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September 10th, 2019

Comment from a sympathiser

I received the following e-mail from someone who had earlier asked me a question about a different point.

“I want to tell you something about myself. In the previous year, I became addicted to Islam after watching the lectures of Dr Zakir Naik. He is also a preacher of peace like you. You know, one of the things he preaches is that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has been foretold in the Hindu scriptures & many Hindu people have become Muslims around the world after watching this. In our country, Bangladesh, almost 90% of the people are Muslims. It was very amazing for us hearing that Prophet Muhammmad (pbuh) has been foretold in the Hindu scriptures!!! Hindus(!), who are Idol-Worshippers!

As I’m a tiny researcher, I started to find out who is that person to discover this amazing prophecies. Then I found the book “Muhammad in World Scriptures” by Maulana Abdul Haque Vidyarthi & realized by reading this book that Dr Zakir Naik has prepared his talks in this subject based upon this book. But one thing for which I became scared is that Maulana was a follower of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib. For this reason, I stopped researching about him. Because, in our country, almost every Muslims are Sunnis (Hanafis); Ahl-i-Hadith movement is a growing and very powerful movement here from the last few years. They all have declared Qadianis as Kafir, and have said that one who doesn’t consider them Kafir, is also a Kafir. The reason, everyone has given for this clear declaration is that, “Qadiyanis deny the finality of Prophethood”. There are a few Qadiyanis in our country. One of the differences between you and them, which I’ve found after researching, is that they hate the entire Muslim Ummah, but you don’t. (I don’t know what is actually in your mind. But I’ve found it in your writings.) Then, after a long time, I started to research about comparative religion, sects of Islam, etc. & before a few months ago, I started to research about Qadiyanis. I found that they are devided…& from your websites, I have realized that Qadiyanis and others have false belief that Mirza Sahib claimed to be a Prophet.

Now, in one of your articles, I’ve found that you have written about Dr Zakir Naik, “…he must acknowledge the source. … with no mention of the earlier work.” So, you were criticizing him for not mentioning the source. I think he didn’t mention the source, because Maulana belonged to a very very controversial community. If he would mention the source, then the ordinary Muslims and the Scholars might become angry towards him or rejecting him totally because of preparing his talks based on a book, that the writer is a follower of Mirza Sahib! You can easily imagine the consequence. So, I think, you should give thank to him from your heart for preaching from Maulana’s book. Because, I consider you, after researching, not a caller to your community, but caller to Islam. (This, I’ve understood from your books.) By him, your Maulana’s writings have reached to all parts of the world through “Peace TV”. These lectures are still can be seen through “Peace TV” app from all parts of the world. So, I think, for this reason, you must thank him and pray for him from your heart.”

My writing which he refers to in his last paragraph is at this link.

1. It is a sad situation that the Muslim public is happy to accept the same knowledge from one person, because they approve of him, but they will hotly reject exactly the same knowledge if it comes from another person whom they don’t like. What matters in their eyes is who is saying it, and not what is being said! If that is their standard of judgment of right and wrong, then surely this is a grave and most serious flaw in their behaviour. It ought to be corrected, not encouraged.

2. Our sympathiser says that if Dr Naik mentioned his source, Muslims would turn against him. But it is also possible that some Muslims might say: “If followers of Mirza sahib have done such work for spreading Islam, then perhaps he was not a kafir!”

If you hide from people the true fact that Mirza sahib’s followers served Islam, then you are encouraging them in their false belief that he was a kafir and enemy of Islam. Hiding the truth from people, while you know the truth, is severely condemned in the Quran.

3. Dr Zakir Naik often quotes the opinions of famous non-Muslims (like George Bernard Shaw etc.) who have praised Islam or the Holy Prophet. This doesn’t make his audience think that he is in secret league with non-Muslims! If he mentioned that he is quoting an Ahmadi researcher, why should people think that he is secretly an Ahmadi?

4. Our sympathiser says that I should thank Dr Zakir Naik. But if I thank Dr Naik in public and say, “Thank you for making Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi’s writings reach a wider audience”, this will only disclose to people that Dr Naik took all this knowledge from the Maulana, and it is not his own. This is exactly what he does not want people to know!

5. Dr Zakir Naik has not merely broadcast the Maulana’s research to the world, he has made a name for himself and achieved fame by claiming it as his own work. Is this justified anywhere in Islamic teachings?

— Zahid Aziz

June 6th, 2019

The claimed Saudi Arab sighting of the new moon — a newspaper story

Around the last weekend I had read by chance in a local online UK newspaper, Birmingham Mail, speculation about the date of Eid-ul-Fitr. In this connection they displayed a table showing that on Monday 3rd June the new moon would not be visible in Makkah, Rabat the capitlal of Morocco, or various UK cities. (Note: Makkah and Morocco were listed because Muslims in UK follow moon sighting reports from these places, Makkah for obvious reasons, and Morocco because of being the nearest Muslim country.)

When Monday 3rd June came, the same online newspaper published the following news: “The date of Eid al-Fitr 2019 has been confirmed after a sighting of the first crescent of the new moon.The moon was seen at Mecca in Saudia Arabia on Monday, June 3, which is the 29th day of the holy month of Ramadan.”

On this, I e-mailed the reporter and said that this sighting was astronomically impossible, and in proof of this I referred them to the earlier story in their own newspaper (!), as well as other sources. I thought this would be the end of the matter, but the newspaper decided to publish a story based on this, to which I of course readily agreed. In fact, they published two items on this, the links to which are: item 1 and item 2.

