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July 5th, 2015

Promised Messiah and Nawabs of Malerkotla

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

In a recent article on ‘BBC online Urdu’ website on Malerkotla, a city in Indian Punjab state. The article tells this city is an exceptional case of religious tolerance, communal harmony and coexistence. Two daughters of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib were married to father and son in the Nawab family of city.

According to marhoom Abdul Mannan Omar sahib, Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din sahib on return from England, after split in Ahmadiyya Movement of HMGA, contacted one of the brother in-law of QK2 Mirza Mehmud Ahmad. I think his name was Nawab Muhammad Ali and was the younger of two son in-laws of HMGA. Khwaja sahib wanted to end the split and get both jamaats back together. Nawab said to Khwaja sahib, “The only issue is the money. The requirement of ba’it of Mirza Mehmud is NOT an issue. Iqida (tenet that HMGA was a prophet) NOT an issue. If you (LAM) people let him [QK2 Mirza Mehmud Ahmad] control all jamaat chanda, jamaat can be together again in a day”.

Later statements of QK2 in Munir-Kiyani commission, in which he retracted his cardinal beliefs that differentiates Mehmudis from LAM and rest of Muslim Ummah, give credence to goal of QK2. For him only important thing was money, and beliefs and requirement of his ba’it was only a means to force people, who later joined Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement, out. He wanted to consolidate his control on Jamaat income. No doubt he definitely succeeded, but has damaged HMGA mission and 100 years are lost.

Imagine if in last 100 years HMGA message had reached to Muslim world, we would not be seeing dictators in Muslim world, and their reaction in form of Jihadists and ISIS. Muslim world would be progressive, peaceful and tolerant. And message of Islam would have gained deep and strong roots in Europe and North America. We would not be seeing Islamophobia and Islam bashers on television screens and internet in USA and Europe.

BBC article.


8 Responses to “Promised Messiah and Nawabs of Malerkotla”

  1. July 5th, 2015 at 4:20 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    The incident related by Rashid may be the same as the one mentioned at that time by Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din in his Urdu book 'Causes of the Split in the Ahmadiyya Movement', published in December 1914 (see link). He wrote:

    "Is not the following incident true? On one occasion I said to the Nawab [Muhammad Ali Khan] sahib, with much pain: For God’s sake, let us have pity on the community. Why are we opposing each other on every matter, be it support for the Muslim university, or method of propagation, or the issue of calling others as kafir, matters on which the community is being split into two? On this point, the Nawab sahib and I talked privately in the grounds of his house at about 9 or 10 p.m. He replied: Just decide one matter. Give all authority to the khalifa, and the other differences will disappear.

    In reply to this, I said to the Nawab sahib that a khalifa who would be like Nur-ud-Din would rule over us by virtue of his personal qualities, not by virtue of being khalifa. The following day, the Nawab sahib and the Mian sahib walked out of the meeting of the Anjuman. I swear by God the Most High that this incident is true and correct as I have described it."

    The incident took place before the Split but was described in this book which he wrote in late 1914 after returning from England from his first visit.

    Interestingly, in the announcement of the first Jalsa (Annual Gathering) of LAM, the programme for the second day, 26 December 1914, was scheduled to begin with a poem by "Janab Muhammad Nawab Khan sahib Saqib of Malerkotla" (Paigham Sulh, 17 December 1914). But in the report of the proceedings of that session it says: "Janab Saqib of Malerkotla could not come" (Paigham Sulh, 27 December 1914). Of course, this "Saqib" would appear to be a different person from Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan, since the latter Nawab was issuing announcements at the time instructing members of the Qadiani Jamaat not to attend the Jalsa at Lahore, to which all of them had been invited by Maulana Muhammad Ali.

  2. July 5th, 2015 at 1:26 pm
    From Rashid Jahangiri:

    Ignominious treatment of HMGA companion Syed Sarwar Shah by QK2 Mirza Mehmud Ahmad.

