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Archive for November, 2008

AAIIL and finality of prophethood (by Bashir)

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Our friend Bashir has submitted the following.

This short article shows that the AAIIL are the only sect of muslims that believe that the Holy Prophet Muhammad is the final prophet.

First let me start with the ahmadis(q). The ahmadis(q) believe that prophethood is open for the entire muslim ummah. They believe that God has not closed the door to the “ummati nubuwwat”. This is the type of prophethood that the AMI claim is achievable, in other words, if GOD desires, he can send us a follower-prophet. HMBMA wrote in HN (1915) to the effect that even 1000 prophets could come in the future. Of course this was an extreme statement, but word for word, that’s what he said. HMGA never said that.

The ahmadis(q) believe that the law-bearing type of prophethood is sealed off (khatam) as well as the independent type. They also believe that in the future, prophethood is available to whomever GOD chooses. They claim that nobody can tie the hand of God. The ahmadis cite Chapter 4 Verse 70. HMGA did not define this verse after 1901. HMGA only defined it before 1901, the irony is evident.

The sunnis/shiites believe that the HP is the last prophet. After the HP no “new” prophet is to appear. But, Jesus (an old prophet) will return, this does not effect their finality concept. The truth is this, HMGA discovered this contradiction in islamic thought. His ideas pre-1901 (or at least until 1901) beautifully reject this contradiction. In other words muslims believe that Jesus was the exception to the rule. Jesus was an old prophet that was to re-appear, the finality of the HP didnt effect the return of Jesus. When Jesus was to return he would still be the same prophet that he was, of course he would be follower of the Koran. HMGA wrote extensively on this topic, he wrote that this idea was bogus. It was an idea that totally contradicted the finality of the HP.

Lasty the AAIIL believe that the HP is in fact the last prophet. They reject the idea that when Jesus was to re-appear that he would be a prophet (of any type). They reject the “ummati nabi-perfect nabi” concept. In other words the AAIIL totally believe in that the HP is the final prophet. No other muslim sect believes this. The AAIIL believe that HMGA was an “ummati nabi-imperfect nabi” just like Hazrat Umar was an “ummati nabi-imperfect nabi”. The only difference is that HMGA was openly called nabi, while Hazrat Umar was not. The AAIIL believe in the continuance of revelation, but not the perfect-prophethood type. The saintly type of prophethood is what they believe in.

The one thing that confuses is that the AAIIL believe that muhaddases can appear, but no one in the aaiil has ever claimed divine revelation like HMGA. Not even M. ali had visions that were daily and continuous. From my knowledge m. ali never even claimed to be muhadas. No member of the aaiil has openly claimed this rank.


Comment to Michael Moore

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Rashid Jahangiri has submitted the following.

My email to Michael Moore.

Famous American filmaker and activist Micahel Moore on CNN program Larry King Live, Nov 19, 2008 show, predicted ‘the end of capitalism’. You may watch him near the end of video:

I sent him this email:

Dear Mr. Michael Moore:

On Larry King Live, 11/19/08 show, you predicted current economic situation in our country as “the end of Capitalism”. In 1942 an intellectual in Muslim world, Maulana Muhammad Ali authored a book ‘The New World Order’. On pages 38 to 53 he writes ‘The Economic Problem’. In these pages, on one hand he predicted the bankruptcy of Stalin’s Soviet Union, by pointing out flaws in communist system. And this he predicted against the strong economic indicators of Stalin’s 5-year plan. On the other hand he predicted the bankruptcy of Europe’s Capitalism. Interestingly, he also gave the solution to the economic problem. He provides the middle ground i.e. The Islamic Economic System, is the solution. Listening to you, I had to say, Maulana Muhammad Ali’s both predictions came true.

You may like to read few pages of his book The New World Order by Maulana Muhammad Ali. Link:

Yours truly,

Divorce and Muslim law

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Our friend Usman Malik has submitted the following.

I thought this may be of interest to the Blog community.

Link to Daily Times

The story outlines the sharp reaction from the Mullahs against the recommendations by the CII (Council of Islamic Ideology) regarding amending the divorce laws in Pakistan. The CII has apparently recommended that:

1 – If the wife demands divorce in writing then the divorce will become effective after 90 days regardless of whether the husband grants it or not.
2 – Any divorce must be registered with the state authorities in written form to have proper legal status…..similar to the registration of the Nikah.

