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October 28th, 2012

Issue 76

Issue 76 [@1:17:39]: Walid Shoebat – “The Hadith very clearly says, the Hadith which is Muhammad said ‘I have been ordered to fight until everyone says that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah’. So, this is how Islam spread to North Africa. This is how Islam spread all the way to Indonesia. This is how Islam spread in the Middle East. Syria was not a Muslim country. Lebanon was not Muslim. Saudi Arabia even a mixed multitude. All throughout the Middle East that’s how Islam spread by the sword. This is why you do not see any synagogues is Saudi Arabia. You do not see any churches in Saudi Arabia. Christianity virtually is non-existent, even in my village in Bethlehem. Muslims are taken over. There is only 20% left of the Christian population. In Lebanon, the Christian Lebanese are moving by the droves. Hezbollah there is very active. Lebanon used to be a Christian nation. Now, all of a sudden it is being Islamized. So, Islam is moving.

Rebuttal 76: Islam did not spread in the world the way Shoebat alleges. He could not distinguish between the global experience of hand-in-glove of Christianity-Colonization-Church versus the spread of Muslim empire under the first four Caliphs and Umayyads. In the former, the Christian rule extended by concurrent enslavement, crusades, genocides, inquisitions and forced conversions whereas in the latter case the Muslim rule extended without any of the Christian atrocities. Muslim expansion out of Arabia was the inevitability of defensive wars that were imposed upon them by the super powers of time, namely the Persian and Byzantine empires initially and later by the Crusaders out of Europe. This issue is broken down and rebutted below.

Issue 76a: Shoebat states – “The Hadith very clearly says, the Hadith which is Muhammad said ‘I have been ordered to fight until everyone says that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah’…”

Rebuttal 76a: Suddenly Shoebat has found the pan-ultimate reason as to why Islam spread in the world, but for all the wrong reasons. He paraphrases a hadith without giving its source. The hadiths closest to what he alleges are as follow:

Sahih al-Muslim (1:33) – the Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

Sahih al-Bukhari Volume 1, Book 2, Number 24: Narrated Ibn ‘Umar: Allah’s Apostle said: “I have been ordered (by Allah) to fight against the people until they testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah’s Apostle, and offer the prayers perfectly and give the obligatory charity, so if they perform a that, then they save their lives and property from me except for Islamic laws and then their reckoning (accounts) will be done by Allah.”

What Shoebat missed in his argument is the fundamental premise for any hadith. Hadiths are sayings of the Prophet in course of his daily living. When, why, how of what he said is hardly ever captured by the recollections that went into hadith books centuries later. Hence, to contextualize the moral principle in any given hadith, it has to be validated by the Quran. Therefore, to draw any Islamic doctrine from hadiths, all hadiths are to be read in light of Quran. The above referenced hadiths are no different.

One has to put this hadith in its full perspective. One of the requirements of the said hadith is that there has to be an enemy who is actively fighting the Muslim state as outlined in verse 2:193. And fight them until there is no persecution, and religion is only for Allah.But if they cease, then there should be no hostility except against the oppressors.

With this contextualization principle of hadiths in view, Prophet is on the record to have accepted the Peace Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, despite the fact that verse 2:193 was already part of the Quran revealed before then. Can we then say that the Prophet merely by the said hadith went against Quran by accepting a peace treaty with those who did not believe in – ‘there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah’? No, his hadith and by implication his thinking was exactly in congruence with Quran to fight the enemy as long as the latter is fighting. Subsequently, Quran was completed before the death of the Prophet. Ever since another verse 2:190 is also in existence and no hadith can independently over ride it. With these Quranic verses in view, the said hadith is fully contextualized to fight in self-defense only. Let’s not forget that state of persecution was imposed upon Muslims right from Prophet’s year of the Call. A state of war that the said hadith is referring to was imposed on the Prophet starting from his migration in 13th year of the Call and ended by the ninth year thereafter, almost a year before his death. It begets to read the relevant verses of Quran in toto for limitations that they place on any fighting, be it the Prophet himself or by the Muslims thereafter. Pay particular attention to the use of the words “those,” “them,” and “they” which are the explicit limiting boundary conditions for taking up arms in self-defense:

2:190. And fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you but do not be aggressive. Surely Allah does not love the aggressors.

