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Refuting the Qadiani Jama‘at beliefs

The term Qadiani Jama‘at is used in this discussion, without any offence intended, to refer to the movement which developed under the leadership of the late Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, based first at Qadian, India, till 1947, and then at Rabwah, Pakistan. Since 1984 it has been based in England after the then head, the late Mirza Tahir Ahmad, was forced to flee Pakistan.

Under the following topics, the wrong beliefs of the Qadiani Jama‘at are refuted, and it is shown that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself never entertained such views.

Mirza Mahmud Ahmad’s claim of being Muslih Mau‘ud (Promised Reformer):

When Mirza Mahmud Ahmad announced his claim of being Muslih Mau‘ud (Promised Reformer) in 1944, Maulana Muhammad Ali refuted it immediately. We have translated the following three Friday Khutbas by Maulana Muhammad Ali which he delivered on this topic at the time in Lahore:

  • 4 February 1944: Vain desires are the opposite of practical action
  • 18 February 1944: Mirza Mahmud Ahmad has made religion into a children’s game
  • 3 March 1944: The Quran on those who ‘take their desires for god’

Link to the translations of the above Khutbas

Mirza Mahmud Ahmad wrote in 1908 that the ‘Promised Son’ would not be actual son of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

  • Articles in past issues of ‘The Light’ about the Qadiani Movement:

  • Sworn declaration by Maulana Muhammad Ali:

    “I, Muhammad Ali, head of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Jamaat, do swear that my belief is that Hazrat Mirza [Ghulam Ahmad] sahib of Qadian is a Mujaddid and the Promised Messiah, but not a prophet, nor can any person become a kafir or excluded from the fold of Islam by denying him. This was also the belief of Hazrat Mirza sahib. O God, if I have uttered falsehood in this oath taken in Thy name, then send upon me from Thyself such exemplary punishment as has no human hand in it, and from which the world would learn how stern and terrible is God’s retribution for one who deceives His creatures by swearing falsely in His name.”

    For the background to this sworn declaration, read the biography of Maulana Muhammad Ali, pages 339–342.