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English translations of books by Hazrat Mirza

The Will by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

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The Will

English translation of Al-Wasiyyat by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

with Introduction and Notes
by Maulana Muhammad Ali

and Appendix with further material

Translator and Compiler: Dr. Zahid Aziz


In Al-Wasiyyat, published on 20 December 1905, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has laid down the system of governing his Movement to take effect after him. He handed power over the administration and the finances of the Movement to a body or Anjuman that he created, while on the spiritual side he directed that righteous persons who are chosen by any forty members as being fit would initiate new entrants into the Movement. He has thus not given absolute power to any one individual nor created autocratic rule by a so-called khalifa.

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1. Translator’s Preface and Contents

2. Introductory Note by Maulana Muhammad Ali (pages 1 to 8)

3. Al-Wasiyyat: The Will (pages 9 to 28)

4. Supplement to Al-Wasiyyat (pages 29 to 34)

5. Explanatory Notes by Maulana Muhammad Ali (pages 35 to 47)

6. Appendix, compiled by the Translator (pages 48 to 60)

Topics in Al-Wasiyyat:

Topic Page
Revelations about my death 9
God will clear all objections of opponents 10
Calamaties to befall 10
Allah helps those sent by Him 12
Two manifestations of Allahís power 12
Allah rescues community after Founderís death 12
Second manifestation of Divine power after me 13
Righteous persons elected to take baiĎat after me 14
Try to acquire true righteousness 14
Persevere with trials, tribulations till final victory 16
Teaching about God and His attributes 17
All ways to reach God are closed except through Holy Quran and Holy Prophet Muhammad 18
All prophethoods ended with Holy Prophet Muhammadís prophethood 18
Allahís speaking to righteous Muslims continues 18
Jesus has died and cannot return 20
Earthquakes to come 21
Heavenly Graveyard shown in vision 23
Prayer regarding Heavenly Graveyard 23
Conditions for burial in Heavenly Graveyard 25
Creation of Anjuman 25
Anjuman to be in charge of income 25
Some directions about Heavenly Graveyard 27

Supplement to Al-Wasiyyat

Anjuman entitled to spend funds on objects of Movement 30
Membership of Anjuman 31
Anjuman is successor to the Promised Messiah 31
Subordinate branches of Anjuman abroad 31
Anjumanís headquarters to be in Qadian 32
At least two learned men in Anjuman 32
Anjuman inherits Promised Messiahís power 32
Give your money to Anjuman, not to me 34