[Footnote] This is one of the earliest revelations permitting Muslims to fight. It is remarkable that fighting in the way of Allah is here expressly limited to fighting in defence. Muslims were required to fight in the way of Allah, but they could fight only against those who waged war on them. Exactly the same limitation is placed on what was in all probability the first revelation permitting fighting: “Permission (to fight) is given to those on whom war is made because they are oppressed” (22:39). Muslims were allowed to take up the sword only as a measure of self-defence. The enemies of Islam, being unable to suppress Islam by persecution, and seeing that Islam was now safe at Madinah and gaining strength, took up the sword to annihilate it. No course was left for the Muslims but either to be swept off the face of the earth or take up the sword in defence against an enemy which was immensely stronger. [Emphasis added]

2:191. And kill them wherever you find them,

[Footnote] The words kill them refer to those with whom fighting is enjoined in the previous verse, who waged war upon the Muslims. [Emphasis added]

and drive them out from where they drove you out, and persecution is worse than slaughter.

[Footnote] The word translated as “persecution” is fitna. Ibn Umar explained the word fitna when he said: “And there were very few Muslims (in the beginning), so a man used to be persecuted on account of his religion: they either murdered him or subjected him to tortures until Islam became predominant, then there was no fitna ” (Bukhari, 65.2:30). [Emphasis added]

And do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it; so if they fight you (in it), kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.

2:192. But if they cease, then surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

[Footnote] Note the clemency of the Islamic fighting injunctions. Muslims were to sheathe their swords if the enemy desisted from fighting. [Emphasis added]

2:193. And fight them until there is no persecution, and religion is only for Allah.

[Footnote] When persecution ceases, and people are not forced to accept or renounce a religion, then there should be no more fighting. If they cease persecution, Muslims are at once to stop fighting against them, and hostilities are not to be continued against any except the aggressors. [Emphasis added]

But if they cease, then there should be no hostility except against the oppressors.

2:194. The sacred month for the sacred month, and retaliation (is allowed) in sacred things.

[Footnote] This is similar to what is said in v. 191 regarding the Sacred Mosque. The pre-Islamic Arabs observed four months in the year as sacred, in which hostilities ceased and peace was established throughout the land. If the opponents violated the sacred months by attacking the Muslims first in those months, the Muslims were permitted to fight against them in the sacred months. And generally retaliation within the limits of the original act of aggression is permitted in the case of all sacred objects

Whoever then acts aggressively against you, inflict injury on him according to the injury he has inflicted on you and keep your duty to Allah, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty.

2:195. And spend in the way of Allah and do not cast yourselves to destruction with your own hands and do good (to others). Surely Allah loves the doers of good.

If Christianity even remotely respected the boundaries set by the above verses, then we could appreciate its touted doctrine of the façade of love and peace, which the secular history bears witness that it never was and remains illusory as ever.

Issue 76b: Shoebat continues – “…So, this is how Islam spread to North Africa. This is how Islam spread all the way to Indonesia. This is how Islam spread in the Middle East. Syria was not a Muslim country. Lebanon was not Muslim. Saudi Arabia even a mixed multitude. All throughout the Middle East that’s how Islam spread by the sword. This is why you do not see any synagogues is Saudi Arabia. You do not see any churches in Saudi Arabia. Christianity virtually is non-existent, even in my village in Bethlehem. Muslims are taken over. There is only 20% left of the Christian population. In Lebanon, the Christian Lebanese are moving by the droves. Hezbollah there is very active. Lebanon used to be a Christian nation. Now, all of a sudden it is being Islamized. So, Islam is moving.”

Rebuttal 76b: The above is a totally bogus and misleading statement by Shoebat. In many issues before it has been explained with historical references that Muslim rule expanded into Middle East and Africa due to consequent victories from defensive wars inflicted by Persian and Byzantine empires on them.

Before Shoebat points finger at Islam, has Shoebat ever given it a thought as to where did Christianity itself come from into the Middle East and North Africa, while the whole Middle East was non-Christian before? As a case in point click this link and select 3rd and 4th radio buttons above the map on that page to see how Christianity spread in Middle East. Christianity spread was by a grand scale destruction of previous religions and their temples with a ‘love’ that dripped from the tip of its sword. While the Christianity displaced the previous pagans, it wrapped itself in the same pagan garb that it intended to displace (see Issue 64). In words of Shoebat – Syria was not a Christian country. Lebanon was not Christian. Rome even a mixed multitude. All throughout the Middle East that’s how Christianity spread by the sword. This is why you do not see any Mosques in Vatican.

