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Archive for August, 2010

Khawaja Ghulam Fareed sahib of Chachran

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

Khawaja Ghulam Fareed of Chachiran, in Southern Punjab, Pakistan was saint of great standing. He was in contact with Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (HMGA) sahib. HMGA has published correspondence between the two in his books. Similarly, Khawaja Ghulam Fareed sahib also praised HMGA and wrote about his truthfulness and believed in his (HMGA) divine appointment (i.e. Mamur-min-Allah), in his books.

BBC on-line Urdu site has blog by Wasat-ullah Khan. He has written on the towns in which Khawaja sahib was born and was buried. He has also posted couple of photos. I’m saddened to read Khawaja sahib’s library is damaged in current floods.

Link to BBC news

Pakistani Hajj pilgrims cursing of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

In last two decades international travel has more come with in reach of average Pakistani citizen. In last two decades Pakistan’s population has also increased. In last two decades more Pakistanis have made Hajj pilgrimage than previous decades. Now percentage wise relatively younger Pakistani pilgrims are in majority in Hajj season.

As more Pakistanis are and have been performing Hajj, and also more Pakistanis are traveling abroad, the more Pakistanis fill Pakistan Passport forms, and by their signatures in order to declare themselves Muslims, they curse Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib (as an imposter).

In last two and half decades we have witnessed Pakistani society is over all decaying. It’s getting worse, socially, economically, educationally, politically, ethically, morally, infrastructure wise, geopolitical stability wise.

In my opinion, the decaying of Pakistani society is direct consequence of increasing number of Pakistanis who by their signatures and written statements curse HMGA.

As long as the statement on Pakistani Passport form is there, in my opinion, condition of Pakistan and its society will only get worse.

The Arya Samaj and Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

Arya Dharm
Hindu Consciousness in 19th-Century Punjab
by Kenneth W. Jones
University of California Press
Published 1976

I have come across this book in a library. I have not read it yet, only browsed.

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (HMGA) sahib had extensive published debates with Hindus belonging to Arya Dharm sect of their religion. Stalwarts of Arya Dharm included Swami Dayanand, Pundit Lekh Ram, Lala Lal Chand etc. HMGA prophesized about death of Pundit Lekh Ram, and circumstances surrounding it. His prophecy was precisely fulfilled.

Kenneth Jones has given the background information, objectives, strategy, and planning of Arya Dharm. He has commented on their literature. He has also provided short biographies of major characters in the movement. And how movement leaders ended up locking horns with Muslims.

Page 149: “In 1887, Pundit Lekh Ram published his first tract specifically against the Mirza [HMGA], Takzib-I-Burahin-I-Ahmadiyah (Refutation of Ahmadiya Arguments), Volume I subtitled, “A Gunfire to break the flanks and tyranny of Mohammad’s Islam”. Thus opened a war of words between Lekh Ram and Ghulam Ahmad. Each tract incited a counter-blast of criticism and condemnation, culminating in Lekh Ram’s infamous pamphlet, Risala-I-jihad Ya’ni Din-I-Muhammadi Ki Bunyad (A treatise on holy war, or the basis of the Muhammadan Religion). In Jihad Lekh Ram drew on the sections of the Satyarth Parkash which charged Islam with violence, slaughter, and a love of loot. He also turned to history for his ammunition.”

Page 149 footnote: “Ghulam Ahmad responded to Lekh Ram’s attacks in 1887 with Surma-I-Chashma-I-Arya (Antimoney to open the Eyes of the Aryas). Lekh Ram replied in Nuskha-I-Khabt-I-Ahmadiya (A Prescription for the Madness of the Ahmadiyas) (Amritsar: Chashma-I-Nur Press, 1888). He followed this with Radd-I-Khilat-I-Islam (Rejection of the Islamic Robe of Honor) and Ibtal-I-Basharat Ahmadiyah (Refutation of Ahmadiya Statements)”.

