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Miracles, Myths, Mistakes and MattersSee Title Page and List of Contents

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Refuting the gross distortion and misrepresentation of the Quran, the Prophet Muhammad and Islam, made by the critics of Islam

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Miracles, Myths, Mistakes and Matters

Miracles — Clarified

Myths — Confuted

Mistakes — Corrected

Matters — Contended


Manifest — Conjectures

As Plainly Read In Light of The Quran

Quran – Arabic into English Translations, referenced in this book

Nooruddin The Holy Quran, Eighth Edition (2008) As Explained by Allamah Nooruddin, Rendered into English by Amatul Rahman Omar, Abdul Mannan Omar, Copyright © Noor Foundation International Inc.
Muhammad Ali English Translation of the Holy Quran, edition 2002, by Maulana Muhammad Ali. Also the revised edition by Dr. Zahid Aziz 2010.
Shabbir Ahmed The Qur'an As It Explains Itself, Copyright: Shabbir Ahmed
Yusuf Ali The Holy Quran: Translation and Commentary by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Lahore, 1934-37
Muhammad Asad The Message of the Quran  by Muhammad Asad, Copyright 1980, Dar al-Andalus, Gibraltar
Free Minds The Message, A Literal Translation of the Final Revealed Scripture, Free Minds, Copyright 2002-2005

A verse when quoted from above translations is always italicized along with its surah (chapter) and verse number and referenced with a footnote. The surah and verse numbers are separated by a colon. Any non-italicized font in a verse may be a comment by the author. Use of ellipses i.e. “…” represents partial quote of a verse. At times when a quoted verse  abruptly ends with or without a comma, it signifies that the content of the verse continues into next verse which may not be quoted in this book.  When a series of quoted verses belong to the same surah, only the last verse is referenced in the footnote.


Quran – the Motivator for Writing of This Book
Standards Adhered to in Writing of This Book
Standards Adhered to in Interpretation of Quran from within Quran
Opening Thought: Reason – A Requisite
Islam, an Abode of Peace – A Reverse Engineered Approach
Chasm of the Isms
Section I – Miracles
  Abraham – The Fire Walk
  Jesus (John, Adam, Isaac) – Who's Your Daddy?
  Jesus – Rock-a-Bye-Baby & Peek-a-Boo – Where are you?
  Jesus – Miracles or Miraculous?
  Moses – The Nine Signs, not Ten Commandments, nor the Miracles?
  M‘irâj and Ma‘ârij, but not Mirage – a Journey, an Ascent – Spiritual or Physical and to Where?
  Moon – Struck or Split
  Of Elephants and the Birds – Trinity vs. Unity
  Miracles in Quran or Miracle of Quran
Section II – Myths
  Satan or Satanic – The Devil is in the Details
  Angels or Angelic – Featherless Wings or Winged with Power?
  Adam Who? But, son of Adam i.e. you and me – At least According to Quran
  Flood of Noah in 'his' World – The Deluge of Nonsense for Rest of the World
  Abraham the Upright – But What About Parricide?
  Abraham – a Birdie or an Eagle?
  Jonah – Something Fishy!
  Mary, Mary – Quite Contrary to the General Assumptions
  Jesus – Uplift or Liftup (take 2)
  Jesus son of Mary – The Alleged Return, but not in Quran
  Jesus – the Descent, but not of Son of Mary
  The Bottled Up – Jinn or Genie? Arabian Nights Refuted!
  You Can Do Magic♫ You Can Have Anything That You Desire♪ – But, Not So In Quran
  Solomon speaking to Ants – Not too Antsy though!
  'Apes and Swine' – Metamorphosis or Metaphorical change of Islam into Judaism
  Moses Asking to 'See' God – Wish Him Well, Not Wishing Well!
  Staff of Solomon – a Throne, not a Termitarium
  Staff of Moses – Rod of Mastery not Mystery; Serpentine, but not Suppositious (Part I)
  Staff of Moses – a Mere Walking Stick for Skirting, not Parting the Sea; Prospecting the Mountain for Water & Manna, a bonus (Part II)
  Cave and its Caveats – Individual or Generational Hypersomnia?
  Flame, Fire, Shooting Star – or Shooting Down of Nonsense with Quran?
  She-Camel of Salih – Slaying of a mere Animal or of the Righteous Soul?
Section III – Mistakes
  What About Non-Believers? – Eat, drink and marry with them
  Thieves – To Cut or Not to Cut? Means or Hands?
  Some deliberate, some non-contextual Quotes by some
  Issue 1: Muslims should not take Jews and Christians as friends
  Issue 2: Can Muslims (-women) marry Non-Believers?
  Issue 3: Quran degrades women as ‘tilth’ for sexual exploitation
  Issue 4: Islam allows polygamy and that too as a rule
  Issue 5: In Islam the testimonial rights of women are half those of men
  Issue 6: Apostasy punishable by death
  Issue 7: Kill the unbelievers.
  Fight! But for whom, what, when, where, why and how?
  Divorce, Divorce, Divorce – Do the Math, when three is equal to one!
  Abortion – Shhh!
  Allah-o-Akbar – anything but Deus Vult!
  Parroting of or Pondering on Quran?
  Grave or Gravely – The Torment or Progress
  The Triad of Death, Heaven and Hell – All in a Day’s Work
  Hur – Companionship Not Courtship
  Basis of Alleged Abrogation in Quran, Anything But
  Case Study 1: Alcohol – Ah! Who's More Confused, the Reader of Quran or the Intoxicated?
  Case Study 2: Consensual Sexuality – Strike the Accused or Accuser?
  Case Study 3: Qibla at Makkah – Direction or Re-direction?
  Case Study 4: Salvation Depends On Deeds Not Creeds?
  Forced Distortions into Quran, Alas!
  Case Study 1: Fidel or Infidel, Who determines – Man or God?
  Case Study 2: Death for Apostasy = Abetment of Closet Apostasy, a Hypocrites factory
  Case Study 3: Blasphemy? Leave Them Alone.
  Case Study 4: Slavery, Concubines, Extra-marital Relations – Zilch, Nada in Quran!
  Case Study 5: Wife-Beating? Why Beat Around the Bush When There is No Validation in Quran!
  Case Study 6: Consort Yes, but 'Escort' (–Mata‘a) is a No! No! in Quran
  Case Study 7: Hijab, Niqab and the Beard! On the Faces or on the Minds!
Section IV – Matters.
  Allah Who? — An Evolutionary Perspective [Video]
  Usury and Interest? – Rather, Fury and Disinterest of Quran in an Illusory Wealth
  Materialism and Falsehood – Gog, Magog and Dajjal, The Antichrist
  Seal of the Prophets?  – No Gabriel, No Prophethood!
  ‘Aal’, the Family of the Prophet – It is Creed not Breed!
  Sufism – The Path of each and every Muslim via ‘common’ Islam, Quran and Sunnah
  A Brief Philosophy of Jihad in the Quran