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Note 1: What is revival or mujaddidiyya? {Referred from}

To spread translations of the Holy Quran merely as a ritual carried out in an outward form, or to disseminate religious books and works of Hadith translated into Urdu and Persian, or to teach the lifeless spiritual techniques, full of unfounded novelties, practised by most of the spiritual teachers of the present time, are not methods which can be described as revival of faith in the full and real sense. Indeed, the last-mentioned method constitutes the regeneration of devilish ways and an attack upon religion. To propagate the Holy Quran and the authentic Hadith in the world is undoubtedly excellent work, but to do it merely as a formality and ritual, by means of human thought and deliberation, without truly making one's own self to follow the Quran and Hadith, are pretentious and hollow services which any man possessing knowledge can perform, and are always being performed. These have nothing to do with the mission of mujaddidiyya (revival of the faith). All these works, in the sight of God the Most High, are nothing more than ostentatious bragging. He says:

"Why do you say that which you do not? It is most hateful in the sight of Allah that you say that which you do not" [Holy Quran 61:2, 3],


"O you who believe, take care of your souls. He who errs cannot harm you when you are on the right way" [5:105].

How can the blind lead the blind, or the leper cleanse the bodies of others? The renewal of the faith is that pure and sacred state which, first of all, descends with loving enthusiasm on that pure heart which has risen to the stage where it receives Divine communication. Then, sooner or later, its influence penetrates into other people. Those who are given the power of renewal of the faith (mujaddidiyya) from God the Most High are not merely boasters, but they are in actual fact deputies of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him, and in a spiritual sense his khalifas (successors). God the Most High makes them inherit all the blessings which were given to the prophets and messengers. What they teach effuses from them spontaneously, and is not the outcome of mere labour and effort. They speak from their own state and experience, and it is not merely their words. Their hearts are illuminated by revelation from God the Most High, and at the time of every difficulty and trouble they are guided by the Holy Spirit. Their words and deeds have no element of worldly motives, for they are purified through and through, and are perfectly and completely drawn to God.

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Note 2: Similarity to Jesus and his time {Referred from}

The times in which we live is an age in which worship of outward forms, remoteness from the real essence and spirit, lack of honesty and integrity, abandonment of truth and moral purity, and predominance of greed, meanness and materialism, have become as widely rampant as these were among the Jews at the time of the appearance of Jesus. So, just as the Jews of that age had become utterly oblivious to real goodness, believing the mere performance of rites and rituals to constitute virtue; and besides this, just as the qualities of honesty, trustworthiness, inner purity and justice had entirely disappeared from them, and there remained no trace whatsoever of sincere sympathy and kindness, and all manner of worship of created beings had taken the place of the True God, similarly in this age all these evils have made their appearance. The halal (permitted) things are not consumed with gratitude and thankful humility, there is no longer any revulsion or disgust felt in committing forbidden deeds, and the sacred commandments of God the Most High are avoided by means of pretexts.

Most of our Ulama are no less than the legalists and Pharisees of those times. They would strain out a mosquito, but swallow a camel. They shut the doors of the kingdom of heaven upon the people, neither entering it themselves nor allowing those who would enter, to go in. They perform lengthy prayers, but in their hearts there exists no love or reverence for the real One Who is to be worshipped. From the pulpits they preach very heart-moving sermons, but their inner practices are quite different. Strange are their eyes which, despite the rebelliousness of their hearts and the foul intentions harboured therein, still have so much capacity for shedding tears; strange are their tongues which, despite the great alienation of their hearts, still make professions of love of the faith. In the same way, the evil characteristics of Jewishness are seen to be prevailing everywhere. There has been a great deterioration in righteousness and godliness. Weakness of faith has made love for God grow cold. People are being submerged under the love of the material world.

