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October 14th, 2011

Muslim website against Dr Zakir Naik alleges he holds “Qadiani” beliefs

I have come across the following website where some Muslims groups criticise and reject certain beliefs of Dr Zakir Naik:

I refer to the following section in this link:


In his speeches and writings Dr. Naik claims that advent of Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) has been mentioned in Hindu scriptures. He has made this claim thousands of time in his lectures.

People will be surprised to know that Dr. Naik’s rhetoric on this subject is a direct copy of the work titled “Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) in world scriptures” written by Abdul Haq Vidyarthi Qadiyani (1888 – 1977), a missionary of Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement.”


To prove this, they say: “we have provided a summary of comparison between Dr. Naik’s works and that of the writing in Vidyarthi Qadiyani’s book; which is identical – word-by-word.”

Here they provide a link to a document (this document will open in Microsoft Word, so here is a local pdf copy I created).

This document consists of extracts from my article on this subject, to which they have given their own title as follows:

Comparison of work of Zakir Naik Salafi and Abdul Haq Vidyarthi Qadiyani By Zahid Aziz Qadiyani

Apart from misrepresenting us as “Qadiyani”, they have omitted those parts of my article which show that the Maulana rendered a very great service to Islam by his research into Hindu scriptures.

One Response to “Muslim website against Dr Zakir Naik alleges he holds “Qadiani” beliefs”

  1. So any prophecy relating to the advent of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in previous religious scriptures becomes a “Qadiani belief” just because a “Qadiani” mentions it; regardless that such a prophecy reaffirms the truth of Islam as the final, complete guidance to mankind from Allah.  The Quran takes note of such positions i.e. rejecting what you know is good.

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