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July 2nd, 2016

It is Time for the Mujaddid of the Century. Says Tarif Khalidi.

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

Tarif Khalidi is professor and Islamic scholar at American University of Beirut, Lebanon. Few days ago he gave a speech, in The Near East School of Theology in Beirut.

According to columnist Robert Fisk, of Independent newspaper, UK:

“The speaker was Dr Tarif Khalidi, one of Islam’s foremost scholars and translator of the latest English-language edition of the Koran, whose earlier works on Jesus in Muslim stories match his most recent anthology of Arab literature. The title of his address was an almost frightening world-beater: Does Islam need a Martin Luther?”

“Every 100 years in Islamic history, Khalidi observed, a renewer of faith – a mujaddid – would arise to breathe new life into the religion.”

The magnums scale at which Islam is distorted by Muslims and maligned by its opponents, to fix this problem is only the job and in power of Divine appointee i.e. Mujaddid.  Although Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement is boldly taking this challenge, I think it is punching above its weight. This problem will only be solved by a Mujaddid. With Mamur-min-Allah (Divine appointee) Malaika (angels) come that work like unknown and unseen hands to make work of Divine appointee easier. I pray may Allah SWT send his Divine appointee sooner than later. Ameen.   

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One Response to “It is Time for the Mujaddid of the Century. Says Tarif Khalidi.”

  1. July 2nd, 2016 at 8:31 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    The article says:

    "Khalidi divides Muslim thinkers into those who regard the Koran as the end of knowledge and those who regard it as the beginning of knowledge."

    Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wrote just after claiming to be Promised Messiah:

    "…the knowledge and the truths contained in the Quran are unlimited, and are disclosed in every age according to the needs of that age. They stand like armed soldiers to combat the philosophies of every age. If the Holy Quran had been a limited thing in terms of the truths contained in it, it could not possibly be a perfect miracle." (Izala Auham, p. 305; RK, v. 3, p. 256)

    The article closes with:

    "The slogan that “Islam is both a religion and a state” has become a favourite with politically ambitious Muslim clerics, and no religion known to Khalidi – who makes an exception of Iran – “has failed to distinguish between Caesar and God, and Islam is no exception.” And Amen to that."

    To tell people "to distinguish between Caesar and God" can only be the work of one who is like Jesus the Messiah. He came and did it, and is stigmatised as British and imperialist agent till today.

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