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Title and summary


1. Background

  1. Iqbal’s teacher, Mir Hasan, on Hazrat Mirza.

2. During the life of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

3. Time of Maulana Nur-ud-Din

  1. First phase of opposition.
  2. Public Meeting in Lahore as Lord Headley accepts Islam.
  3. Report of the Isha‘at Islam (Western countries) Trust.

4. Extremist beliefs coined by Qadianis, and the result

5. Good relations with Lahore Jama‘at continue

  1. Co-operation in Muslim national affairs
  2. Lord Headley’s visit to Lahore and Iqbal's speech at the Lahore Ahmadiyya annual meeting
  3. Calls Lahore Ahmadis “Muslims with a sense of honour”.
  4. Attends Hindu’s acceptence of Islam at Ahmadiyya Buildings

6. His last years — opposes Qadianis but vindicates Lahore Jama‘at

  1. Further view expressed by Iqbal in this period.
  2. Iqbal’s opposition was against Qadiani doctrines.

7. Iqbal’s religious views derived from Ahmadiyya thought

  1. Views in prose.
  2. Influence of Ahmadiyya views on Iqbal’s poetry.

8. Praises British rulers of India

9. Iqbal on ‘Who is a Muslim?’