Shoebat clearly side stepped the sub-Saharan Africa up to Cape of Good Hope in south. Why? Because, it is this very Africa which gives window into how Christianity spread not only in Africa but rest of the modern world where its pulpit provided the hogwash of salvation both for the perpetrators of crimes against humanity and the victims alike.

As far as Indonesia is concerned, the largest Muslim country, no Muslim soldier from outside ever set foot on its soil till this day. Seems Shoebat flunked history and geography in his high school. Can he even point Indonesia on the map which is thousands of miles by sea from Arabia? If there were forced conversions in Syria and Lebanon then how in the world can Shoebat justify the remaining present day 20% Christian population in the Lebanon, which is a sizeable number and they constitutionally hold the presidency of that country.

For reader’s awareness, following is reproduction of the first chapter of a book that self reflects on Christianity as a historical curse for all, within and without Europe. The whole book is a recommended read. Of note is that this book was written before the American Civil War, First and Second World Wars, Apartheid in Rhodesia-South Africa-Palestine, Hiroshima-Nagasaki, Holocaust, Vietnam, Iraq I&II, Afghanistan I&II etc., all thanks to Christianity or Christian nations for such presents to the recent world history. God knows how many more similar presents it still has in store for the world and are on the wish list of Spencers of this documentary.

A Popular History of the Treatment of the Natives by the Europeans in all Their Colonies
by William Howitt
published: 1838

Chapter 1

These are they, O Lord!
Who in thy plain and simple gospel see
All mysteries, but who find no peace enjoined,
No brotherhood, no wrath denounced on themselves
Who shed their brethern’s blood! Blind at noon-day
As owls; lynx-eyed in darkness.

CHRISTIANITY has now been in the world upwards of ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED YEARS. For more than a thousand years the European nations have arrogated to themselves the title of CHRISTIAN! some of their monarchs, those of MOST SACRED and MOST CHRISTIAN KINGS! We have long laid to our souls the flattering unction that we are a civilized and a Christian people. We talk of all other nations in all other quarters of the world, as savages, barbarians, uncivilized. We talk of the ravages of the Huns, the irruptions of the Goths; of the terrible desolations of Timour, or Zenghis Khan. We talk of Alaric and Attila, the sweeping carnage of Mahomet, or the cool cruelties of more modern Tippoos and Alies. We shudder at the war-cries of naked Indians and the ghastly feasts of Cannibals; and bless our souls that We are redeemed from all these things, and made models of beneficence, and lights of God in the earth!

It is high time that we looked a little more rigidly into our pretences. It is high time that we examined, on the evidence of facts, whether we are quite so refined, quite so civilized, quite so Christian as we have assumed to be. It is high time that we look boldly into the real state of the question, and learn actually, whether the mighty distance between our goodness and the moral depravity of other people really exists. WHETHER, IN FACT, WE ARE CHRIS-TIAN AT ALL!

