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October 4th, 2011

Issue 22

Issue 22 [@ 18:54]: Walid Shoebat, Former member PLO Fatah Brigade – “ Now the violence started. Now you have to weigh between peaceful verses and non-peaceful verses. So the edict was that these were made null and void.”

Rebuttal 22: These are non-specific comments. Violence was imposed on Muslims (see Rebuttal 1). Every verse in Quran is peaceful and is for maintaining peace. Burden is on Walid Shoebat to point out, fully contextualize and prove even a single non-peaceful verse in Quran. No verse of Quran is null and void (see Rebuttals 5 and 9c). Instead, it is the Old and New Testaments that are made null and void by Quran (see Rebuttal 21).

Mr. Shoebat neither can you invent history nor change it. History bears witness that against all odds, Muhammad stood ground and prevailed against the relentless hate and violence by the enemies of Islam – 5:64…Every time they kindle a fire for war, Allâh puts it out, but they strive to create disorder in the land, whereas Allâh does not like the creators of disorder.


Holy Quran – Nooruddin

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