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March 13th, 2011

“Pakistanization of Indonesia”

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

Here I’m posting link to article published in Jakarta Post, posted on PTH blog:

To save the article, i am also copy pasting it here:

INDONESIA/PAKISTAN: Pakistanization of Indonesia?
An article from Jakarta Post forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission
By Moh Yasir Alimi, Canberra

Jakarta Post, March 07, 2011-The anti-Ahmadiyah decrees in Pandeglang West Java and most recently in East Java have incited fears among many hearts that the country is heading towards “Pakistanization”.
Pakistan is “a laboratory of abuse in the name of religion” and Pakistan’s path of intense religious violence began with an anti-Ahmadiyah ordinance.

In 1984, president Zia ul Haq adopted Ordinance XX to criminalize the activities of Ahmadiyah followers. Pakistan used to argue that banning Ahmadiyah or declaring Ahmadiyah as non-Muslims would eliminate violence against Ahmadiyah and would stabilize the country.

The argument, now commonly used by Islamic hardliners and certain state officials in Indonesia, is nonsense, however.
The reality in Pakistan demonstrates this. A country built upon egalitarian values, Pakistan is now a place devastated by religious vigilantes, a place suffocated by the rancid smell of blood, a place where Ahmadiyah, Islamic sects and religious minorities are persecuted, a place where bombings take place every day, weakening the power of the nation to build.
In its current state, Pakistan is a failed state. The Human Rights Watch records that after the Ordinance XX declaration of Ahmadiyah followers as non-Muslims in 1984, the persecution of Ahmadiyah has significantly increased.

Like in Pakistan, the decrees in West Java and East Java will criminalize the religious activities of Ahmadiyah and will embolden religious extremists to further persecute Ahmadiyah followers. The ordinances look like a license to kill. As ideas never die, violence continues.

The experience of Pakistan demonstrated that such a cruel regulation bolstered religious vigilantism and weakened the state’s commitment to the constitution, the fundamental values upon which the nation was built.

The result is frightening. A country built upon egalitarian values, like Pakistan, can shift into a place of religious violence. Ali Jinnah, the founding father, was an ardent democrat, and he founded Pakistan on consensual and pluralistic grounds and belief that general supremacy would prevail rather than that of Islam per se. What is left of those ideals?
Pakistan’s experience showed that following the issuance of the regulation the violence against Ahmadiyah would pattern in many forms: murder before the police, mosque attacks, expulsions of Ahmadis from many state universities, more widespread violence, exclusion of Ahmadis from votes, arson attacks on their homes, businesses and mosques, desecration of their graves and more.

Ordinance XX in fact does not only criminalize “the religious activities” of Ahmadiyah, but also “the everyday life” of Ahmadiyah followers.

Then, the effects will go beyond the Ahmadiyah followers; the vigilante will reach other Islamic groups and government officials that they think are different or not in line with their agendas.

For example, a governor with moderate voice, Salman Taseer, was killed early this year because he criticized the blasphemy law which he regarded as a “black rule” inconsistent with the national constitution of Pakistan.
We fear that Indonesia can fall in the same situation. Indonesia is a nation with diversity, which is also reflected in the diversity of its Islamic religious practices.

There are many religious practices considered as bid’ah (innovation), widely practiced by Indonesian Muslims. After Ahmadiyah, it is only a matter of time before these homeland religious practices will be persecuted.
What are the other possible consequences? As the state fails to protect its citizens, many groups in society will create their own paramilitary armies to protect themselves. We can predict the consequence of such a situation.

Therefore, not only are the ordinances in West Java and East Java a blatant violation of international human rights law, the Constitution, the dreams of our founding fathers, but they will threaten our national security and the existence of the nation.
In the long run, the decree will surely strengthen religious vigilantes and weaken the power of the state. There will be more religious and political insecurity.