Have bloodshed and cruelty then ceased in Europe? After a thousand years of acquaintance with the most merciful and the most heavenly of religions, do the national characters of the Europeans reflect the beauty and holiness of that religion? Are we distinguished by our peace, as the followers of the Prince of Peace? Are we renowned for our eagerness to seek and save, as the followers of the universal Saviour? Are our annals redolent of the delightful love and fellowship which one would naturally think must, after a thousand years, distinguish those who pride themselves on being the peculiar and adopted children of Him who said, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another?” These are very natural, but nevertheless, very awkward questions. If ever there was a quarter of the globe distinguished by its quarrels, its jealousies, its everlasting wars and bloodshed, it is Europe. Since these soi-disant Christian nations have risen into any degree of strength, what single evidence of Christianity have they, as nations, exhibited? Eternal warfare! — is that Christianity? Yet that is the history of Christian Europe. The most subtle or absurd pretences to seize upon each other’s possessions,—the contempt of all faith in treaties,—the basest policy, — the most scandalous profligacy of public morals,—the most abominable international laws!—are they Christianity? And yet they are the history of Europe. Nations of men selling themselves to do murder, that ruthless kings might ravish each other’s crowns—nations of men, standing with jealous eyes on the perpetual watch against each other, with arms in their hands, oaths in their mouths, and curses in their hearts ;—are those Christian ? Yet there is not a man acquainted with the history of Europe that will even attempt to deny that that is the history of Europe. For what are all our international boundaries; our lines of demarcation; our frontier fortresses and sentinels; our martello towers, and guard-ships; our walled and gated cities; our bastions and batteries; and our jealous. passports? These are all barefaced and glaring testimonies that our pretence of Christianity is a mere assumption; that after upwards of a thousand years of the boasted possession of Christianity, Europe has not yet learned to govern itself by its plainest precepts; and that her children have no claim to, or reliance in that spirit of “love which casteth out all fear.” It is very well to vaunt the title of Christian one to another —every nation knows in its own soul, it is a hollow pretence. While it boasts of the Christian name, it dare not for a moment throw itself upon a Christian faith in its neighbour. No! centuries of the most unremitted hatred,—blood poured over every plain of Europe, and sprinkled on its very mountain tops, cry out too dreadfully, that it is a dismal cheat. Wars, the most savage and unprovoked; oppressions, the most desperate; tyrannies, the most ruthless; massacres, the most horrible; death-fires, and tortures the most exquisite, perpetuated one on another for the faith, and in the very name of God; dungeons and inquisitions; the blood of the Vaudois, and the flaming homes of the Covenanters are all in their memories, and give the lie to their professions No! Poland rent in sunder; the iron heel of Austria on the prostrate neck of Italy; and invasions and aggressions without end, make Christian nations laugh with a hollow mockery in their hearts, in the very midst of their solemn professions of the Christian virtue and faith.

But I may be told that this character applies rather to past Europe than to the present. What! are all these things at an end? For what then are all these standing armies? What all these marching armies? What these men-of-war on the ocean? What these atrocities going on from year to year in Spain? Has any age or nation seen such battles waged as we have witnessed in our time? How many WATERLOOS can the annals of the earth reckon? What Timour, or Zenghis Khan, can be compared to the Napoleon of modern Europe? the greatest scourge of nations that ever arose on this planet; the most tremendous meteor that ever burnt along its surface ! Have the multitude of those who deem themselves the philosophical and refitted, as well as the Christian of Europe, ceased to admire this modern Moloch, and to forget in his individual and retributory sufferings at St. Helena, the countless agonies and the measureless ruin that he inflicted on innocent and even distant nations While we retain a blind admiration of martial genius, wilfully shutting our senses and our minds to the crimes and the pangs that constitute its shadow, it is laughable to say that we have progressed beyond our fathers in Christian knowledge. At this moment all Europe stands armed to the teeth. The peace of every individual nation is preserved, not by the moral probity and the mutual faith which are the natural growth of Christian knowledge, but by the jealous watch of armed bands, and the coarse and undisguised force of brute strength. To this moment not the slightest advance is made towards a regular system of settling national disputes by the head in-stead of the hand. To this moment the stupid practice of settling individual disputes between those who pride themselves on their superior education and knowledge, by putting bullets instead of sound reasons into each other’s heads, is as common as ever. If we really are a civilized people, why do we not abandon barbarian practices? If we really are philosophical, why do we not shew it? It is a poor compliment to our learning, our moral and political philosophy, and above all, to our religion, that at this time of day if a dispute arise between us as nations or as men, we fall to blows, instead of to rational inquiry and adjustment. Is Christianity then so abstruse? No! “He that runneth may read, and the way-faring man, though a fool, cannot err therein.” Then why, in the name of common sense, have we not learned it, seeing that it so closely concerns our peace, our security, and our happiness? Surely a thousand years is time enough to teach that which is so plain, and of such immense importance! We call ourselves civilized, yet we are daily perpetrating the grossest outrages we boast of our knowledge, yet we do not know how to live one with another half so peaceably as wolves; we term ourselves Christians, yet the plainest injunction of Christ, “to love our neighbour as ourselves,” we have yet, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight years after his death, to adopt! But most monstrous of all has been the moral blindness or the savage recklessness of ourselves as Englishmen.

