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April 21st, 2013

Extinction of Jihad

Submitted by Abid Aziz.

"A proposal for utter extinction of jihad"

The above words are the title of an article published in ‘The Review of Religions', January 1903. It can be read on this link.

More than a century ago a man of great insight, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, told the world about the mischief which the wrong concept of jihad can create in the world. His words are proven true even till this day.  In this article he not only discussed the causes but also provided a solution.

The ignorant Mullahs did not listen to him and called him kafir and agent of the west.

The recent events of Boston have again highlighted the importance of removing the misconception about jihad.  In USA Muslims have same kind of religious freedom which they had in India under British rule. Mosques are being built and are full of people for Friday prayers. No one stops them or even objects to it. The city administration allows people to park their cars in front of mosque where normally parking is not allowed.  They also provide police to manage traffic during Friday prayers. By doing this they not just give religious freedom to Muslims but also facilitate Friday prayers.

When will Muslims realize that their actions are not just against the beautiful teachings of Islam but are also harmful for the image of Islam and Muslims themselves.

17 Responses to “Extinction of Jihad”

  1. This rejoinder was in reply to an article written on the atlasshruggs website regarding the rape of a 13 year girl by a group of Muslim men from Somalia.


    As a Muslim man I am in agreement with the sentence they received as were guilty of illicit sexual intercourse which is not permitted in our religion,Islam. As all of us commit some crime in our life we should be cognizant we all face the wrath of Allah when we die unless he has mercy on our souls. I am sure you agree illicit sexual intercourse is not permitted in your religion as well. When you face your Creator you may be faced with the same sentence they have received in this life. As rape is not permitted in Islam there is no role for their clemency unless they are repentant as the crime is great and leniency should only be shown to the repentant.


    ReplyFriday, April 26, 2013 at 08:44 PM

  2. I am in agreement Jihad is extinct in the present circumstances of the world but we need to be diplomatic about the matter. If Islam in general considers Jihad in a defensive manner to be acceptable we have to bow to their position as they have the book of Allah and the teachings of Prophet Mohammad,to verify their opinion. As it is incumbent for to obey the will of Allah in this matter, we should not,contradict them by saying what I stated above.  

  3. You may wish to check this link with my comment. It is not related to the article above but it may be of interest to you.


  4. The following is my Facebook account


    You may like to review a letter to the editor I wrote in our local paper, the Jackson Sun about the Boston massacre and the article in response to the letter.


  5. May 4th, 2013 at 10:29 am
    From Rashid Jahangiri:

    Dear Omar,

    It takes courage to say wrong is wrong, especially when perpetrators are Muslims, and victims are non-Muslim. I commend you on your courage and efforts to say the truth. MashAllah.

  6. I appreciate it when scholars like yourself indicate I am doing the right thing for our religion.


  7. May 5th, 2013 at 4:53 am
    From Rashid Jahangiri:

    Dear Omar,

    If you get chance read a book 'Punishment of Apostasy in Islam' by late Chief Justice of Pakistan S. A. Rahman. This book could not get published in Pakistan. It was published in India. The copy i owned was also published in India. In biblography Ahmadiyya literature is mentioned. BTW the first comprehensive book on this subject was written by Maulvi Sher Ali sahib (father in-law of Abdul Manan Omar sahib).


  8. Thank you, Rashid, I will look into it.


  9. This is a recent email I sent to a friend in Memphis regarding my views.


     Assalaam alaikum. You may wish to visit the website below. My acclaim is known to all who know me yet they still fight me vehemently since I consider Maulana Mohammad Ali to be my mentor and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be my saint,

    Sent from my iPad

    Begin forwarded message:

    Omar said…
    I agree sex trade is bad. While there is a precedence in Islam for sexual intercourse with slave girls it was also their avenue for freedom. In the west they were kept as sex objects without the recourse to freedom. In Islam after they were set free they were allowed to marry their former owner while here in this country they were in forced labor for the rest of their lives with their owners having sexual pleasure with them as they pleased. Since Islam was humane to them they should not be criticized for slavery as it should be in the west where their rights were usurped and they were forced in the sex trade for all their lives.

  10. May 8th, 2013 at 4:26 am
    From Rashid Jahangiri:

    In movie Lincoln, Congressman Thaddeus Stevens and his black housekeeper Lydia Smith relationship.

    Omar writes, “In Islam after they were set free they were allowed to marry their former owner while here in this country [USA] they were in forced labor for the rest of their lives with their owners having sexual pleasure with them as they pleased.”

    Couple of days ago I watched Steven Spielberg’s 2012 blockbuster Hollywood move Lincoln. Movie is about President Lincoln’s effort to get 13th amendment in US Constitution, regarding emancipation of slaves, passed.

