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June 19th, 2013

Banning of our websites in Pakistan

Please read here a Press Release issued by the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Lahore in this connection.

See a screenshot from 19 June 2013 showing blocked in Pakistan.

15 Responses to “Banning of our websites in Pakistan”

  1. June 19th, 2013 at 10:23 am
    From Mohammed Iqbal:

    Sick nation!

  2. June 19th, 2013 at 10:21 pm
    From Rashid Jahangiri:

    Comment on Press Release by the General Secretary, AAIIL.

    There are fundamental differences between Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement (LAM) formally known as Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishat Islam Lahore (AAIIL) and Qadiani Jamaat formally known as Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam (AMI) such as:

    LAM beliefs:

    1-NO new prophet can come after Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS.

    2-Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (HMGA) was a Mujjaddid of 14th Islamic Century.

    3-Belief in HMGA is NOT a requirement for a Muslim.

    4-Denier of HMGA is NOT Kafir (non-Muslim) and NOT out of circle of Islam.

    5-Wahi (revelation) of HMGA was Wahi-e-Wilyat (revelation of saint).

    6-Wahi of HMGA was NOT Wahi-e-Nabuwat (revelation of prophet).

    7-LAM members pray behind a Muslim even if that has not done ba’it (oath of alligence) of HMGA, as long as Imam does NOT consider HMGA a Kafir (nauzubilah).

    8-LAM members pray Janaza (funeral prayer) of a Muslim even if deceased has not done ba’it of HMGA as long as deceased did not consider HMGA as Kafir (nauzubilah).

    9-LAM members marry their daughters and sons to Muslims who have not done ba’it of HMGA as long as s/he does not consider HMGA as Kafir (nauzubilah).

    Whereas Qadiani Jamaat beliefs are:

    1-NEW prophet can come after Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS, and THOUSANDS of NEW prophets will come after him.

    2-Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (HMGA) was PROPHET like Moses, Jesus, etc.

    3-Belief in HMGA  IS A MUST requirement for a Muslim.

    4-Denier of HMGA  IS A Kafir (non-Muslim) AND OUT OF CIRCLE OF ISLAM.

    5-Wahi (revelation) of HMGA WAS NOT  Wahi-e-Wilyat (revelation of saint).

    6-Wahi of HMGA WAS A Wahi-e-Nabuwat (revelation of prophet).

    7-Qadianis do NOT pray behind a Muslim even if that Imam does NOT consider HMGA a Kafir (nauzubilah). Qadianis do NOT pray even behind a LAM imam.

    8-Qadianis do NOT pray Janaza (funeral prayer) of a Muslim even if deceased has not done ba’it of Qadiani KHALIFA. For this reason Qadianis do NOT offer Janaza of even LAM member.

    9-Qadianis do NOT marry their daughters and sons to Muslims who have not done ba’it of Qadiani Khalifa. (HERE THERE IS EXCEPTION: If Qadiani family is rich, gives big amount of Chanda (financial contributions), or is friends with Qadiani Khalifa, then EXEMPTION is granted to marry even their daughters to non-Qadianis).

    Despite the FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCES IN BELIEFS between LAM members and Qadianis, general Muslims, and in particular Pakistani Muslims are unable to differentiate between the two groups. Reasons:

    1-Word ‘Ahmadiyya’ is used in names of both groups.

    2-Qadianis are successful in doing FALSE PROPAGANDA among general Muslims that “there is no difference between beliefs of LAM members and Qadianis, and the difference started ONLY on selecting the leader ship i.e. Khalifa in 1914 and that LAM started only due to POLITICAL reason”

    3-Qadianis has created misunderstanding in minds of general Muslims that “LAM is only a SUB-SECT of Qadiani group”.

    As a result of MISUNDERSTANDING in minds of general Muslims in Pakistan, LAM repeatedly got penalized and became an INNOCENT BY STANDING VICTIM:


    1-1953 Anti-Ahmadiyya riots started by Qadianis and agitators/ protestors were marching towards LAM headquarter building in Lahore to burn it.

    2-1974 Anti-Ahmadiyya riots started by Qadianis by creating mayhem on Rabwah Railway Station, that resulted in LAM declared as non-Muslim minority in form of 2nd constitutional amendment to 1973 constitution in Pakistan.

    3-In 1984 Zia ul Haq issued an Order XX that became part of Pakistan Penal code, because Qadianis were using terms (reserved for Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS and his family by Muslims) for family members of their Qadiani Khalifa 2 to 3, and still use it for Khalifa 4 and 5. This was act of BLASPHEMY by Qadianis. Unfortunately, Order XX also banned LAM from giving Azan (call for prayer) and calling our mosques as Masjid.