I had hardly recovered from seeing my name in these items that a relation let me know that it had been picked up by Apple News from the UK national newspaper the Daily Express. See link.

I will let you read these yourselves, rather than summarising them.

— Zahid Aziz

Addendum to the above:

Here is a news item from The Economist, London, 8 June 2019, about moon sighting and that the Saudi Arab sighting was not accepted in some countries of the Middle East.

Here is a news item from the Urdu Daily Ummat, Karachi, 8 June 2019, about the error in the Saudi Arab announcement.

June 5th, 2019

Eid-ul-Fitr Khutbah at Lahore Ahmadiyya UK centre, 5 June 2019

Here is a link to my Eid-ul-Fitr khutbah of today in London.

— Zahid Aziz

June 5th, 2019

Eid-ul-Fitr prayers held in Middle East and parts of Europe even before moon was sighted anywhere in the world

A well-known Muslim astronomical and moon sighting website carries the report that the first sighting of the moon anywhere in the world was in Brisbane, Australia, Tuesday 4 June. This would be at 5.00 pm, local sunset time. That corresponds to Tuesday 4 June, 10 am in Makkah, 9 am in Europe and 8 am in UK. See:

It was announced from Saudi Arabia on the evening of Monday 3 June that the moon had been sighted. Due to this false announcement, most people in Saudi Arabia and many people in Europe and UK had already said their Eid prayers on Tuesday 4 June even before the new moon was sighted anywhere in the world.

— Zahid Aziz

June 3rd, 2019

Eid-ul-Fitr message by Dr A.K. Saeed, Head of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement

Here is the Eid-ul-Fitr Message, June 2019, of Hazrat Ameer Dr A.K. Saeed, Head of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement.

June 3rd, 2019

Ramadan 2019

Welcome to the Ramadan Daily Quran Studies for 2019

(Note: Any new posts during Ramadan will be filed below this post.)

As an introduction, here is a short article (English translation / Urdu original) by Maulana Muhammad Ali containing some humble prayers, which he published for the Ramadan of the year 1948.

  • Fast 1 — Fasting
  • Fast 2 — Fasting: Its purposes
  • Fast 3 — Fasting: Developing good qualities
  • Fast 4 — Fasting: The month of Ramadan
  • Fast 5 — Fasting: Further information
  • Fast 6 — Prophets Isaiah and Buddha
  • Fast 7 — The Quran: called an honoured book and a guide right at the beginning
  • Fast 8 — The Quran: “No doubt” in the Quran
  • Fast 9 — The Quran: “No doubt” in the Quran — the challenge of the Quran
  • Fast 10 — The Quran is for all times
  • Fast 11 — The Quran as a guide
  • Fast 12 — Guidance for those who make efforts
  • Fast 13 — Having belief requires knowledge
  • Fast 14 — Another verse sheds more light
  • Fast 15 — Belief in the Unseen
  • Fast 16 — The Unseen
  • Fast 17 — Prayer
  • Fast 18 — Prayer (continued)
  • Fast 19 — Prayer (continued)
  • Fast 20 — Night prayers and simple life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad
  • Fast 21 — Heart-felt nature of prayers in Islam
  • Fast 22 — Other fundamentals of Islam, and charity
  • Fast 23 — Charity (continued)
  • Fast 24 — Charity (continued)
  • Fast 25 — Submission to God and service of humanity as the fundamentals of Islam
  • Fast 26 — Only the principles of religion bear fruit — not desires or labels
  • Fast 27 — Belief in all earlier revelation
  • Fast 28 — Belief in all earlier revelation and prophets of all nations
  • Fast 29 — Some miscellaneous points for consideration
  • Fast 30 — Conclusion to Chapter 2 of the Quran

Thanks to Allah for passing us through another month of Ramadan. May He keep us safe and well over the next year, ameen. Eid Mubarak to all readers!

May 6th, 2019

Looking for Ramadan new moon in Saudi Arabia — before it’s born!

I refer to this news item in the Khaleej Times of the UAE:

According to it:

“Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court had called on its citizens and residents to inform the nearest court if they spot the Ramadan crescent with the naked eye or through binoculars on Saturday, May 4.”

This is quite absurd because the time of the birth of the moon was already known astronomically to be Sunday, May 5th 2019 at 1.47 am Saudi Arabian time (just after midnight).

This fact, commonly available on moon data websites, must have been known to the authorities of Saudi Arabia when they asked people to look for the lunar crescent on the evening of Saturday, May 4th.

So how could they think that someone might sight the moon on Saturday evening!

— Zahid Aziz

March 30th, 2019

Friday Khutba on New Zealand mosque killings by Head of Lahore Ahmadiyya Dr A.K. Saeed

Above you can listen to the audio of the Friday Khutba delivered in Lahore on 22 March 2019 (in Urdu) by the Head of Lahore Ahmadiyya Hazrat Ameer Dr A.K. Saeed on the mosque killings in New Zealand. Early in his medical career, he had himself worked as a doctor in New Zealand hospitals for five years.

March 29th, 2019

Latest on renovation of the Berlin Mosque

Here is a brief video presentation made in February 2019 in Urdu by the Imam of the historic Mosque in Berlin (Germany), Amir Aziz, about the latest renovation of this 90 year old building and its history.

January 2nd, 2019

Slide show talk in Urdu: Did the Holy Prophet Muhammad punish those who “insulted” him?

At this link you can hear my talk in Urdu, with accompanying slides in Urdu, which largely relates to a dispute between a Jew and a Muslim about who was superior: Moses or the Holy Prophet Muhammad, and the Holy Prophet’s judgment on the dispute.

— Zahid Aziz