It was necessary that it should so happen because our Leader and Master, the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of God be upon him, has foretold by way of prophecy that a time would come upon the Muslim Umma when it would acquire the most striking similarity to the Jews, and commit the transgressions which the Jews had committed, so much so that if the Jews had crept into the hole of a mouse, the Muslim Umma would enter into it too. Then a teacher of faith shall appear, of Persian descent, about whom it is written that "even if faith had departed to the Pleiades he would bring it back from there".This is a prophecy made by the Holy Prophet Muhammad, the true meaning of which has been disclosed to my humble self by Divine revelation, making its manifestation very clear to me. God the Most High disclosed to me by His revelation that the Messiah, son of Mary, too was in reality a teacher of faith who appeared 1400 years after Moses, at a time when the moral and spiritual condition of the Jews had deteriorated to the weakest point, and as a consequence of the weakness of faith they were caught up in all those evils which are in fact the traits of faithlessness. So when a period of about 1400 years passed over this nation too, after the coming of its Holy Prophet, the same evils appeared among them as had appeared among the Jews so that the prophecy made with regard to them may be fulfilled. So God the Most High sent for them out of His perfect power a teacher of faith who is the like of the Messiah. The Messiah who was to come is none but myself; you may accept if you want to. Let him listen to this, who has ears to listen. This is the work of God the Most High, and appears strange to the people. If anyone rejects it, the righteous of previous ages have also been rejected. John the Baptist, namely Yahya the son of Zacharias, was not at all accepted by the Jews, even though Jesus had testified with regard to him that he was the one who had been taken to heaven, for whose coming again from heaven the sacred scriptures contained a promise.

God the Most High always makes use of figurative language, and confers the name of one person upon another due to their nature, characteristics and capacities. He whose nature is like that of Abraham is Abraham in the sight of God, and he whose nature is like that of Umar Faruq is Umar Faruq in the sight of God. Do you not read the Hadith report that if there are among the Muslims any who are muhaddas, to whom God speaks, then Umar is such a one? Now does this hadith mean that the institution of muhaddasiyya came to an end with Umar? Most certainly not; in fact, the meaning of the hadith is that whichever person has a spiritual condition like that of Umar, he will be the muhaddas at the time of need. Thus it was that my humble self, too, once received a revelation about this as follows: fi-ka madat-un faruqiyya. ["In you is the substance of faruqiyya (the quality of Umar)." — Translator.] This humble one, besides having a resemblance of nature with other holy ones, an account of which is given with full details and explanation in Barahin Ahmadiyya, has a particular similarity with Jesus. And it is because of this similarity in nature that I have been sent bearing the name Messiah to crush to destruction the doctrines of the cross. I have been sent to break the cross and kill the swine. I have descended from heaven with those holy angels on my right and left whom my God, Who is on my side, will cause to enter — and is even doing so already — every responsive heart for the accomplishment of my mission. Even if I were to keep silent and my pen refrained from writing, nonetheless the angels who have descended with me cannot stop their work. They have big hammers in their hands given to them for breaking the cross and crushing the cathedral of man-worship.

Those who are unaware may wonder as to what is the meaning of the descending of angels. It should, therefore, be understood that the practice of God has always been that whenever a messenger (rasul) or prophet (nabi) or saint (muhaddas) descends from heaven for the reformation of humankind, there must descend with him such angels as infuse guidance into responsive hearts and draw them towards goodness. They continue to descend until the darkness of disbelief and misguidance is dispelled and the true dawn of faith and righteousness appears, as God has said:

"The angels and the Spirit descend in it by the permission of their Lord for every affair — peace it is till the rising of the morning."[The Holy Quran, 97:4.]

So the descent of the angels and the holy spirit, in other words their coming down from heaven, takes place just at the time when a highly exalted man, wearing the mantle of Divine office and having the privilege of Divine revelation, descends upon the earth. The holy spirit is specially granted to this khalifa, and the angels who are with him are made to descend upon all the responsive hearts of the world. Then a reflection of this light falls on all the worthy souls wherever they are found in the world, and a kind of resplendence spreads all over the earth. Due to the purifying influence of the angels, good and noble thoughts start arising in the hearts spontaneously, and they are attracted to the Oneness of God. A spirit of love for righteousness and the pursuit of truth is breathed into sincere hearts, the weak are granted strength, and a wind starts blowing everywhere to help the mission and cause of this Reformer. The working of a hidden hand causes people gradually to slide towards spiritual welfare of their own accord, and a commotion begins to arise among the nations. Then people who lack understanding imagine that the prevailing ideas have of themselves turned towards the right path. But in reality it is the work of those angels who descend from heaven accompanying the man commissioned by God (khalifat-ullah), and bestow extraordinary powers for the acceptance and understanding of truth. They rouse those who are sleeping, awaken those in slumber, restore hearing to the deaf, breathe life into the dead, and bring forth those who are in the graves. Then people open their eyes for the first time and begin to understand the things hidden from them before. These angels, in fact, are not separate from that chosen man of God. They are but the light which is upon his countenance, and the manifest signs of his spirit of determination, drawing towards themselves with their magnetic force everyone who is capable of being attracted, whether near in distance or far [from the man of God], whether an acquaintance or a complete stranger who does not even know his name. To sum up, whatever movement there is in that age towards goodness, and whatever impulses are created for the acceptance of truth, whether that urge be produced in the people of Asia, the natives of Europe or the inhabitants of America, it is really brought into being by the prompting of these angels who come accompanying the chosen man of God. This is a Divine law in which you will never find a change. It is very plain and easy to understand, and it will be your misfortune if you fail to ponder over it.

