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Purpose: This project is initiated to rebut the documentary made in 2006 which only recently came to attention of this site, in which the prominent Islam haters make case against Islam based upon either misinterpretation of Quran and its out of context quotations, while relying on extra-Quranic sources and distorted history to smear Quran, Islam and Muhammad. Please watch the video and contribute to the rebuttal by identifying the issue and the time location on the video. Also please quote the references to your material. The issue you undertake to rebut may be random in the movie and as the project progresses, the editor of this blog can rearrange its sequence according to the time line and re-enumerate it. The rules for editing will be refined on an ongoing basis You may also re-edit any issue of your own or someone else of your liking, in which case you will have to resubmit it in its entirety. The major issues are identified on Wikipedia. The successful outcome of this or similar project is assured by the following verses of Quran:
9:88. But the Messenger and those who believe with him strive hard with their property and their persons. And these it is for whom are the good things and these it is who are successful.
9:89. Allah has prepared for them Gardens in which rivers flow, to abide therein. That is the mighty achievement.
[Muhammad Ali – Zahid Aziz]

41:42. Falsehood cannot approach it (- the Qur'ân) neither from the front nor from behind. (It is) a revelation that proceeds portion by portion from One All-Wise, the Most Praiseworthy (God). [Nooruddin]

48:2. The result of this [-peace treaty of Hudaibiyah]is that Allâh will protect you [Muhammad] from (the ill consequences of) the fault attributed to you in the past and those to follow, and that He will make His favour perfect upon you and will lead you to the goal of the exact right path;
48:3. And that Allâh will grant you His mighty help.
48:4. It is He Who gave to the believers
[-in this case the writers of this rebuttal] Sakinah (tranquillity and peace of mind) so that they might grow all the more in faith over and above the faith they (already) possessed. Indeed all the hosts of the heavens and of the earth belong to Allâh. And Allâh is All-Knowing, All-Wise. [Nooruddin]

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