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Historical individual photos of leading members of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement

1. Maulana Muhammad Ali (d. October 1951)

Maulana Muhammad Ali

Below: Maulana Muhammad Ali addressing congregation, probably in Karachi, late 1940s

Maulana Muhammad Ali

2. Dr Basharat Ahmad in Dalhousie (d. April 1943)

Dr Basharat Ahmad


Dr Basharat Ahmad


Dr Basharat Ahmad

3. Sayyid Asad-ullah Shah (d. 1957)

Sayyid Asad-ullah Shah


Sayyid Asad-ullah Shah

Below: Sayyid Asad-ullah Shah and Mr N.A. Faruqui (right)

Sayyid Asad-ullah Shah and Mr N.A. Faruqui (right)

4. Shaikh Rahmatullah (d. March 1924)

For a life sketch of Shaikh Rahmatullah for further details see this page.

The photographs below are scanned images provided by descendants of Shaikh Rahmatullah through his wife in England.

Shaikh Rahmatullah in England

English Warehouse, Lahore, owned by Shaikh Rahmatullah, probably between 1890 and 1910

Shaikh Rahmatullah's English Warehouse