As this humble one has come from God the Most High with the right path and truth, you will find the signs of my truthfulness on every side. The time is not far but near when you will witness armies of angels descending from the heavens upon the hearts of the people of Asia, Europe and America. You know from the Holy Quran that the descending of angels along with the coming of the chosen man of God is imperative in order that they may turn the hearts towards truth. Await, therefore, this sign. If the angels do not descend, and you fail to see the clear effects of their coming down in this world so that the inclination of the hearts towards the truth is not found to be any more than usual, then know that no one has come from heaven. But if all this comes to pass, you must then desist from denial, lest you be adjudged by God as a rebellious people.

The second sign is that God the Most High has specially bestowed upon this humble one those lights which are given only to His chosen ones, and cannot be matched by other people. So if you doubt this, then come out to face me. But know it for certain that you will never be able to stand against me. You have tongues but no heart, bodies but no life, and eyes but no sight within them. May God grant you light that you may be able to see.

The third sign is that the honourable Prophet, in whom you claim to believe, that Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, has made a mention of this humble one which is found in your authentic books of Hadith, and upon which you have never pondered. Therefore you are actually the Holy Prophet's hidden enemy, for you are anxious, not to prove his truth, but to belie him.

Now many of you will draw up the charge sheet of heresy (fatwa of kufr), and if it were possible put me to death. But this government is not the government of a nation which is excessively fanatical, utterly incapable of reason, lagging far behind in tolerance, and reviving the example of the Jews. This government, although not possessing the virtues and blessings of true faith, is nonetheless far better than the rule of Herod which Jesus had to deal with, and is superior to the Islamic states of the present day in terms of establishing peace and prosperity, granting liberty, the security and education of the people, the system of law and justice, and punishment of criminals.

Just as the profound wisdom of God the Most High did not send Jesus during the time of the rule of the Jews and under their government, the same wisdom was followed in the case of my humble self so that it may be a sign for those who understand. If the deniers of the present time treat me with contempt, it is not to be regretted because those before them treated the prophets of their times much worse. Jesus too was ridiculed many a time. Once his own brothers, born of the very same mother, wanted to have him certified as a lunatic and placed in custody. Others planned on several occasions to murder him, they stoned him and spat on his face with contempt. Indeed, according to their belief, they once put him on the cross and killed him. However, as his bones were not broken he survived by the help rendered by a friendly and good man, and after spending the rest of his life was taken up to heaven. Even the followers, disciples and friends of Jesus stumbled. One betrayed him for a bribe of thirty pieces of silver, another cursed him to his face pointedly, and the remaining disciples who professed great loyalty to him took to their heels, and they created many kinds of doubt in their hearts about Jesus.

But as he was a righteous man, God brought his mission back to life after its death. The resurrection of Jesus, which is firmly fixed in the minds of the Christians, is in reality a reference to the revival of his religion which was resurrected after its death. In the same way, God the Most High has also given to me the good news that after death He will raise me to life, and has said that those who are near to God are brought to life again after their death. And He said: "I shall display a flash of My light and raise you up by manifesting My power." So the meaning of this second life of mine is only the keeping alive of my mission, but few are those people who understand these secrets.

