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A Handbook of Islam

Abridged Edition of

The Religion of Islam

by Maulana Muhammad Ali

The revised edition of A Handbook of Islam, produced in 2020, is available digitally as below:

  • Pdf format (this is the 2022 printing with minor revisions over 2020).
  • Kindle format, a .mobi file for Kindle and Kindle apps on tablets etc.
  • Html format. Each chapter is in a separate file.

It is also available from various retailers as a printed book; see this link (for example).

Electronic features of all versions

The list of contents, any cross-references in the text of the book, and entries in the Index are hyperlinks to the appropriate places in the book, i.e., clicking/tapping on an item will take you to the place in the book that it refers to.

Tip: When reading the pdf version in a pdf reader, when you click on a link and reach the other location, you can return to the place that you clicked from, by pressing ALT+left arrow in your pdf reader.

Extra electronic features in the html and Kindle versions

  • In the html and Kindle versions, the notes referred to in each chapter are also linked. Clicking/tapping on a note number in the main text takes you to that note, and conversely the note number occurring at the beginning of the note takes you to its referring point in the text. This feature cannot be provided in the pdf version for technical reasons.
  • In the html version, in case of explanatory notes only (as distinct from notes which consist of just references), tooltips have been inserted which display the text of the note when the mouse is hovered over the note reference. See example below.

  • As there is a limit to the amount of text that can be displayed in a tooltip box, we have had to shorten some notes when adding them to tooltip boxes.

For the record, the first edition of The Religion of Islam is available at this link.