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October 11th, 2011

Wisdom of the Holy Quran and Steve Jobs

Submitted by Dil Sooz.

This past week two important things happened in my life. Steve Jobs died and I listened to his famous Stanford speech on you tube. Here is the link .

Secondly, I came across these Quranic verses- explained below. Mr. Jobs in his speech emphasized his earnest desire to do extraordinary good in technology, he believed in his “inner truth”. He endured extreme opposition – even getting fired from company he created. Then almost getting bankrupt and finally did not compromise on quality of his product -even if it meant overtaking the norm with extra effort. He also said `death is best invention” for success of man. This means every day we live is on borrowed time. (Islam tells that every prayer we offer should be considered as last—to encourage more good/success in short time span)

(Disclaimer: Holy Quran is NOT a textbook of Business Administration or Sciences. However it inspires man to seek out excellence in all areas of human development)

In Holy Quran Chapter 79 (Al Naziat) “Those Who Yearn”, first five verses give a description of the spiritual characteristics of the faithful who are destined to bring about a transformation in the world: (Interpretation by Maulana Muhammad Ali)

1. By those yearning vehemently! (There was a vehement yearning in the hearts of believers for their Maker. Be it developing technology or commerce, Mullah generally does not emphasize these aspects of Quranic inspiration as they are under-educated and cannot go against dictates of their neo colonial puppet masters template of angry foaming mouth Muslims, which in turn are needed for war industry )

2. And those going forth cheerfully! (It was this ardent desire that made them go forth in the way of Allah cheerfully in spite of the severest opposition)

3. And those running swiftly! (Early Muslims ran swiftly so that they traversed eastern and western lands in an incredibly short time; they were thus ahead of all those who ever carried the message of Truth to their fellow-man-just imagine short span of time in which Islam spread)

4. And those that are foremost going ahead!

5. And those regulating the Affair! (They regulated the affair of the spread of Truth in the world, so that the farthest east (China) and farthest west (Morocco and Spain) were lit with the light of Islam within a hundred years.)

In summary: Taking the words in a general sense, they indicate the various stages through which an affair is brought to a successful issue. The first stage is that of an ardent desire or yearning for it; the second is that of going forth cheerfully to accomplish it; the third is that of running swiftly for its accomplishment; the fourth is that of going ahead of others; and the fifth that of regulating it in the best possible way.

If I can make essence of these verses understandable to my own self in a simple way then I would say: During my high schools days I liked to participate in 1500 meters race. It required an earnest desire to get up from the chair and run for long haul. In contrast to many others who would sit on side and cheer. Then there has to be `cheerfulness” about running otherwise it becomes torture.Then keep running fast. Soon one finds majority of runners form a pack along inner most circle-as it is easiest. But the winners breakaway from them and go ahead. And finally they regulate their affair of running (energy,time, style: sprint versus long steps) and finish the race appropriately.

2 Responses to “Wisdom of the Holy Quran and Steve Jobs”

  1. Dil Sooz succinctly outlined the fundamental ingredients of success as laid down in Quran, with a practical example of Steve Jobs. May Allah bless his soul.  He made the world a better place.  He set by personal example a template of success for coming generations. The verses quoted above only prove that Allah is “God of Mankind”. His Laws apply equally to every hard and honest worker. Not only that, Allah stands behind His words. Steve Job only proved Quran right for all of us. Thank you Dil Sooz for making the connection.
    If I may add  the ingredients of spiritual ascendency:
    90:8. Have We not given him two eyes (to distinguish right from wrong);
    90:9. And a tongue and two lips (so that he can ask if he cannot see for himself),
    90:10. And We have pointed out to him the two conspicuous high ways (of right and wrong)?
    90:11. Yet he would not attempt the uphill path of steep and difficult ascent.
    90:12. And what should make you know what the uphill path of steep and difficult ascent is?
    90:13. (It is) the freeing of a captive (from the bondage of slavery, debt and other afflictions),
    90:14. Or feeding in the time of famine
    90:15. An orphan, near of kin,
    90:16. Or a downtrodden poor man.
    90:17. And what is even more, then he is of those who believe and exhort one another to be patiently persevering and exhort one another to be compassionate (towards God’s creation).
    90:18. These (who follow this hard path) are the blessed ones (– the people of the right hand). [Nooruddin]

  2. The following excerpt supplements the the principles of Surah Al-Naziat:
    3:195 … I will not let the work of any worker among you to be lost, whether male or female…[Maulana Muhammad Ali]
    Even though this verse is in context of Muslims striving for their faith, but the fact of the matter is that its moral principles are equally applicable to secular life that a Muslim has to live in order to make the world a better place for all its peoples.

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