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February 17th, 2015

Islamic council of Gambia declares Ahmadies as Non-Muslim

Submitted by Abid Aziz.

The Islamic council of Gambia declares Ahmadies as Non-Muslim. The beliefs which they mention as Ahmadiyya beliefs are not our beliefs. Some of those beliefs are of qadiani jammat and the rest of them are baseless. You can read the news at this link.

5 Responses to “Islamic council of Gambia declares Ahmadies as Non-Muslim”

  1. I don't think this is an official governmental declaration, like the position in Pakistan. This seems to be just a Muslim organization of Ulama, perhaps like the Muslim Judicial Council in South Africa, whose pronouncements don't affect people's rights and status in the law of the country.

  2. I am sure that most of the statements from The Gambia Islamic Council will freak out even the Qadianis, who are the intended target of the allegations. I wonder, from where did the Council get its facts from? Does it actually believe in its allegations? This is one of the few times that one actually feels sorry for the Qadianis. But, the fact is that this mess is of their own making. Their Jamaat now essentially consists of 4th & 5th generation loyalists who have probably neither read nor would be encouraged to read HMGA to rectify the basis of their dogmas. As a consequence, if one can tell the future, soon another country will follow the ongoing process that started in Pakistan (constitutionally) and other countries only following in footsteps to their capacities, e.g. South Africa, Indonesia etc. I wonder if Qadianis will take The Gambia Islamic Council to court? Probably not. Because, they will not be able to stand a day on the stand for the simple reason that if they deviate from their beliefs, in the manner of QK2 in Munir Inquiry in an open court, in this day and age, that might be end of their Jamaat from within.

  3. The statement by the Islamic Council of Gambia says: "They believe that Allah the Almighty does fast". If you want to know where they get this allegation from, please see this page from Haqiqat-ul-Wahy, on which I have marked the relevant text by red lines. The footnote explains what the revelation means (Allah saying: "I will break the fast and I will keep the fast".)

    I wonder if this kind of allegation is indicated in the following words of the Holy Quran which relate to evils committed by the Israelites:

    "…they distort the meaning of the [revealed] words, taking them out of their context; and they have forgotten much of what they had been told to bear in mind;" (5:14, Muhammad Asad's translation)

    They are certainly taking words of a saint's revelation out of context and forgetting what they have been told on the same page to bear in mind.

  4. What interests me the most from this Gambian Islamic Declaration is this:

    "The Islamic Research Academy in Al-Azhar Shariff renewed its fatwa, legal opinion, that the followers of Ahmadiya are non-Muslims and confirmed that this doctrine has no relation with Islam."

    Should I laugh or cry? Apparently they don't know or don't want to know that Al Azhar Sharif has formally reviewed and authenticated several books by writers of Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement as true representation of Islamic faith. They got so impressed that they translated these books from English to Arabic.

  5. April 5th, 2015 at 9:25 am
    From Danyal Ahmed:

    No person or any group of prsons, because they are only human, can judge the issue. Allah alone is the Master of the day of Judgement.  My own belief is that any person who believes in Allah and Prophet Muhammad SAW is a Muslim.

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