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Note 3: Incident with a Maulvi Sahib {Referred from}

At this point, it is worth relating a strange incident which occurred when I once had the occasion to go to Aligarh. Due to a condition of mental exhaustion of which there had also been an occurrence before in Qadian, I was not fit to talk at length or to undertake work requiring mental exertion. I still have the same condition, and lack the energy to speak too much or to over-exert myself in pondering and deep thinking. It was while I was in this condition that a Maulvi Sahib of Aligarh, Muhammad Ismail, met me and made a humble request for a lecture. He said that people had been long yearning to hear me, and the best arrangement would be for all of them to gather in a house and for me to deliver an address there. As it has always been my desire and heart-felt wish to expound matters of truth to the people, I accepted the invitation whole-heartedly, with the desire to explain to a general gathering of people the real essence of Islam, as to what Islam actually is, and what the people of today are understanding it to be. The Maulvi Sahib was accordingly told that, Allah willing, the meaning of Islam will be elucidated.

But after this, I was stopped by God the Most High. I am sure that as I was not in good health, God did not wish that I should fall victim to some physical disease by this excessive mental exertion. So He stopped me from delivering the discourse. It had happened similarly once before that, when I was in a condition of weakness, a prophet of the prophets of the past met me in a vision and by way of kindness and good advice asked me why I did so much strenuous mental work, as it would make me ill. In any case, this was a bar placed by God the Most High, and the excuse was communicated to the Maulvi Sahib. It was certainly a genuine excuse. Those people who have seen the severe attacks of this ailment afflicting me, and have observed with their own eyes its flaring up shortly after I have been speaking a great deal or pondering and thinking very deeply, although they may not believe in my revelations because they do not know enough about them, nonetheless they are absolutely sure that I do in reality suffer from this disease. Dr. Muhammad Husain Khan, who is also an honorary magistrate in Lahore, and has been treating me up to now, has always been stressing upon me to avoid intellectual exertions as long as I have this illness. He is the first witness of this condition that I suffer from. Many other sincere friends of mine are eye witnesses, for instance Maulvi Hakim Nur-ud-Din, the renowed physician of the State of Jammu, who has always supported me with all his heart and soul and wealth, and Munshi Abdul Haq, Accountant, who resides and works in Lahore, has nursed me so well in my illness that it is quite beyond my power to express it. But regrettably, although a Muslim is required to cherish a favourable opinion about others, instead of graciously accepting my excuse, the Maulvi Sahib thought the worse of me and treated it as falsehood. So I record below his entire statement, which a friend of his called Dr. Jamal-ud-Din wrote down with his permission and circulated among people, and along with it I write my reply.

His statement: I asked him (this humble servant in Aligarh) to deliver a sermon on the following day, which was Friday, and he promised to do so. But the next morning there came a message from him intimating that he had been stopped from delivering the sermon by Divine revelation. I think his refusal is because of his inability to express himself and from fear of being tested.

My reply: Maulvi Sahib's reply is nothing but an ill-natured surmise on his part, having no truth or basis in it, which is amongst the practices strictly forbidden by Islamic Law and is not the work of noble men. If this particular occasion at Aligarh had been the first time I had claimed to receive Divine revelation there would have been some cause for suspicion. It could certainly have been thought that I panicked, having witnessed the high status of Maulvi Sahib's knowledge and his great and awe inspiring accomplishments, and so I made up an excuse and a pretence to avoid the occasion. But I already had my claim to Divine revelation published throughout the country some six or seven years before undertaking this journey to Aligarh and several parts of Barahin Ahmadiyya are replete with it. If I lacked the ability to make a speeech, how could all those books which have been published containing my speeches delivered and recorded in public meetings, attended by thousands of both supporters and opponents, such as Surma Chasm Arya, be produced by a man so weak in the power of speech? Moreover, how could this splendid arrangement of delivering lectures have continued till now, in which I always have to explain things to thousands of people, all of different backgrounds and mental capacities?

A thousand woes unto most Maulvis of this age, for a jealous passion has consumed them completely from within. They are always ready with lessons on moral values, brotherly affection and mutual good will for the people and recite sacred verses of the word of Allah to them from their pulpits, but they do not pay the slightest heed to these commandments themselves. Sir, may God the Most High open your eyes! Is it not possible for the Almighty God, for some reason, to stop the recipient of His revelation from undertaking a certain action? There could be yet another reason for this Divine interdiction, namely, to test the inner aspects of your character, and to expose that vile quality present within people who are just like you in their nature and activities.