See this link.

The Mullahs have been up in arms and without citing any arguments from the Quran or Sunnah, have termed the proposals an attack on Islam etc etc. The PPP government predictably has distanced itself from the proposals and has promised to increase the strength of the CII board (fill in some vacant spots) and review the proposals. No points for guessing which way the “enhanced” CII board may go. I am wondering if any one can throw some light on the Islamic position regarding these proposals. On the face of it these seem reasonable, or at least the 2nd one does.

Dr Zakir Naik

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Rashid Jahangiri has submitted the following.

On ‘Pak Tea House’ blog an article on Dr. Zakir Naik is posted:

Muslims In Introspection Mode… Now a Fatwa on Dr. Zakir Naik
by Sadia Dehlvi

This is the Link

I wrote following comment that awaits moderation:
“Secret” of Dr. Zakir Naik’s “scholarship”.
From where Dr. Zakir Naik gets his “knowledge”?

ZN impresses Muslims and Hindus by Memorizing ONLY ONE BOOK. Actually he has TV program [on PeaceTV, UK] name based on this book.
Book name:
by Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi (in 3 volumes)
You can read it online here.

Actually, if you open the above book, on line, and listen to ZN speech (i have done it online) his quotes that impress listeners come in order from the same book. It is different thing that he lacks moral courage to acknowledge his source of knowledge.

You can see the original Urdu version:
by Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi

Online link

“Two phases” of Promised Messiah

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Our contributor Bashir has submitted the following as a new topic.

I have written all along that HMGA had 2 phases of his career. These two phases are very hard to contrast. The first phase would be 1891 to 1900. The second phase is from 1901 to 1908. The first phase was that of obscurity, while the second phase was that of success.

I had written in my personal research journals to the effect that in 1900/01 HMGA achieved success, this success changed his writing style. In other words after NOV 1901, HMGA held no punches. He didn’t shy away from the titles that were conferred to him. I researched for hours and hours and I concluded that HMGA must have changed his demeanor as well as writing style in 1901. But I could never understand the reason for this change.

We all know that HMBMA (1915 Haqiqat-un-Nubuwwat) wrote that HMGA had a “tabdili aqidah” (change in beliefs). We all also understand the position of the aaiil. With these two positions, I assembled the facts that related to the case. My conclusions were always that this was a successful time for HMGA.

Last month or so the AMI (Qadiani Jamaat) posted a small booklet online. The first English translation of this article was published under the title How to get rid of the Bondage of Sin, in the English edition of The Review of Religions, January 1902. HMGA must have written this directly after writing EGKI. M. Ali must have translated this into English. In this book HMGA did not include himself with the prophets. He mentions prophets as Adam to Muhammad(pg. 3). Not Adam to HMGA.

Here is what I found:

Pg. 8

The Promised Messiah is to appear in two phases. The
first will be unremarkable, accompanied by all kinds of
tribulations. This will be followed by a period of glory,
before which a minaret must be built to comply with the
Tradition which says that the physical minaret will be a
reflection of the spiritual one.

HMGA also wrote:

Pg. 3

In short, a fierce clash between the darkness of the earth
and the light of heaven is imminent, as foretold by all the
Prophets, from Adam to the Holy Prophet.

Read interview with Yahya Bakhtiar about 1974 proceedings

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Yahya Bakhtiar was the attorney-general under Bhutto who conducted the questioning in the National Assembly in 1974. In 1994 an interview with him was published in a Lahore magazine which was reproduced in Paigham Sulh, May-June 1995. We now have that issue online at this link (pdf, 1.2 MB). See from page 1 (bottom of col 2) to page 4.

Extracts from his replies:

“I had very good relations with Zafrullah.”

“I took the draft of the 1973 constitution to show Zafrullah in London and he improved its language.”

“The entire Assembly proceedings [of 1974] were held in secret, in order to avoid provocation of the masses.”

“If the proceedings are published it will go against the Qadianis. Let them be published if the Qadianis want them to be.”

Do external symbols/dress/laws/state make people more Islamic?

