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The death of Jesus according to Islamic sources
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The death of Jesus
according to Islamic sources

The book The Death of Jesus, written by Maulana Hafiz Sher Mohammad in Urdu as Wafat-i Masih, and translated into English by Dr. Zahid Aziz, is available in the following two forms:

1. Read whole book in pdf format

2. An earlier version of the translation is available in html form as separate chapters as below:

  1. What the Quran says
  2. What the Hadith says
  3. Verdict of the Ijma
  4. Views of the first Khalifas, the great Imams, and the early scholars of religion
  5. Views of modern Muslim scholars (1)
  6. Views of modern Muslim scholars (2)
  7. Views of modern Muslim scholars (3)
B. Saudi religious scholar says: Death of Jesus in Quran “reasonable and valid”
C. A website Imam replies that Jesus died like any human being
D. Death of Jesus confirmed in Sunni book (by Ahmad Von Denffer)
E. See a non-Ahmadiyya Muslim website on the death of Jesus