As for your allegation that I got frightened by your superior knowledge and awe inspiring status, rest assured that all those people who are steeped in darkness and entangled in their base desires, even if they are the repositories of all the philosophy and scientific knowledge of the world, they have no more value in my eyes than a dead worm. But you are not even a man of that calibre. You are just an old-fashioned, dreary mullah and possess the same baseness which pervades other narrow minded mullahs. You should know that often people who come to see me are so scholarly, profoundly learned and of vast knowledge, and they derive benefit from my exposition of the deep points of knowledge, that even if I were to call you a school child as compared to them I would be giving you more honour than you deserve.

Now, should your imagination still not be satisfied and your ill natured feelings still not be assuaged, then by the help and mercy of Allah, I am ready to deliver a speech in front of you. I cannot undertake a long journey now on account of illness, but I can, if you agree, trouble you to come to the provincial capital Lahore at my expense, for this purpose. I hold out this promise with full resolve and shall await your reply.

His statement: This man has no ability whatsoever and possesses no scholarly merit.

My reply: Sir, I lay no claim to worldly wisdom and cleverness. What shall I do with its cleverness and cunning which can neither illuminate the soul, nor wash off inner pollution, nor can it produce humility and modesty, but creates layer upon layer of rust and increases disbelief (kufr) more and more. It is enough for me to know that Divine favour came to my support and conferred upon me that knowledge which cannot be acquired in any institution of learning but only from the Heavenly Teacher. If I am called an ummi (unlearned) there is nothing derogatory to me about it; rather it is a matter of pride, for the great teacher of mine as well as of the whole human race, who was sent for the reformation of mankind [Holy Prophet Muhammad], was also an ummi. I do not consider worthy of any regard a mind which is arrogant because of its knowledge but whose outward and inward character is full of darkness. Open the Quran and ponder on the parable of the donkey. Is that not enough?

His statement: I asked him a few questions about Divine revelation. After giving some meaningless replies he assumed silence.

My reply: I remember that a most meaningful reply was given which was quite sufficient for a man possessing some measure of intelligence and fairness. But you could not understand it. Who, therefore, stands exposed in this: you or someone else? Publish the same questions in a newspaper and test your false impression again.

His statement: I just cannot believe that this man is the author of such fine books!

My reply: How can you believe it, when this belief was not even attained by the disbelievers who had seen the Holy Prophet with their own eyes? Due to their understanding being heavily veiled the excellence of the Holy Prophet, may peace and the blessings of Allah be on him, was not clear to them and they kept on saying that the eloquent speech that came from his lips, and the Quran which was being recited to the people, were really the writings of some other man that were secretly taught to him, morning and evening. In a way those disbelievers were right, and the Maulvi Sahib, too, has spoken the truth, for no doubt the language of the Quran in its eloquence and wisdom was far above the intellectual capacity of the Holy Prophet, may peace and the blessings of Allah be on him, in fact beyond and out of reach of the power of any created being. It could not be composed by any other than the All-Knowing and the All-Powerful. In the same way, the books written and published by my humble self are all in reality the outcome of hidden Divine help and are far above my power and ability. It is an occasion for thanksgiving because through the criticism of the Maulvi Sahib a prophecy recorded in Barahin Ahmadiyya has come true, namely, that some people will say after reading this book that it is not the work of this man: A'ana-hu qaum-un akharun ["Another people have helped him"], see Barahin Ahmadiyya, page 239.

His statement: Sayyid Ahmad the Arab, whom I know to be reliable, told me that he stayed with him for two months among his close disciples. He used to be present on every important occasion with a view to test and judge his veracity and he learnt that this man has some astrological instruments which he makes use of.

My reply: "Come, let us call our sons and your sons and our women and your women and our people and your people, then let us be earnest in prayer and pray for the curse of Allah on the liars" [the Quran, 3:61]. This is in fact my reply through this verse of the Quran. I certainly do not remember who this gentleman Sayyid Ahmad was, who is said to have stayed with me for two months. It is the responsibility of the Maulvi Sahib to produce him before me so that he may be asked about the instruments he observed in my possession. And while I am still alive, let the Maulvi Sahib himself stay with me for two months to make his own observations without the medium of an outsider, whether an Arab or a non-Arab.

His statement: Reflecting on the words of the revelations, I just cannot believe that they are Divine revelations.

My reply: Those people also did not believe, of whom God the Most High said: "They call our messages a lie" [the Quran 78:28]. The Pharaoh did not believe, the jurists and Pharisees of the Jews did not believe, Abu Jahl and Abu Lahab did not believe, but those people believed who were humble at heart and pure in soul. [As a verse of poetry says:] This blessing cannot be achieved by the strength of the arm, until and unless it is bestowed by the Most Beneficent God.