    Given these realities, LAM members, especially those people who hold offices, e.g. General Secretary of AAIIL, should make special efforts to distinguish between LAM and Qadianis when issuing any Press Release.

    If LAM people do not make an effort to distinguish ourselves from Qadianis then we should stop complaining when we get penalized by Muslims in Pakistan, along with their intention of controlling the FITNA (meaning ‘causing problem between people’) OF QADIANIS AND THEIR QADIANISM.

    I hope our General Secretary sahib and other office holders will make efforts to clarify positions of two groups in future public statements.


    Rashid Jahangiri

  3. June 20th, 2013 at 7:07 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    I would like to point out that the learned General Secretary of AAIIL (who has the same surname as me, but is not a relative of mine) has recently written one of the best books ever on the differences between AAIIL and the Qadiani Jamaat. Please see the pdf file at this link.

  4. June 20th, 2013 at 7:43 pm
    From Rashid Jahangiri:

    @ Zahid bhai,

    I 100% agree with your comment. Our General Secretary sahib is a scholar, and wrote a wonderful book. My comment was based on my observations over the years. In late 1990s, early 2000s my late father approached the city administartors i.e. Commissioner's office for reservation of land for grave yard of LAM members in Rawalpindi. The office thought we are "Qadiani" and as they have a piece of land so why should we be given. My father explained the differences between the two groups, (as late Khawaja Naseer-ullah sahib, an elder of our jamaat from Rawalpindi said, Qazi sahib preached the officer), and Rawalpindi branch succeeded in getting land for garve yard. My father did the same thing in Islamabad and got land from the Capital Development Authority for LAM members grave yard in Islamabad.

    Here in USA we have family friends from different families, they first thought we are like Qadianis, but as we distinguished ourselves from Qadianis, they became our more closer friends and attended the gathering and offered prayers behind our Jamaat Ameer Dr. Pasha sahib when he visited in October 2012, at home and they also attend our Jamaat functions in San Francisco bay area.

    Same is my experience with my friends from Pakistan Air Force in Pakistan.

    Just the way sensible muslims always make efforts on every forum to distinguish themselves from terrorists among Muslims when talking to non-Muslims, we should do the same to distinguish LAM members from Qadianis, when talking to Muslims. Qadianis have brought nothing but BAD NAME TO MISSION OF HMGA.

  5. June 21st, 2013 at 6:36 am
    From Muhammad Ali:

    I second brother Rashid Jahangiri point of view that we should do our best conscious effort to introduce ourselves as LAM and distinguish explicitly ourselves from Qadiani Jamaat. My expereince is same that majority of the people do not know about LAM. So we should stress term LAM everywhere instead of only Ahmadi.

  6. June 22nd, 2013 at 5:55 am
    From Muhammad Ali:

    Today there is a BBC report in Urdu lanagauge which unveils the extent to which Pakistan is already filtering or preparing to filter the internet traffic.

    Only the statring portion of this whole program is relevant.

  7. June 23rd, 2013 at 4:26 am
    From Rashid Jahangiri:

    @Muhammad Ali,

    Brother, link to BBC program does not work. If you give date of program, it may help. Thanks.

  8. June 23rd, 2013 at 2:26 pm
    From Muhammad Ali:

    @Rashid Jahangiri

    Brother, it was the program "Jahan Numa" from 22 June, 2013. I am not able to found it in archive. It seems that they just do not store it in their archive.

    2013. I am not able to found it in archive. It seems that they just do not store it in their archive.

  9. June 25th, 2013 at 1:37 am
    From Rashid Jahangiri:

    Does Qadiani Khalifa 2 Mirza Mahmood Ahmad deserve to be called ‘Marhoom’?

    Muslims use word ‘Marhoom’ for a Muslim who has passed away and by saying/ writing word ‘Marhoom’ a prayer is said for the soul of the deceased i.e. May Allah SWT does blessing on his/ her soul.

    When I started reading book (link provided by Dr. Zahid Aziz) on the differences between Qadiani beliefs and Lahori beliefs by General Secretary AAIIL  Amir Aziz sahib. As I reached on the content page where it says ‘Mirza Mahmud Ahmad Marhoom beliefs’, HONESTLY I LOST INTEREST IN THE BOOK. Not because I disagreed with author on the contents of the book or the points he is making, but because of his use of word ‘Marhoom’ for Qadiani Khalifa 2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad.