Page 193: “Lekh Ram continued in his speeches to denounce Islam, while his writings drew constant criticism from the Muslim press. “Takzib-I-Burahin-I-Ahmadiya….. is calculated to cause great mischief. The book purports to be a refutation of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s ‘Burahin-I-Ahmadiya’, but the Pandit, in utter disregard of the cannons of strict criticism has used the most offensive and insulting language towards Islam, its leaders, its followers, including the Prophets, and things held sacred by the Muhammadans [Paisa Akhbar]”.”

Page 194: “Three days later, the Punjab Samachar stunned the province—Pundit Lekh Ram had been murdered, assassinated by “a Muhammadan who was living with Lekh Ram under [the] pretension of becoming a Hindu again”.

Page 196: “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad published a tract in which he thanked God for the fulfillment of his prophecy that Lekh Ram would die a violent death. Rumor had it that prayers of thanksgiving were said for the death of Islam’s arch enemy [Tribune].”

This book creates a vivid picture in words, of charged environment of 19th century Punjab and clash between two champions of their respective movements i.e. Pundit Lekh Ram and HMGA. I think it is a good book for those who have read HMGA books on Arya Dharm/ Hinduism and are interested to know the complete picture of the circumstances.

Ramadan 2010 Message from Head of Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement

Friday, August 13th, 2010

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

“O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may guard against evil.” (Quran, 2:183)

“And when My servants ask you (O Prophet) about Me, surely I am near. I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he calls on Me, so they should hear My call and believe in Me that they may walk in the right way.” (Quran, 2:186)

Dear brothers and sisters:

A year has passed since we prayed to Allah at the end of the last blessed month of Ramadan to grant us another opportunity to do the same in the year to come. For many of us this prayer has been granted. We have not only been blessed with our wish to pray and get closer to Allah but also another opportunity to revisit the significance of this Sacred Month.

The main significance of Ramadan is stated in the first of the two verses I have cited above. Fasting, it is said is prescribed so that we may guard against evil i.e. observe Taqwah (attainment of nearness to Allah). It is observance of Taqwah that brings us close to Allah. He only enters the hearts of those who shun evil. So we should, foremost, try in this month to plant the seed of Taqwah in our lives. I use the word plant as all sowing is done in certain seasons and periods of time. The plant of Taqwah is best sowed in Ramadan and we are exhorted to do so through fasting which implies not only abstaining from food and drink but also shunning of all evil. The latter has to continue throughout our lives and not finish with Ramadan coming to an end; like all plantations pruning and weeding has to continue.

In addition, in Ramadan we also get a reminder that it is the month in which the Holy Quran, the Last Message from Allah, was revealed for mankind. We are reminded that this Book is not to be enclosed in silken cloth and placed high in the house but placed in our hearts, minds and souls. It is to be read, understood, practiced and preached.

This too is the month in which the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, was granted prophethood. Thus the month of Ramadan is a reminder that the message of the Quran has to be preached through practice, as was done by the Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.
I, therefore, exhort you to make the best of this God-given opportunity to get closer to Him through prayers, especially the Tahajjud prayers, recitation of the Quran, understanding of its meanings, and above all following and conveying its message to followers of other faiths as this is a Book with a Universal Message.

Brothers and sisters:

In the end I pray to Allah that He grants us an opportunity to observe fasting in its true spirit; to pray and get the answer to our prayers as He has stated in the second verse I have cited above:

“And when My servants ask you (O Prophet) about Me, surely I am near. I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he calls on Me…”

I pray that we become worthy of His response to our prayer as He also says:

“…so they should hear My call and believe in Me that they may walk in the right way.”


Professor Dr. Abdul Karim Saeed
Ameer and President
Worldwide Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement

Correspondence with Orya Maqbool Jan

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

Orya Maqbool Jan is a retired Pakistani bureaucrat. He writes columns in Pakistani Urdu newspapers, and comments in Pakistani political TV talk shows. Recently he has written columns in regard to natural calamities and law and order situation in Pakistan. I had email correspondence with him.
Link to his columns:
Refer to his column: ‘Allah Ko Haya Ati Hay by Orya Maqbool Jan’ published on 31 July, 2010.

