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November 24th, 2010

Benefits of gratefulness

Submitted by Usman.

This article may be of interest to the blog community. It basically talks about the benefits of being grateful; and who is more worthy of being grateful to than Allah!

One Response to “Benefits of gratefulness”

  1. While the Quran, of course, requires people to thank Allah or do shukr of Allah, it also mentions Allah as shakir or the One who does shukr or the act of thanking (2:158; 4:147). The Quran mentions man as mashkur or one who is thanked for his efforts (17:19; 76:22). When the expression literally meaning that “Allah thanks people” is used, it is taken to mean that He rewards them. There is an expression in Arabic shakarallahu sa‘ya-hu, meaning literally “Allah thanked him for his efforts”, and is understood to mean that Allah rewarded and blessed that person’s efforts.

    There is a hadith in Bukhari in which the Holy Prophet related that when a man gave water to a thirsty dog as a good deed “Allah thanked him for that deed and forgave him”. The translation “Allah thanked him” is the one given by Muhsin Khan in his English translation of Bukhari (see Volume 3, Book 43, Number 646 in his translation). The words for it in Arabic are: Shakar-allahu la-hu.

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