Secure from actual warfare, we have loved
To swell the war-whoop, passionate for war!
Alas! for ages ignorant of all
Its ghastlier workings (famine or blue plague,
Battle, or siege, or flight through wintry snows,)
We, this whole people, have been clamorous
For war and bloodshed; animating sports.
The which we pay for as a thing to talk of,
Spectators and not combatants!
Abroad Stuffed out with big preamble, holy names.
And adjurations of the God in heaven,
We send our mandates for the certain death
Of thousands and ten thousands ! Boys and girls,
And women, that would groan to see a child
Pull of an insect’s leg, all read of war,
The best amusement for our morning’s meal!
The poor wretch who has learnt his only prayers
From curses, who knows scarce words enough
To ask a blessing from his heavenly Father,
Becomes a fluent phraseman, absolute,
Technical in victories, and deceit,
And all our dainty terms for fratricide;
Terms which we trundle smoothly o’er our tongues
Like mere abstractions, empty sounds, to which
We join no feeling, and attach no form!
As if the soldier died without a wound
As if the fibres of this god-like frame
Were gored without a pang; as if the wretch
Who fell in battle, doing bloody deeds,
Passed off to heaven, translated and not killed;
As though he had no wife to pine for him,
No God to judge him! Therefore evil days
Are coming on us, O my countrymen!
And what, if all-avenging Providence,
Strong and retributive, should make us know
The meaning of our words, force us to feel
The desolation and the agony of our fierce doings?

This is the aspect of the Christian world in its most polished and enlightened quarter: —there surely is some need of serious inquiry; there must surely be some monstrous practical delusion here, that wants honestly encountering, and boldly dispersing.

But if such is the internal condition of Christian Europe, what is the phasis that it presents to the rest of the world? With the exception of our own tribes, now numerously scattered over almost every region of the earth, all are in our estimation barbarians. We pride ourselves on our superior knowledge, our superior refinement, our higher virtues, our nobler character. We talk of the heathen, the savage, and the cruel, and the wily tribes, that fill the rest of the earth; but how is it that these tribes know us? Chiefly by the very features that we attribute exclusively to them. They know us chiefly by our crimes and our cruelty. It is we who are, and must appear to them the savages. What, indeed, are civilization and Christianity? The refinement and ennoblement of our nature, the habitual feeling and the habitual practice of an enlightened justice, of delicacy and decorum, of generosity and affection to our fellow men. There is not one of these qualities that we have not violated forever, and on almost all occasions, towards every single tribe with which we have come in contact. We have professed, indeed, to teach Christianity to them; but we had it not to teach, and we have carried them instead, all the curses and the horrors of a demon race. If the reign of Satan, in fact, were come,—if he were let loose with all his legions, to plague the earth for a thousand years, what would be the characteristics of his prevalence? Terrors and crimes; one wide pestilence of vice and obscenity; one fearful torrent of cruelty and wrath, deceit and oppression, vengeance and malignity; the passions of the strong would be inflamed—the weak would cry and implore in vain!

And is not that the very reign of spurious Christianity which has lasted now for these thousand years, and that during the last three hundred, has spread with discovery round the whole earth, and made the name of Christian synonymous with fiend? It is shocking that the divine and beneficent religion of Christ should thus have been libelled by base pretenders, and made to stink in the nostrils of all people to whom it ought, and would, have come as the opening of heaven; but it is a fact no less awful than true, that the European nations, while professing Christianity, have made it odious to the heathen. They have branded it by their actions as something breathed up, full of curses and cruelties, from the infernal regions. On them lies the guilt, the stupendous guilt of having checked the gospel in its career, and brought it to a full stop in its triumphant progress through the nations. They have done this, and then wondered at their deed! They have visited every coast in the shape of rapacious and unprincipled monsters, and then cursed the inhabitants as besotted with superstition, because they did not look on them as angels! People have wondered at the slow progress, and in many countries, the almost hopeless labours of the missionaries;—why should they wonder? The missionaries had Christianity to teach—and their countrymen had been there before them, and called themselves Christians! That was enough: what recommendations could a religion have, to men who had seen its professors for generations in the sole characters of thieves, murderers, and oppressors? The missionaries told them that in Christianity lay their salvation;—they shook their heads, they had already found it their destruction! They told them they were come to comfort and enlighten them;—they had already been comforted by the seizure of their lands, the violation of their ancient rights, the kidnapping of their persons; and they had been enlightened by the midnight flames of their own dwellings! Is there any mystery in the difficulties of the missionaries? Is there any in the apathy of simple nations towards Christianity?