Email 1:
Respected Orya Maqbool Jan sahib:
Aslam Alikum,

I have been reading your recent columns regarding calamities both natural and from fellow citizens in Pakistan. Being a physician, we always look for more than one cause of abdominal pain experienced by a patient.

Before I go further, I want to make two points:

1- I’m a Muslim and believe Rasul Allah SAWS was THE LAST messenger of Allah SWT.
2- Allah SWT is NOT relative of Pakistani Muslims and Pakistani non-Muslims.

Before I ask you a question, I request you to read the few pages of following booklet by clicking on following link. Thanks.

‘National Assembly Pakistan kee Special Committee ka Roobaroo Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-e-Islam Lahore ka Wazahati Bayan:
by Maulana Sadr-ud-Din’

After reading above booklet, do you think Allah SWT will reward any nation with medals, prizes and blessing which declares reciters of Kalima-Shahada, like those who wrote above booklet, as Kafir?

I wish and pray may Allah SWT keep Pakistan intact in its current geographical boundaries and make it a peaceful, tolerant and prosperous country. Ameen. But I am worried; Pakistan may not remain in its current geographical boundaries. If Pakistan fragments into pieces, its 1973 and along with it its 2nd constitutional amendment will not remain intact. Allah SWT has already given Pakistanis over 35 years to correct their wrong action. We don’t know how much more grace period will be given. Warnings and divine notices, in form of calamities, are already being given for quite some time now.

I will appreciate if you could acknowledge my email. Thanks.
Reply 1:
Dear Rashid Jahangiri sb,

May I ask you one question. What you. consider about those muslims who recite Kalima wether Hanfai or jaffari or follower of other Fiqah but dont believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmed claiming as Masih e Moued. Please answer with refence of books or literature of your Jamat not your personal belief.



Respected Orya Maqbool sahib:
Aslam Alikum,
Thank you very much for replying to my email. I take it as an honor. Thanks once again.

The link to booklet that Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement [LAM] distributed among Pakistan National Assembly members answers your question. Link was provided in my previous email to you.

Anyways, I will provide you links that specifically answers your question. I will also provide you links to Court cases where LAM had to face Muslim-Ulema, in impartial courts and in front of impartial judges. There you will see LAM with blessings of Allah SWT was declared Muslims, unlike in Pakistan NA in 1974. One of the most famous South African Court case was published in Pakistani Law Journal ‘Pakistan Supreme Court Cases, March 1986’ issue.
[I provided links to different LAM articles and books].

My reason to love America

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, Speaker of New York City Council and religious leaders from different religions made speeches in connection with construction of Mosque and Islamic Center near Ground Zero.

See this link.

Around Christmas in 1997 I visited the estate/ house of America’s founding father Thomas Jefferson. It is called Monticello, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Thomas Jefferson was third president of USA. I visited his gave, located on the property. On his epitaph there is no mention that he was 3rd US President. Rather it says:


I don’t know who authored “Statue of USA for Religious Freedom” in US Constitution. But it’s associated with Thomas Jefferson for advocating it. So, for his this act, I did what I will do if I get chance to visit Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) grave. I offered Fatiah at Thomas Jefferson grave.

A comment on Sir Zafrullah Khan’s “Re-institution of Khilafat”

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Submitted by Ikram

Re-Institution of Khilafat by Sir Zafarullah Khan – a comment.

