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Centenary of the English Translation of the Holy Quran by Maulana Muhammad Ali

Background, History, and Influence on Later Translations

The first edition of the English translation of the Quran, containing also a detailed Commentary and the Arabic text of the Holy Book, came out of the press in September 1917 from Woking in England. To mark its centenary, a book has been compiled by Dr Zahid Aziz under the title Centenary of Maulana Muhammad Ali’s English Translation of the Quran, and published online in August 2017. It covers the historical background to the inception of this voluminous work, events leading up to its production, the effect of its appearance, its influence on subsequent English translations by Muslims, its subsequent revision by Maulana Muhammad Ali, and information about the editions published after his death to date.

The book is available for free download as below:

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