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October 16th, 2010

General Azam Khan (Marhoom and maghfoor)

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

Lt. General Azam Khan
The man who stopped the charging mob on LAM headquarters in 1953.

At the height of 1953 Anti-Ahmadiyya riots, a huge mob was advancing towards Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement world headquarters ‘Ahmadiyya Buildings’, Brandreth Road, Lahore, Pakistan. Maulana Sadr ud Din, head of LAM at the time asked his friends to leave the premises and he alone will defend the property. So, he decided to stay and stood-alone in the courtyard of LAM mosque on the premises. Maulana Sadr ud Din was standing in mosque courtyard, and mob had reached close to ‘Ahmadiyya Buildings’ that Allah sent His help in form of Major General Azam Khan, who imposed martial law in the city and sent army troops to control lawless situation in the city.

On All Things Pakistan, a blog is published on Lt. General Azam Khan.
‘A View from Bangladesh: Remembering Lt. Gen. Azam Khan’

3 Responses to “General Azam Khan (Marhoom and maghfoor)”

  1. This superb article covers the 1953 riots as well (“He was in an expansive and nostalgic mood. He recalled the 1953 anti-Ahmadiyya riots in Lahore and other areas of the Punjab.”)

    As a child in Pakistan, I remember the praise at that time of his brilliantly efficient work in completing the rehabilitation of the refugees of 1947. I believe his office in Karachi was close to the government flats where at that time Dr Allah Bakhsh (Chief Chemical Examiner) and Mr Nasir Ahmad Faruqui (Chief Secretary to the govt) lived. When we stayed there during the summer holidays in the late 1950s with Dr Allah Bakhsh anecdotes about Gen Azam used to be related (including how when he encountered false claimants to property, he used to swear at them and throw them out).

    I do recall his appointment as Governor of East Pakistan, and his removal and the discontent caused by his removal.

    The 1953 events were also fresh then and we used to hear about them, including of course how firmly Gen Azam dealt with the rioters. Maulana Aziz Bakhsh (father of Dr Allah Bakhsh) was imam of the Ahmadiyya Buildings mosque. On the basis of revelation from God, Maulana Aziz Bakhsh drew a line in the street of that neighbourhood, saying that he had been informed by Allah that the mobs would stop short of that line. That was what happened.

    Despite the martial law and curfew, Maulana Aziz Bakhsh used to go to the mosque to lead Fajr prayers, during curfew hours. A soldier stopped him and asked why he was out during curfew time (a curfew breaker could be shot on sight), and the Maulana replied: You are doing the bidding of your masters and I am doing the bidding of my Master. After that the soldiers started helping him every day to reach the short distance to the mosque.

  2. Professor Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool sahib, in his YouTube interview, has narrated some details of Qadiani Jamaat Khalifa 2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad (QK2) escape from Qadian in Burqa and in his private airplane to Lahore, that too after delivering a Friday sermon in which he announced, “I took oath on grave of Promised Messiah, that I will never abandon him and I will live and die in Qadian…”. As per prophecy of HMGA, Qadian will remain a ‘place of peace’, no one, not even a single Sikh from over whelming Sikh majority cities of Indian Punjab, attacked or looted the city of HMGA even at the height of riots at time of partition of India in 1947. QK2 did not have belief and trust in prophecy of his father HMGA.
    Compared to QK2, Maulana Sadr-ud-Din sahib asked his friends to go to their homes and he will all alone defend Ahmadiyya Buildings, at the time when mob was on Brandreth road heading towards LAM headquarters, during Anti-Ahmadiyya riots in 1953.

  3. Hardliners call for deaths of Surrey Muslims
    By Jerome Taylor, Religious Affairs Correspondent

    Thursday, 21 October 2010


    If the case goes into the court of law, it will great if LAM also become party to it and make use of opportunity to present the TRUE beliefs, claims, mission, writings of HMGA.

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