His statement: To be a claimant is incompatible with the miracles performed by saints and to say that: "Anyone who denies should come and see", is a false claim.

My reply: These matters are not from man, but from One who has a right to every claim. No lover of truth, therefore, can call them false. It is, however, true that even a prophet cannot lay claim to any supernatural power. But is it then not permitted even for God the Most High to make such a claim through the agency of a prophet, messenger or muhaddas?

His statement: I have lost all faith in him since I met him. In my opinion, any believer in One God who meets him will not continue to believe in him. He offers his prayers at the last moment and does not join the congregation.

My reply: I do not care about the Maulvi Sahib's disbelief but I am deeply shocked by his lies, fabrications and extreme suspicion. O Generous Lord! bestow your mercy on a nation which has taken such Maulvis for its leaders, guides and heads. Now the readers should think over the objection which the Maulvi Sahib had made out of jealousy and ill-will. Quite obviously, I stayed at Aligarh for only a few days as a traveller. To disregard permanently the concessions that the law of Islam has conferred on travellers is a form of heresy. It was essential for me to abide by all these concessions. So I did only that which I ought to have done. I cannot deny that during the few days I spent there, I often combined two prayers in accordance with the Holy Prophet's Sunna, and sometimes offered the zuhr and 'asr prayers together at the end of the time of the zuhr prayers. The Maulvi Sahib's believers in One God sometimes combine prayers even at home, without being in journey.

I also do not deny that during my short stay in Aligarh I did not go to the mosques regularly, but in spite of being ill and in travel, I did not forsake it altogether. The Maulvi Sahib must know that I offered the Friday congregational prayer behind him, although I am now in doubt as to the validity of it. It is absolutely true that while on journey I always avoid going to mosques, not for any reasons of laxity or disregard of the Divine commandments, but because in this age most of the mosques in our country have fallen into a deplorable and most pitiable state. If one should intend to lead the prayer in these mosques, then those holding the office of imamat become angry and incensed. And if they are followed as prayer leaders, the validity of the prayer becomes doubtful to me, for it is openly known that they have adopted imamat as an occupation and they go to the mosque five times daily, not for the offering of prayers but for opening a shop at these times, and upon this shop they and their dependents subsist. So disputes about the appointment and removal of imams even reach the courts of law and the Maulvis take their appeals from one stage to the next to get the judgment of imamat in their favour. This is not imamat but a despicable way of making money by unlawful means. Are you not entangled in the same selfish practice? If not, then how can a man who is aware of the facts put his faith at stake? Hadith reports foretell of the gathering of hypocrites in mosques in the latter days. It undoubtedly contains a reference to these Mullahs who, standing at the pulpit, recite the Holy Quran with their lips while in their hearts they are counting money. I do not know since when the combining of zuhr and 'asr or maghrib and 'isha prayers whilst on journey has been forbidden and who has given judgment against offering them at the close of their time. It is curious that you consider it lawful to devour your dead brother's flesh but you think it absolutely forbidden to combine zuhr and 'asr prayers in a state of travel. "Be careful of your duty to Allah, O believers in One God, for surely death is nigh and Allah knows what you hide."

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Note 4 {Referred from}

It is said that the British and Foreign Bible Society has since its inception, that is in the last twenty-one years, disseminated more than 70 million copies of its religious books in the world. The wealthy but neglectful Muslims of the present time should read this article thoughtfully and with shame which was published in the newspapers during October and November 1890. Were these books distributed by booksellers or spread free by an active society of a community for the cause of its religion?

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Note 5 {Referred from}

Hazrat Maulvi Sahib possesses an extensive knowledge of Fiqh, Hadith and commentaries of the Holy Quran, and an excellent insight into philosophy and science, ancient and modern. He is an able physician in the practice of medicine. Having obtained books from the countries of Egypt, Arabia, Syria and Europe, on all sorts of subjects, he has built up an invaluable library. Just as he is a great scholar of these branches of knowledge, he also possesses wide learning in the art of religious debate. He is the author of many a fine work. Recently he wrote the book Tasdiq Barahin Ahmadiyya, which to the seekers after truth is worth more than precious jewels.

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