The decree is also against the fundamental principles of Islam (adh-dhoruriyyatul khomsah): hifdhu ad-din (to protect the freedom of faith), hifd an-nafs (to protect life), hifdh al-aql (to protect the freedom of expression), hifd an-nasb (to protect the sustainability of human being) and hifd al-mal (to protect the rights of property).
For religious and security reason, the central government, particularly the Home Ministry, should evaluate the regional ordinances to stop the march of “Pakistanization”.

Diversity remains the most valuable property the state leaders at any level could have. The central government should ensure that state apparatuses at many levels do not violate the National Constitution, and should embody diversity consciousness. It is the vein of modern Indonesia and the reason of our existence.

Indonesia has its own cultural characteristics and should not follow the dangerous path of Pakistan. History tells that a country built upon egalitarian vision can become a hotbed of religious violence when diversity consciousness is not nurtured, and when its officials lose sight of its founding fathers’ ideals.

The United Nations Sub-Commission on the Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities has called on the Commission on Human Rights to pressure the Government of Pakistan to repeal Ordinance XX. It is ironic that Indonesia adopts such a regulation.

Like the case in Pakistan, religious clerics are also involved in the mobilization of anti-Ahmadiyah laws. To those clerics, I invite them to renew our faith in God, the Merciful (rahman) and the Compassionate (rahim). The clerics need to embody these two attributes of God, or else they will be spiritually impoverished.

The deepest moral crises take place when religious leaders do not embody rahman rahim in themselves or when they begin to see other people merely from their outer dress, not from their inner humanity. When these two characteristics are absent, the blessings of God will leave us.

The writer is a lecturer at Semarang State University (UNNES), a former coordinator of Majelis Kataman Quran Canberra Australia.

5 Responses to ““Pakistanization of Indonesia””

  1. March 13th, 2011 at 6:57 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    Here is an example of the result of “Pakistanization” in the form of a completed fabricated history. I have posted below a comment received on this blog a couple of days ago from someone calling himself “Gunehgar”. The text is reproduced below verbatim exactly as received, with the original errors and mis-spellings.