    Wikipedia entry on QK2 Mirza Mehmud Ahmad mentions Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib’s companion Syed Sarwar Shah:

    “Having hardly finished the reading of Noor-ud-Din's will, members of the community felt Mahmood Ahmad best met the criteria of a successor the will had described and began calling for Mahmood Ahmad to accept their Bai'at (oath of allegiance). Being unprepared, he turned to Maulvi Syed Sarwar Shah and said "Maulvi Sahib, this burden has fallen upon me suddenly and unexpectedly and I cannot even recall the formula of Bai'at. Will you kindly instruct me in it?". He took the Bai'at of those present, repeating the words after Sarwar Shah. After the oath was taken, he offered a silent prayer and made a brief speech. Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad was elected as Khalifatul Masih II on 14 March 1914.”

    Disregarding the authenticity of above information, I want to share an eye witness account of ignominious treatment of his benefactor Maulvi Syed Sarwar Shah sahib by QK2 Mirza Mehmud Ahmad.

    Professor Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool (former Waqaf-e-zindghi) was in his late teens when he witnessed highly respected companion of HMGA, in Qadiani jama’at, being humiliated by QK2. According to him, he was in a mosque, (I think he mentioned name of Masjid-Mubarik) in Qadian. He witnessed Maulvi Syed Sarwar Shah sahib, as an elderly man, and was sitting in the exit door of the mosque. QK2 was upset with Maulvi sahib for some reason. So, when QK2 was about to exit the door, Maulvi sahib tried to grab his feet as a sign of utmost respect and begged for forgiveness. In response QK2 pushed him away, with his foot, and walked away. This created an impression in minds of those, present that what a superior rank QK2 holds.

    Maulvi Syed Sarwar Shah sahib has son Syed Mubarik Shah. He lives in Hamburg, Germany. He is age fellow of Professor Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool sahib. They know each other from the days in Qadian. Until his last visit to USA in 2012 Professor sahib talked to Syed Mubarik Shah on telephone, in this writers presence. According to professor sahib, QK2 made sure that Syed Mubarik Shah does not get formal education and able to live good independent life as respected person. QK2 also made him part of inner circle of orgies and immorality. On telephone he used to repent on his life of sin he spent in company of QK2. During life of marhoom Abdul Mannan Omsar sahib, Syed Mubarik Shah use to call him and literally cry and ask him to pray for his forgiveness. In the literature produced by Haqqiqat Passand Party there is detail of  horrific disrespect of Holy Quran, involving QK2, his wife Maryam Begum, and young teenage boy Syed Mubarik Shah.

  3. The incidents mentioned in RJ's mail is exposing the true colour of QK2. This reminds me of a revelation received by the Promised Messiah (A) in the words like "Yazid-like character is already born here", obviously pointing here who is Yazid the impure and notorious one.

    If anybody has got the source of its publication, please put it here. 

  4. July 7th, 2015 at 11:37 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    It is in Izala Auham with long discussion. See Ruhani Khaza'in, v. 3, footnote on p. 135 onwards (ilham itself on p. 138), and footnote on p. 167-168.

  5. I used to respect the LAM, but after reading the third class insinuations you make about the son of HMGA,I have my doubts. When someone stoops to your level what is the difference between you and any other maulvi. Shame.

  6. Noah was a prophet but his son was unrighteous and drowned (link).  According to Bible, one of the son, Ham, saw his father’s nakedness (link). Jacob was grandson of Abraham and both were prophets. The former had eleven sons who sold their younger brother Joseph, another future prophet, into slavery (link). One of these eleven sons, Judah, impregnated Tamar, his own daughter-in-law (link) and even has Judaism named after him.

    No matter how disappointing children of certain prophets were, but their conduct does not tarnish their fathers – Noah and Jacob, nor their blood relatives – Abraham, Issac and Joseph. We know about these fathers and their ‘sons’ through history – Quran and Bible.

