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English translations of books by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Message of Peace (Paigham Sulh)

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Message of Peace

English translation of

Paigham Sulh

by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Translated by Zahid Aziz

Paigham Sulh, or a “Message of Peace”, was written by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the last two or three days of his life in May 1908. It is an appeal addressed to the Hindus and Muslims of India to rid themselves of the mutual hatred, enmity and bigotry between the two communities by showing respect for the founders and holy personages of each other's religions. Speaking for Islam, Hazrat Mirza declares that Muslims can accept, respect and indeed believe in the Hindu scriptures and their ancient religious sages as having been sent by God, since the Holy Quran teaches that prophets and books from God came among every people on earth. Hindus, he proposes, reciprocate by regarding the Holy Prophet Muhammad as truthful, and by refraining from making vituperative attacks against him.

Sir C. V. Raman, F.R.S., (d. 1970), Hindu Indian scientist and Nobel prize winner for Physics in 1930, writes about this book: “Islam counts amongst its followers many millions of the people of India, but many more millions join with their Muslim brethren in venerating the Prophet of Islam and in admiring the simplicity and reasonableness of his teachings. Islam has stood in the past for the fraternity of man. In the Ahmadiyya Movement which, while taking its stand on the teachings of the Prophet, emphasises the spirit of tolerance, I see a great force for the propagation of Islam and for the future welfare of India.”





Broad sympathy 1  
God of all the worlds 2  
Narrow Doctrines limiting God's providence 2  
Message of peace 4  
Religious differences 5  
Guru Nanak 6  
My own experience 7  
Hindus, Jews and others limit revelation 7  
Buddha 9  
Adherents of religions attack others' faiths 9  
Muslim attitude 11  
Proposed agreement for peace 13  
Political differences 14  
Muslims to show kindness, sympathy and respect 15  
Unjustified attacks on Islam 16  
Grave warning 17  
Holy Prophet appeared at time of universal darkness 18  
Reform work of Holy Prophet 19  
Charge of Jihad — belied by Prophet's life 20  
Persecution of early Muslims 21  
Sword or spirit? 23  
Previous faiths limited to certain nations 23  

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