    Near the end of the movie after US Congress passes amendment, Republican Congressman Thaddeus Stevens, a fervent abolitionist, takes original copy of amendment home for night. At home his black housekeeper Lydia Smith helps him take his coat off. Then he hands her historic document. In next scene he gets into bed with her. There is no hint of marriage between the two. History does not support any formal marriage between the two either. Followers of Christian faith could not replicate moral bond even thirteen hundred years after the advent of Islam.

    Note to br. Omar: I tried to post above comment on 'Atlas Shrugs' but somehow i did not succeed. May be you can post it. Thanks.

  11. You may wish to go to this website to see Pamela Gellar backtracking on her previous sentiment that Muslims are savages. Her followers may not consider her a Messiah soon. My comment is also listed on her page on how she depicts us in our law, as we are followers of the Sharia she is so critical of in her interview on Israeli television.



  12. Rashid,

    i did post your comment on her web page.


  13. May 10th, 2013 at 2:35 pm
    From Omar Ahmad:

    This is a communication going to the newspaper this week on May 12, 2013, it is regarding the Boston bombings. Is there any comment to be made. If so, I would appreciate it.


    I have done some minor editing to conform your letter to our Associated Press newspaper style. It is below:
    Boston bombers did not act in accord with Muslim teachings
    I appreciate the recent column from William Myatt about Muslims struggling to overcome intolerance. We are under the gun in this country because of miscreants such as the two alleged bombers in Boston a few weeks ago. We comprehend the nature of the crime they committed, as they were without the mandate that Islam requires for a war to be waged, as it is clear in the Quran as indicated in Surah Baqarah, and the teachings of our prophet Mohammad, that Jihad is defensive in nature, and is only permitted when the religion or community is at threat.
     While some lay people in Muslim lands think self serving Jihad is a glorious battle that results in paradise for the martyr, there is no precedent for that thought from our earliest scriptures, as the martyr who wages a war unjustly will have a destination of hellfire. It is clear in our teachings that when a Muslim general committed an act of sacrilege against a community of people who were inclined toward the message of Islam, the Prophet Mohammad asked repentance for his act. 
    There is no role in our faith for the evil of such an act against women and children, as it is clear in our edicts we are not allowed to hurt them in war or otherwise. In case of battle, there might be some casualties to the innocent, and that has been justified in some teachings. However, when these people are targets of a crime, there is no justification of an act of war these two individuals undertook on their own accords. In our religion, they are regarded as criminals, and the law of our faith would be a speedy execution after the facts are clarified in court.
    I appreciate Myatt’s article of support last week. However, it was not a maneuver on our part to condemn the act of these two men, but a conviction of our faith that I have elucidated here.
    Omar Ahmad M.D.

  14. Omar, this looks good. Jazak Allah for your persistence.


  15. May 19th, 2013 at 3:28 pm
    From Omar Ahmad:

    Thank you Tariq for your kind remarks and support.


  16. From: Omar Ahmad
    Date: May 19, 2013, 6:36:52 PM CDT
    To: <>
    Cc: suzanen kerr <>
    Subject: Ideology of terror groups.

    This is a letter to the editor regarding Islamic law of the suicide bombers. Below that is my analysis and reply.

    The ideology of terror networks is to cause a series of attacks on a nation in order to disrupt its essential services. There in the Al Qaida ideology there is a comprehension that it is appropriate to cause a series of attacks in order to disrupt essential services by planting a device which explode below a bridge or some other methodology in an attempt to cause a malfunction in the workings in a nation in order to simulate a war like state where Muslim States are pitted against the West. We at the Islamic Center of Jackson understand a condition could develop where the daily functioning of Muslim physicians like myself would be unable to continue to practice and would have to move out of the land in a state is disarray. We also comprehend where there could be a situation where we could be relegated to second class citizens. There are groups like AFDI and others which are actively campaigning to have US citizens leave the country in order to maintain a state of equanimity with the public if and when the next terror attack takes place since it is their agenda to have Muslims like ourselves move to internment camps like the Japanese citizens were moved to in World War II. As it is easy to comprehend such a state for us we will need to be actively involved at the grass roots level as well in order to maintain a state of equanimity with the public as well. While some of these efforts are ongoing much work has to be done in order to educate the American public about the nature of our religious beliefs when we condemn such attacks such as 9-11 or the Boston bombings. In Islam we are critical of such conduct by Muslim men who come here in the guise of friends of the public while bearing an enmity to the public at large. Since there is no role for terror in our religious beliefs we should consider all such activities to be out of the realm of Islam. As there is a limit in the space allowed to me in this letter I will attempt to explain the nature of the conduct of terror groups in a future letter.
    Omar Ahmad M.D.
    Jackson Islamic Center.

  17. I wish to educate the American public the nature these groups however I was blocked from publishing it as the deputy editor could not understand the word simulate in the context it was used. I would be interested in any comments.


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