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

At this link I have come across an article on a blog called Malaysia Today. (Page may be slow in loading.)

I have summed up what it discusses in the title above.

The writer, a prominent critic of the Malaysian government, blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin, has been freed from jail on the orders of a judge. He had been accused of causing ethnic tensions by ridiculing Islam. See the BBC News website. (It wasn’t for writing this article.)

Hazrat Mirza sahib invites Hindus to accept Prophet Muhammad

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

In December 1907 a lecture written by Hazrat Mirza sahib was presented at a conference organised by the Arya Samaj in Lahore. It is included in his book Chashma-i Ma`rifat, and was also translated into English and published in The Review of Religions at the time. I am providing here a link to a couple of pages from it in pdf format (best viewed at 100% size in Adobe Reader):

Urdu, from Ruhani Khazain, v. 23, pages 384-385.

English translation, from The Review of Religions, January 1908, p. 12-13.

What is noteworthy is that Hazrat Mirza sahib invites Hindus to accept the Kalima of Islam and the Holy Prophet Muhammad. He says to them: As we are prepared to accept your prophets as true on the basis of the teaching of the Quran, in return you should accept our Prophet as true. But if his own claim is also that of being a prophet, why doesn’t he ask them to accept him?

After all, although it is the teaching of the Quran that prophets appeared in all nations and that Muslims must accept them, that teaching is being put forward by Hazrat Mirza sahib, and not by Muslims generally. It is Hazrat Mirza sahib who has especially applied this teaching to recognising the Hindu avatars and rishis as prophets. But he doesn’t say: My movement accepts your rishis as prophets, so you should accept our prophets, including me, in fact, especially me!

This clearly shows that his mission was not to invite people to accept him as prophet, but to invite them to accept the Holy Prophet Muhammad through the Kalima.

The English extract above ends with the words:

“Therefore all we desire of you is that you should believe in the truth of our scriptures and prophets in the same manner as we believe in the truth of your scriptures and prophets.”

And “our prophets” does not seem to include Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

Apostasy and Barack Obama?

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Rashid Jahangiri has submitted the following.

Barack Hussain Obama.

Is he a ‘Murtad’?
Is he guilty of apostasy?
How Muslims, especially the Mulla Mafia deals with him?
Can Pakistani and Afghani Mullas can deliver a verdict about him?

It is very UNLIKELY that he will visit Pakistan now as US president or after he leaves White House and as former US President. But suppose some time in future he visits Pakistan. The question will arise that will Pakistani and Afghani Mullas will hold the same standard that they held for Sahibzada Abdul Latif Shaheed (follower of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib) and other cases, including couple of Muslims converts to Christianity in last few years?

Other questions come to my mind.

Muslims hold belief that every child born at birth is a Muslim and it is the society that makes him/ her Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist etc. so,
Are all non-Muslim people, nations of the world are ‘Murtad’ and are guilty of committing apostasy?
If they are ‘murtad’ then what Mulla-Mafia the “righteous” Muslims could do about it?

Answer to all the above questions is very simple for those who have read the literature produced by Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement. For Mulla-Mafia the so-called “righteous” Muslims it is very difficult. I hope one day they (the Mulla-Mafia) realizes that their ‘Jazba-e-Imani’ (spirit of faith) was only against the physically weak and minority in numbers i.e. The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement. Here I would add, Qadiani Khalifa 2 and his followers’ were/are no different than Mulla-Mafia of Pakistan when it comes to Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement.

Khutbaat Muhammad Ali come to an end

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

I had been avidly following the compilations, as they successively appeared, of the khutbaat of Maulana Muhammad Ali, in print as well as at By no means have I read them all, but I gained immense knowledge and inspiration from the many that I have read so far. Now that they have come to an end with the last volume, one feels deprived and wishes that they should have continued and carried on. That sense of loss is only mitigated by reading in the Quran that “everyone in the world passes away (is fani or finite) and there endures forever the person of your Lord, the Lord of glory and honour” (55:26-27).

In this case, this verse applies in another sense also. The passing away of the finite and the enduring of the person of the Lord are in this case not two separate, unconnected facts. The one who passed away after a finite span of life on earth also left behind the means by which the person of the Lord and His glory and honour will be recognised and known to the world for a long time to come.