The barbarities and desperate outrages of the so-called Christian race, throughout every region of the world, and upon every people that they have been able to subdue, are not to be paralleled by those of any other race, however fierce, however untaught, and however reckless of mercy and of shame, in any age of the earth. Is it fit that this horrible blending of the names of Christianity and outrage should continue? Yet it does continue, and must continue, till the genuine spirit of Christianity in this kingdom shall arouse itself, and determine that these villanies shall cease, or they who perpetrate them shall be stripped of the honoured name of—Christian! If foul deeds are to be done, let them be done in their own foul name; and let robbery of lands, seizure of cattle, violence committed on the liberties or the lives of men, be branded as the deeds of devils and not of Christians. The spirit of Christianity, in the shape of missions, and in the teaching and beneficent acts of the missionaries, is now sensibly, in many countries, undoing the evil which wolves in the sheep’s clothing of the Christian name had before done And of late another glorious symptom of the growth of this divine spirit has shown itself, in the strong feeling exhibited in this country towards the natives of our colonies. To fan that genuine flame of love, is the object of this work. To comprehend the full extent of atrocities done in the Christian name, we must look the whole wide evil sternly in the face. We must not suffer our-selves to aim merely at the redress of this or that grievance; but, gathering all the scattered rays of aboriginal oppression into one burning focus, and thus enabling ourselves to feel its entire force, we shall be less than Englishmen and Christians if we do not stamp the whole system of colonial usage towards the natives, with that general and indignant odium which must demolish it at once and for ever.

What William Howitt is contending in his book above can be visualized in the documentary “Andrew Marr’s History of the World – Age of Plunder” which summarizes the history in Europe, Central and South America. Columbus set the theme for Christianity in the “New World” which was ‘religion, conquest and slavery’ after he landed in Bahamas on October 12, 1492. Over the next four decades the Spain’s Conquistadors completed that vision in Central America of a ‘new world out there to take and take it they did by asset stripping the Aztecs and everybody else they found’. While ripping the Americas, the Catholic Church under Pope Leo X was ripping Europe itself which was gripped by constant fear of violence, famine and disease and the only hope of better life was in the afterlife and the keys to heaven were only in the hands of the Church. That was when the Church was selling Salvation as certified ‘passports to heaven’ to poor masses in exchange for hard cash that went into erection of Saint Petersburg Basilica, the Jewel in the Crown of Christianity that we find in the postcards of Vatican. The largest Church in the world made with the dupe, loot and plunder of ordinary masses which is imbibed into its bricks, mortar, tiles and murals, under the roof of which atonement is dispensed daily to seekers from all over the world till this day. This led to rise of Protestants by Martin Luther on October 31st, 1517 and subsequently in 1524 was started a 125 years of civil war in Europe between Protestants and the Catholics resulting in 11 million deaths and mass displacements not seen since the collapse of Roman Empire to the horrors of 20th century. Catholic Spain funded her religious wars in Europe with gold from Americas. By 1532 Spain entered the land of Incas, the modern day equivalent of Peru and Chile on West Coast of South America. They inflicted mayhem on the unarmed courtiers by killing over 4000 and held their emperor hostage, ransomed him for 13 thousand pounds of gold and 26 thousand pounds of silver. Subsequently they killed the emperor by strangulating him. All this was done under the watchful eyes of the Bible wielding Catholic priest Friar Valverde. Subsequently the Incas were not only decimated but almost wiped off the face of the earth.

This small snap shot of time and geography proves the contention that Christianity as a religion was a curse not only for Europe but where ever this paganism spread its tentacles in the world with its mantra and motto ‘religion, conquest and slavery’. No amount of lip service and sermons on the mount of ‘love’ and ‘salvation’ can clean it of the stains of such ‘holiness’. Thank you Spencers to draw the attention of the world to such Christianity that you belong to.


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