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November 29th, 2010

My article copied on Muslim website without author indication

Today by chance I came across the following link:

This is in fact an article I wrote, after some research, about Hazrat Aishah, wife of the Holy Prophet, which is at:

In the version on the website, the title and the author’s name are not given.

I cannot say that it is this website which has removed the title and name. It is possible that they obtained it through some source where these were already removed.

2 Responses to “My article copied on Muslim website without author indication”

  1. Pitrus Bokhari
    Yesterday was Ahmad Shah Bokhari alias Pitrus Bokhari death anniversary. Programs on Pakistan’s TV channels were presented. People from Pakistan who read Urdu literature in school remember him as author of short funny stories. He did not write much, but what he wrote became famous and made him immortal in Urdu literature. Everyone with at least10th grade education from Pakistan has read him. He was also a diplomat. His last assignment was in UN as Pakistan’s representative. He passed away in NY and is buried in Valhalla, NY.
    I want to bring into knowledge of readers of this blog, that he was son of ‘Munshi’ (law office assistant/ paralegal) of Khawaja Kamal ud Din sahib in Peshawar. Later he was at Woking, with Khawaja sahib, as student in England.
    With exception of only one person, those who spent time in company of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib or his companions like Khawaja Kamal ud din, Maulana Muhammad Ali and many others excelled compared to their peers and relatives.
    I could not find Wikipedia entry on Pitrus Bokhari, but his short stories are available on different internet websites.


  2. There is a website dedicated to him, created by his grandson.


    Interestingly, we learn: “He passed away on 5th December 1958 in New York and is buried in Valhalla Cemetery, New York.”

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