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December 20th, 2016

Muslim and Christian make new Quran translation to show the two religions’ similarities

A friend has referred us to an article under the above title in The Independent at this link.

This translation has been around for a while, and is one from which I quoted the translation of 4:34 in my submission to the Shariah Councils Inquiry of the UK Parliament's Home Affairs Committee. I wrote there:

"The words iḍribū-hunna have been generally translated as “beat them”, “hit them”, “strike them” and “chastise them”. … Translators of the Quran into English are now increasingly translating these words of this verse as “go away from them” (Laleh Bakhtiar), “depart away from them” (Safi Kaskas and David Hungerford), …"

If you wish to check the translation of any individual verse in this translation, as compared with several other translations, you can visit this website, select a particular verse and look through the table of various translations.

On Amazon a partial view of this book is provided and there I found the following:

— Zahid Aziz

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