    The accused police officer Saud aziz in the Benazeer murder case is a Qadiani
    and it is has been established that Qadianies had occupied the idea of
    a seprate
    home land for muslims in south east asia, They killed 3 priministers of
    pakistan ie; Liaqat ali khan when he was announcing islamic laws in
    pakistan at Liaqat bagh in rawalpindi, zulfiqar ali bhutto for
    declearing Qadianies as non muslims, ( they also killed his both sons
    in abrod and pakistan) finally Benazeer bhutto in Rawal Pindi ,are
    already involved in terrerisom in pakistan they are financing
    pakistani taliban. mr saud is a son of Aziz ahmed Qadiani who had very
    close relations with his religious leader mirza Tahir ahmed at that
    times.Since the Qadianies were decleared non muslims, their head
    quarter started conspirency to finish pakistan by declearing it as a
    FAILED STATE in the world.If you are in dought for a person wether he is
    Qadiani or not, you may confirm his name or his father name as ZAFAR,
    name) etc;
    If you are fimilier with internet you may search the Qadianies by
    searching at Google,his name, prifession,and few little informations
    about him the and you will find them easily.
    The involment of Qadian in Pakistan is very old but their new
    generation is spreading their religon and destroying the country
    This is not an un usual, infact Qadianis were involved to creat a
    seperate home land in sub continent they planned for a consperency
    well before resoulution of pakistan after 1930. They made differences
    between Mr Jinah and other muslim leaders of India and planned to
    destroy 2nd round table conference in India.
    After failure of 2nd round table conference in india,Quaid e azam
    left the india and re move to London and re-started his legal practice
    there.The Qadianis (who were planning for a seperate Qadiani state to
    spread up of Ahmadiyya azam in muslim states) were well aware of
    Jinna’s telents and leadership so by the instructions of their
    political and sprutual leader Bashir uddin mahmood, sir zafar ullah
    qadiani qadiani flewed to London where Abdul Rahim Dard, who was the Imam of
    their masjid Al-Fazal (so called masjid) at London. Both the persons
    persistantly in brain washing Mr Jinah and ensured full support of
    Qadianis.Soon after this meeting Mr Jinah adress the Qadianis at Msjid
    Al- Fazal and accepted their proposal to return back to india for a
    great cause where chaudhri Rehmat ali Qadiani was waiting with the
    name of Pakistan.
    They also selected pakistani antem without any word of Pakistan or Allah.
    Since that day sir zafarullah and his Qadiani fellows were in
    continous touch with me jinah till announcement of Pakistan resoultion
    1940,cration of pakistan 1947 and taking the oath of a very sensetive
    and important post of foreign minister of pakistan. Sir Zafar ullah
    had also assisted mr Jinah for preaperation of Pakistan resoulution
    and he was standing behind mr Jinah on the occasion of the resoulution
    day. Sir Zafarullah was a genius, loyel (to his religion) and was
    domainating Qadiani figure at that time. So he himself selected the
    holly date 23 march; MASIH O MAUD DAY.
    day of Qadianis) for resoulation of pakistan ie; 23
    March.(none of muslim knows that this is a historical and special
    significant date for every Qadianis).According to the qadianis own website
    <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a&gt; Mar2007_eng.htm ”
    Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad started taking Baït on 23rd March. The
    first person who took Baït was Hazrat Maulvi Nurruddin, who later
    became his first caliph” More over due to special significance of this
    date, the formation of Jamat e Ahmadiyya e Hind was also announced on
    23 Maech 1889 (Reference wikipedia website
    <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a&gt; )
    Being the agent of jews,Qaianis had great relations
    with Britishers at that times, Mr Qudrat ullah shahab , a senior
    beaurucrate of India found a very secret file with an astonished NOTE
    for replacement of all muslims with non mulims from higly important
    posts of Civil and Armed bearucracy with non muslims well before
    cration of Pakistan. so he rushed to Qaid e Azam to inform him about
    this file but he was dicureged by Qaid e azam at that time. However
    since then
    Qadiani establishment made mass
    promotions of thousands of officers in civil beaurucracy (mostly
    Forein affairs, finance ministry interior ministry CBR etc, Armed, Air
    , and navel forces, and till to date they are heading finance secretry
    by Salman Bashir as secretary finance and Navel chief Noman Bsheer and
    many many more…
    of district managment police CBR,state corporations Atonomus bodies
    and authorities like police including PIA, OGDC CAA, (whose at least
    12 DGs ,Chairmans and MDs were Qadiani) and
    till todate they are on it. Qadianies were also involved in mass
    industrialzation, trades and other businesses after getting billions
    of rupees from govt swift loans. After decleartion of Qadianis as non
    muslim they taken this ordinance religiously, and planned to fail the
    PPP and IJI in last days of Bhutto
    regeim and throgh their Qadiani Army Generals and civil beaurucracates
    they suceeded to disolve the democratic govt of Bhutto and taken all afforts to
    take full revange of declearation of qadianis as non muslims.So they
    disolved the democratic govt of Bhutto and taken all afforts to
    take full revange of declearation of qadianis as non muslims.However
    after sending Bhutto for death sentance they planned to cresh the
    President Zia aeroplane because now ziaul haq was towards Sadi Arab
    (same like Liaqatali khan)
    for complete Islamization in pakistan. So they attatch
    a Qadiani women Naheed khan as personal secretery of Be Nazeer
    Bhutto,the future priminister of pakistan
    for watching the Qadiani intrests and so she was with her all times
    till her death(same as they had attatched a Qaiani personal secretry
    with Allama Iqbal).They also inducted Pervaiz Musharraf whose wife
    Saheba who was the daughter of a Qadiani Chaudhry Fida Muhammad
    belongs to Okara punjab and was setteled in Delhi at that times.
    Qaiani Generals including
    Gen Aziz brought Musharraf as Cheif Executive of this country in
    1999 after finding Nawaz Sharifs’ secret involvement with Saudi Arabia
    for Islamization in pkistan and replacment of name of priminister to
    be Ameer ul momineen in Pakistan.
    From the conclusion of past it has been established that they are not
    in favour of existance of pakistan any more.
    Musharraf, in his last periods had some reservations with Qadianies to
    take back the decission of Qadianis as non muslims so they decided to
    remove Musharraf and for this purpose they brought Chaudhry Atizaz
    Ahsan (Qadiani) to flairup judical issues in the country.The also purchased or leased 90% of our tv channels and also
    establised TV channels like
    Atv,express news and DunyaTV TVone etc and placed Mubashir Rana, Mubashir Luqman
    and Najam Sethi and many more and all are trained Qadiani.They mostly
    discusse the voilence and sopisticated religious issues on their