It is interesting to note that the sole justification for election of Khalifa-II after demise of Nurud-Din Sahib was that the assembled yelled in favor of said Khalifa. Hello! ever heard of “crowd for hire” tradition in Indo-Pakistan? Ever saw a state TV coverage of the head of states in Sub-Continent addressing herded masses? Irrespective of the sentiments of the apparently “independent minded crowd” and knowing the fact that intellectuals of the Jamaat had dissented on principle, it was morally incumbent on Khalifa-II to accept the role “thrust” on him in a transitional sense only and then he should had held Jamaat wide elections soon thereafter. But how could he, as it was an obviously staged crowd. One wonders what merits did Khalifa-II have been able to demonstrate at that point of his life when he was only twenty-five. The author of the article himself admits that due to eye ailment said Khalifa was not even a high school graduate. These are the same arguments that masses are asking now for the political dynasty taking shape in Pakistan.

Contrast this behavior with the principled stance of Muhammad Ali where the author writes – “…The Sahibzada Sahib … finally said that he and those who saw eye to eye with him were prepared to make the covenant of Bai’at at the hands of anyone whom Maulvi Muhammad Ali Sahib and his group might put forward for the office of Khalifa; but Maulvi Sahib would not agree.”

Muhammad Ali or like-minded could have put forward his own name but he did not. As a candidate Muhammad Ali had a lot to offer but did not. His stand was to preserve supremacy of institutions over personalities to which the author refers to – “…Sadar Anjuman Ahmadiyya was the true successor of the Promised Messiah and that anyone else who might be elected as Khalifa, and there could be several such persons, would have only an honorific position, but would exercise no authority…”

In the same article, the Electoral College appointed by Khalifa-II that elected Khalifa-III comprised of the following:

1. The surviving sons of the Promised Messiah.
2. The President of the Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya.
3. All Secretaries of the Sadr Anjuman.
4. The director General and the Directors of Tahrik Jadeed.
5. The President of Waqf Jadeed.
6. The Principal of the Talim-ul-Islam College.
7. The Headmaster of the Talim-ul-islam High School.
8. The President of the Theological Seminary.
9. The President of Ansarullah.
10. The President of Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya.
11. Representative of Lajna Imaillah.
12. Missionaries who had worked abroad for a minimum period of five years.
13. Missionaries who had worked within Pakistan or India for a minimum period of five years.
14. Ameers of circles in Pakistan.
15. Members of the Movement who had joined the Movement in the lifetime of the Founder of the Movement.
16. The total membership of the college is approximately one hundred and fifty.

This so-called “Electoral College” of Rabwah Jamaat has everyone included except the Electorate itself i.e. the representation of the commoner of the Jamaat which can be classically summed as “Too many chiefs and no Indian.” In any democracy, e.g. United States, each eligible citizen has the right to vote and the net win by a party in a particular state then becomes the component of national Electoral College. In sum total, unless a commoner has cast his/her vote, the Electoral College does not even come into existence.

Except line items 1 and 15 above, which are irrelevant now because of passage of time, each and everyone in the list was a relative or an appointee by the Chief Executive i.e. Khalifa-II and most likely in a salaried position. How can a subservient go against the wishes of the Master. No wonder that the façade of the Rabwah “Electoral College” has a juggernaut hold on the institution of Khilafat that historically has proven to be the proxy of the wishes and interests of the famous “Khandan.”

It is ironic that in order to sanctify Khalifa-II the above linked article tries to make comparisons between him and Umar-ibn-Khattab RA. What the author fails to mention that Umar was no son of Muhammad and drew little salary or perks of his office. He walked his personal camel to Jerusalem and back despite having the national treasury under his jurisdiction, not the First Class air travel and five-star hotels from mere donations of the members. Just so that both died the same way, does not make them equal at least not in this world. All that can be said is that We know Umar; Khalifa-II you are no Umar.

Of note are the contents of the Will of Nurud-Din Sahib (Khalifa-I) where he writes, “…My children are young and there is no money in our house. Allah is their Guardian. No provision should be made for them out of any fund for orphans and the needy. A loan might be provided for them which should be repaid by those of my sons who grow up into a position to do so….”

Any takers of the such standards of Khilafat? … Khalifa-II onwards?

