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Reviews of The Religion of Islam

Read here the book The Religion of Islam

Marmaduke Pickthall in Islamic Culture, October 1936:

“Probably no man living has done longer or more valuable service for the cause of Islamic revival than Maulana Muhammad Ali of Lahore. His literary works, with those of the late Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din, have given fame and distinction to the Ahmadiyya Movement. In our opinion the present volume is his finest work…

It is a description of Al-Islam by one well-versed in the Quran and the Sunnah who has on his mind the shame of the Muslim decadence of the past five centuries and in his heart the hope of the revival of which signs can now be seen on every side. Without moving a hair’s breadth from the traditional position with regard to worship and religious duties, the author shows a wide field in which changes are lawful and may be desirable because here the rules and practices are not based on an ordinance of the Quran or on an edict of the Prophet, and should be altered when they cease to meet the needs of the community. Such a book is greatly needed at the present day when in many Muslim countries we see persons eager for the reformation and revival of Islam making mistakes through lack of just this knowledge…

We do not always agree with Maulana Muhammad Ali’s conclusions upon minor points — sometimes they appear to us eccentric — but his premises are always sound, we are always conscious of his deep sincerity; and his reverence for the holy Quran is sufficient in itself to guarantee his work in all essentials. There are some, no doubt, who will disagree with his general findings, but they will not be those from whom Al-Islam has anything to hope in the future.”
(Islamic Culture, India, October 1936, pages 659 –660)

Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal, Lahore, 6 February 1936:

“Thank you so much for your kind present to me of your new book ‘The Religion of Islam’. I very much appreciate the gift. I have glanced through parts of it, and find it an extremely useful work, almost indispensable to the students of Islam. You have already written a number of books; one cannot but admire your energy and power of sustained work.”

Antony T. Sullivan, Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies, The University of Michigan, 1994:

“This book is among the most important single-volume studies of Islam written during the 20th century. It reads as freshly today as when first published in 1936. Now, when prejudice, stereotypes and extremism are all too common in both the West and the Islamic world, Maulana Muhammad Ali’s master-work should be required reading for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The Religion of Islam remains especially useful for all those interested in Christian-Muslim relations, and is indispensable to any serious student of Islam.”

The Times of Ceylon, 21 May 1936:

“In 1916, Maulana Muhammad Ali published a translation of the Holy Quran with Arabic and notes, which arrested the attention of all educated Muslims in the British Empire, by its deep learning and exhaustive research.

The volume under review will be welcomed by all Muslims and those who are interested in the science of comparative religion; if for no other reason than the fact that the book contains full references (numbering 2500, according to the author) to original authorities, especially the Quran, the Hadith, and well-known Arabic writers.

No less valuable and interesting is the discussion of modern problems confronting Muslims all over the world.

The volume under review is a deeply engrossing one, which reflects the author’s scholarship and sincerity in every line. The style of the author is lucid; the controversial points are dealt with in crisp and logical form…”

The Hindustan Review, June 1935:

“The author is a profound scholar, already known to the world of learning as the translator into English of the Quran, which is accepted by many as the best rendering in that language. He has applied his scholarship to good purpose in the work under review which presents the salient features of Muslim belief accurately, in systematic order, supported by appropriate reference to the Quran and the Hadith.”