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The Muslim Libel Case, Singapore 1926
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The Muslim Libel Case,
Singapore 1926

The book Trial of Muslim Libel Case, compiled by Bashir Ahmad Mallal and published in Singapore in 1928, records the proceedings of a court case in which some pro-Ahmadi Muslims instituted a suit for defamation against an anti-Ahmadi propagandist when the latter published a leaflet denouncing the plaintiffs as unbelievers due to their connection with Ahmadis. The hearings opened on 26 January 1926 and occupied 11 days until 4 March. The judgment was given on 19 March and was entirely in favour of the plaintiffs. An appeal against the judgment to the Supreme Court was unanimously dismissed on 15 June 1926.

We make available here the book Trial of Muslim Libel Case in pdf format.

Acknowledgement: The scanning of the book and the creation of the pdf file was done by our sister website, to whom our thanks are due.

Those interested in a summary of the case can go directly to the judgment:

Judgment, pages 154 to 176.

For convenience of downloading the book has been divided into several pdf files as below.

Title page, Dedication, Preface, Contents, Foreword

Case proceedings:

Pages 1–24
Pages 25–49
Pages 50–74
Pages 75–99
Pages 100–124
Pages 125–153

The Judgment, pages 154–176

Appendices A – E: Previous cases. (A: 1920, B: 1912, C: 1913, D: 1925; E: 1904)


The book contains the following plate photographs, which we hope to scan at a later stage:

  1. Mr. M. Kader Sultan, J.P., Patron of the Anjuman-i-Islam
  2. Mr. R. Jumabhoy, writer of the Foreword
  3. Mr. John G. Campbell, Counsel for the Plaintiffs
  4. Mr. H. D. Mundell, Counsel for the 1st Defendant
  5. Mr. Meeran Lebbaik Muallim, 1st Plaintiff
  6. Mr. K.C. Marican, 2nd Plaintiff
  7. Mr. L. Mohamad Ghouse Maricar, witness
  8. Mr. Hafiz Ghulam Sarwar, witness and District Judge of Singapore
  9. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Mallal, witness and compiler of this book
  10. Mr. Ona Shaik Mohamed, witness
  11. Mr. Justice George Campbell Deane, Judge