one hand, death and human misery has left the flood stricken people shell shocked, on the other, the communication infrastructure is totally devastated. The standing crops have been ruined and there is now an acute fear of famine. India bet on Pakistani leader’s callousness, corruption and selfish attitudes to act as a catalyst to catapult the devastation

  15. September 2nd, 2010 at 9:44 am
    From Mohammed Iqbal:

    Amna, do you have any evidence to think India has done what you think, she has done? speculating something without any shred of evidence is very unfair.

  16. I am not the author or researcher of above opinion. I only quoted from a site mentioned in the post. I do not think they would have just published there without any prior research.

    It is beyond doubt that India has been posing water threat and there must be some reason for changing 13th June partition map.

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