  2. Good grief!! The person who wrote this comment has identified himself as Gunehgar – a sinner. I seriously think the gunah (sin) of this person was that he was under the influence when he wrote it.
    What else can one say to such drivel.

  3. March 22nd, 2011 at 1:56 pm
    From Shazad Khan:

    he has explained all facts about Qadiani conspiracies. Keep it up Gunehgar..

  4. Yes Gunehgar you are right for Qadiani names, the guy ZahidAziz who has re produced and  criiticized on your articale is himself a Qadiani

  5. Pakistan, Ahmadiyah and democracy
    Sanaullah, Jakarta | Wed, 03/16/2011 12:33 PM | Opinion
    [Ambassador of Pakistan.]
    Ikram, USA | Tue, 22/03/2011 – 13:03pm

    The post above of the Pakistan Ambassador is typical of a bureaucrat with his head in the sand, toeing the official line where everything is hunky dory.

    Lets not forget the number of casualties the ambassador himself admits to is a natural consequence of Z.A. Bhutto bowing to the religious bigots and declaring constitutionally who is a non-Muslim while unable to define what it takes to be a Muslim, because no two Mullahs will agree on one definition.

    Once you let the camel’s head into the tent, he then moves in for the full warmth. So it started from thereon where hate mongers in the name of piety and religion now have a strangle hold on the “land of the pure” which translated into English is Pakistan.  Taking cue from Conan Doyle’s “Silver Blaze,” which is based on the fundamental “curious incident of the dog in the night-time” where despite its usual habit it did not bark, because the dog belonged to the killer, which in this case using the ambassador’s word “the extremists” belong none but to the Mullahs. No wonder, we never see street protests against such carnage from such religious leaders who otherwise would scramble to the microphone to declare anyone a non-believer on the slightest of a misgiving. Here scores of innocents believers are killed daily and there is an absolute moral silence from the pulpit. Yes the chickens have come home to roost.

    Indonesia, beware, this plague of extremism might be creeping on your shores in the garb of pseudo piety. Stop it before it consumes you. It will find a foothold in the name of Islam with the target “Ahmadiya” but then it will not stop there. It will target your women i.e. half of your national human potential, then it will climb up the political ladder and suppress your science and technology, then it will ooze into your neighboring countries in the name of Jihad.  All the undoing contrary to which the absolute last of the prophets, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) stood for.

    As far as Ahmadiyya issue is concerned there are two sub-schools i.e. Lahoris and Qadianis. Lahoris   believe in the finality of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and their views and literature can be accessed at and their belief

    Whereas, in the case for Qadianis the finality of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is somewhat murky and their web site can be looked at for clarification

    Let each one of you be the judge for yourselves. Do not let anyone else decide for you be it the government whose political vulnerabilities may make it choose expediency over fairness and case in point of Pakistan is in front of you. If at all, let a court of law with a Judge presiding decide who is a Muslim given the evidence of the Quran with support from Hadith.

    Peace be on you all.


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