Why followers of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib have not governed Pakistan?

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

People who have studied HMGA (Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) the Mujaddid of 14th Islamic century, know very well that by the time his earthly life ended, all the prominent, influential Muslim families in today’s Pakistan’s Punjab had accepted him and done ba’it. On his death there were great numbers of mourners assembled on every train stop from Lahore to Batala, India. The number prominent people among the Muslims joining Ahmadiyya Movement of HMGA kept on increasing during tenure of Maulana Noor Ud Din. Being an Ahmadi was considered as embodiment of virtue. It was considered an honor to be an Ahmadi. Infect many members of Ahmadiyya Movement use to write suffix ‘Ahmadi’ with their names.

Unfortunately, after the split in movement in 1914 and during the Qadiani Khalifatship of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad in Qadian until the independence in 1947 prominent Muslims who had previously joined Ahmadiyya Movement of HMGA constantly kept on leaving it.

Despite all the attrition, there were still many prominent intellectuals and personalities in Pakistan that remained Ahmadis (both belonging to Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement and Qadiani Jamaat).

At the time of independence of Pakistan followers of HMGA were occupying prominent positions in Politics, Civil bureaucracy, and Military establishment. The simple fact that Qadiani Khalifa 2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad was invited to address Pakistan Military officers and men in their garrisons and cantonments, tells this. Qadianis were able to get a town of ‘Rabwah’ for themselves from civilian administration points to their influence. Politicians belonging to Ahmadi families were elected to assemblies.

Now question is how come hardly anyone knows that Generals Tikka Khan, and Zia ul Haq were from Ahmadi families; Prime Ministers Moein Qurashi and Shaukat Aziz were from Ahmadi families; current politicians like Chaudhry Sujjat of Gujrat, Manzoor Watto of Okara, Malik Jaffar Khan from Attock, minister in Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto government etc Kasuris of Kasur belonged to Ahmadi families; prominent scientists in Pakistan like Munir Ahmad and many other belonged to Ahmadi families; intellectuals J. Salik and Iqbal had done ba’its of HMGA etc

How come numbers of HMGA followers who have done ba’it have decreased instead of increasing since 1914? How come today’s number of Ahmadis who are born in Ahmadi families of those who did ba’it of HMGA don’t count themselves who believe in truthfulness of HMGA?

Today number of HMGA followers is only a small fraction of what it should have been if their elders, who joined Ahmadiyya Movement so enthusiastically, had not left it.

Unfortunately, because of hatemongering and divisive beliefs, speeches, statements, and books written by Qadiani Khalifa 2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, his brother and their followers spread so much hate in Pakistani society that, in retaliation Muslims adopted same attitude towards followers of HMGA, and his followers that to protect themselves and excel in their lives they gradually stopped being associated to Ahmadiyya Movement.

Although, majority of followers of HMGA who left him belong to Qadiani Jamaat, but because of bad reputation associated with being ‘Ahmadi’ in Pakistan in particular and world in general, even children of member of Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement gradually started to disassociate themselves e.g. Tariq Aziz (right hand man of General Musharraf), Wasim Sajjad (former Chairman of Pakistan Senate).

I am very sure if it was not because of Qadiani Khalifa 2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, split caused by him in 1914 and his subsequent beliefs, claims, policies; today the numbers of Ahmadis occupying important positions in Pakistan’s politics, military, civil bureaucracy, education, health etc would have been many times more than at time of creation of Pakistan. I’m sure Ahmadis would have formed governments and defined Pakistan’s future, strategies, foreign and domestic policies. Just imagine if followers of HMGA, who believe in peace and respect of every religion and sect were at the helm of Pakistan’s affairs. Pakistan would have been a prosperous and peaceful country helping its neighbors, all Muslim countries in the world and even extending to the non-Muslim countries. Pakistan would be solving its conflicts from Kashmir to any issue with negotiations and peace. The world would have a peaceful place.

What an opportunity lost….