    I am sure someone who knows QK2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad will understand why I hold such an aversion for him. Marhoom Abdul Manan Omar sahib was a very tolerant person. From his lips I heard strong language for only one person and that was QK2 Mirza Mahmood Ahmad. He used words such as ‘Parlay Darjay Ka Dahria’ (The ultimate atheist) for him. But since his words were not published so I did not write this post couple of days ago.

    Today, I received a link to a youtube video. On the right side of youtube video there was link to video lecture by Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri. He was answering a question by Qadiani in Canada. In his lengthy reply while supporting his argument he gave a reference to LAM Urdu newspaper ‘Paigham-e-Sulah’ November 30, 1944 issue. (I will write on this subject in another post).  While browsing the archives of newspaper I came across following quote of marhoom Maulana Muhammad Ali sahib:

    Paigham-e-Sulah. October 25, 1944. Volume 32. Number 42. Page 2. Column 1. Pdf file page 351.

    Marhoom Maulana Muhammad Ali sahib writes about QK2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad:

    “If you look into the depth of Mian sahib (QK2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad), you will find neither he has respect for Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS nor for Masih Mahud (Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib). This man plays with beliefs”.

    In presence of such strong words used for QK2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad by marhoom Maulana Muhammad Ali sahib, it is NOT justified to use word ‘marhoom’ for QK2.

    Link to Maulana Muhammad Ali sahib Juma Khutba:

  10. June 27th, 2013 at 5:38 am
    From amir aziz:

    First of all I would like to clarify one important point about my Press Release, that it was mainly to lodge protest with the Government of Pakistan and concerned officials. Keep in mind that we have been facing such situations since 1953 . Secondly I agree to the point that present persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan is outcome of Qadianis beliefs and their attitude towards other Muslims. I used the word Marhoom for Qadiani Khalifas for the reason that LAM believes that one who recites Kalima is a Muslim. It is a basic principle of our beliefs; therefore, keeping in view this principle I used the word Marhoom.

    What we need is to explain the differences of beliefs between the two jamaats. Our focus should be to explain our beliefs to the world and to let people know about  misleading beliefs of the Qadiani Jamaat. Your efforts are appreciated.

  11. June 27th, 2013 at 11:27 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    I would like to thank our General Secretary for taking the time and trouble to send his reply in this public forum.

    On my own part, I would request blog readers that in case they wish to pass any comment on his reply they should do so through personal e-mail.

  12. June 28th, 2013 at 5:51 am
    From Rashid Jahangiri:

    Note of Thanks to General Secretary AAIIL

    I want to personally thank our LAM General Secretary Brother Amir Aziz sahib for taking time to comment.

    Our General Secretary sahib’s comment will help Qadiani Jamaat readers realize that everyone including LAM members in leadership positions think that:

    1- LAM has been victim of persecution in Pakistan due to Qadianis beliefs and attitude towards Muslims.

    2-LAM consider every Qadianis, including their QK2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, as Muslim just because they recite Kalima-Shahada. This is of more significance because Qadianis do NOT consider LAM members as Muslims, and on top that show audacity to NOT offer Janaza prayer of LAM member despite being present in home of deceased at the time of Janaza.

  13. July 13th, 2013 at 7:44 am
    From Muhammad Ali:

    The revelations in the last time on Aljazeera about the OBL operation in Pakistan have provided a new information in relation to attacks on Qadiani mosques in Lahore. According to the statement of the ISI Chief General Shuja Pasha the Punjab government provided protection to the terrorists attacking Qadiani mosques in Lahore. If the head of the most organized and knowledgeable intelligence says this thing in front of an independent comission, then this is something really to ponder, that where this nation is being led.

  14. @Mohammad Ali. Is there a link to this? Thanks.

  15. July 13th, 2013 at 6:07 pm
    From Muhammad Ali:

    Here is the link:

    "The PM has once asked for an update on the security situation, he disclosed, and the DG ISI was only once summoned to brief him. Explaining the indifference of provinces on intelligence sharing, Pasha blasted Sindh and Punjab. He said that ISI knew foreign miscreants lived in Karachi’s no-go area but police dare not venture there. The situation was increasingly becoming true of Lahore and other cities of Punjab, he said. The police protected in Lahore those who attacked the Qadianis in 2010 and even directed them to the hospital where the wounded were being treated. No guards were assigned to the hospital for security despite the information passed on by ISI as ‘venal political influence intervened everywhere’."

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