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Islam, Peace and Tolerance

by Dr Zahid Aziz

This book refutes the common, misconceived notion that Islam is a violent and intolerant religion, which calls upon its followers to wage unceasing war, called jihad, against all non-Muslims. It is alleged that Islam prohibits all freedom of religion, propagates its message by force, and coerces Muslims by threat of the death penalty to remain within its fold. Another charge is that Islam does not tolerate any criticism of its teachings and urges the faithful to kill anyone who speaks against it.

What does the Holy Quran actually teach on these questions, and what kind of example did the Holy Prophet Muhammad set in these matters? To find out please read the book Islam, Peace and Tolerance by clicking on the cover of this book as shown below.

New, 2nd Revised Edition, 2017:

Acknowledgement: Cover photo, NASA

Urdu translation, 2018:

French translation of the first English edition

First English edition:

Islam, Peace and Tolerance book

Acknowledgement: Cover photo, NASA