    Same parallels go for HMGA and his son, the QK2, but with a difference. HMGA was not a prophet and the conduct of his son is told to us not by history, but by eyewitnesses, the people that you can call using your iPhone.

  7. July 23rd, 2015 at 6:59 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    Dear Dubious, But you don't object to your Khalifa 2 writing in his book Truth about the Split near the end:

    "Maulawi Muhammad Ali and his friends departed from Qadian, and in their departure was fulfilled for a second time the revelation of the Promised Messiah, [Arabic quoted here] i.e. Men of Yazid-like disposition would be expelled from Qadian. The prophecy was fulfilled first by the fact that the original dwellers of Qadian refused to accept the Promised Messiah, and it was fulfilled for a second time by the fact that people who were envious and jealous of members of the Promised Messiah’s family, and had thereby proved themselves like Yazid, now came, by a Divine design, to be expelled from Qadian." (p. 391, bolding mine)

    Mirza Mahmud Ahmad closes this book by saying that in the departure of Maulana Muhammad Ali from Qadian, God proclaimed to the world (among other things) that:

    "Qadian was a city beloved by Him which no one had the power to ruin. For Qadian is Mecca — the Mecca of the vicegerent and counter-type of Muhammad. It is a town of the poor but under the Protection of God Almighty." (p. 392)

    Your Khalifas fled Qadian 68 years ago, never to return to establish their seat there. And they did not flee for the sake of the Promised Messiah. The Hindus and Sikhs of the Punjab were not persecuting Ahmadis for being Ahmadis. But Maulana Muhammad Ali and his friends departed from Qadian for the sake of the Promised Messiah.

  8. @Dubious

    As per the Quranic teaching Allah does not put the faith into one's heart forcefully unless the person uses his free will with which the man distinguish himself from other creatures. Allah shows the right path to those who make efforts using his free will to attain the same.

    Further to the examples from Quran as described above by Mr. Ikram, please find below how the wrath of God ascended on your so called “Musleh Mauood”:

    “One day in March 1954 a young man belonging to this last category managed to take his stand in the first line of worshippers immediately behind him, while he was leading the afternoon service in the principal mosque of Rabwah. In the middle of the service he suddenly advanced upon him from his rear and drove the blade of long sharp knife into his neck with murderous force.….

    The injury inflicted upon the Khalifatul Masih was deep and grievous and had a serious effect on his nervous system. … The speed with which the injury was apparently healed also served to reassure everyone; but its after effects persisted and it soon became apparent that he was not able to maintain his activities at the level at which he was accustomed to work. … The blade of the knife had penetrated into his neck a distance of four inches and its point had stopped right at the jugular vein…

    and the unanimous conclusion was that the point of the knife had broken at the jugular vein and was embedded in it. The expert advice was that no attempt should be made to extricate it as the risk to his life involved in any such operation was too serious to be worth taking. … He was advised to adopt a restful pattern of life and to avoid hard work and long periods of sustained labour. For a person of his temperament and high capacities this was a disappointing prospect. But there was no help for it. He was still able to carry on a comparatively active life, but the pressure on his nervous system, instead of being eased with the passage of time, tended to be intensified progressively."

    (Ahmadiyyat – Renaissance of Islam, page 331, 332, by Sir Zafarulla Khan; emphasis by me)

    Now see below the eye-opening verses of Holy Quran:

    "And if he had fabricated against Us certain sayings, We would certainly have seized him by the right hand, Then cut off his jugular vein. And not one of you could have withheld Us from him. And surely it is a Reminder for the dutiful." (69:44-48)

    If he had died immediately after being stabbed, he would have been depicted as a "martyr" by your Jamat. But Allah did not allow even this and instead he was punished severely by having to lead a miserable life with deep bodily pain as well as with a mind completely incapable of functioning.

    Dear Mr. Dubious, please do not become more dubious by reading all these, instead start using the free will within you gifted by Allah. These are clear and conspicuous evidences shown by Almighty and those who will make effort to perceive the truth will definitely be in the path of righteous. May Allah show you the right path.

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